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White horse names with meaning

Horses have long been admired as beautiful, loyal, and majestic creatures since the dawn of mankind. As such, it’s no surprise that many people seek out unique and meaningful horse names for their four-legged friends.

White horse names can be particularly meaningful and distinctive, as the white color has connotations of purity, clarity, and innocence. If you’re looking for the perfect name for your white horse, look no further!

In this article, we will explore many of the best white horse names and their meanings:

Definition of White Horse

The white horse is a noble beast with a long and distinguished history. For centuries, they have been featured in literature, art, and mythology. Many people choose to name their white horses based on their unique traits or special characteristics.

There are many options for names with meaning, such as those inspired by the majestic beauty of these powerful animals or those that reflect the power of fierce storm clouds as seen in nature.

White horses often have white fur capped off with black manes, tails, and stockings. Depending on where you live, these animals can be bred for racing or show jumping as well as for general recreation and companionship.

White horse names can be both classic and modern. Popular examples include Blizzard, Cloudy Day, Flashy White Nugget’, Glory Chaser, Icy Dreamer, Light of the Moon’, Midsummer Storm’ and Thundercloud’.

Choosing a name that reflects the horse’s personality or history is also an option. Horse owners might select a name associated with legendary heroic figures such as Alexander the Great or Joan d’Arc; those inspired by philosophy such Plato or Aristotle; angelic names like Bright Angel; poetic words such Swan Song; good luck references like Lucky Spark’, Lucky Strike”, Mighty Ace’ or Rainbow’s Luck’; musical terms like High Note’, Melody Maker’or Sarabande’; celestial terms like Comet Tail”, Star Dancer”or Supernova’; military terms like Victory General”; mythical creatures such Pegasus”; among other ideas for personalizing one’s white horse’s moniker!

Significance of White Horse in Mythology

White horses have held a place in mythology and folklore for centuries, representing a variety of meanings and stories. Depending on the culture and era, white horses have been seen as symbols of power, victory or fertility.

Ancient people often depicted white horses in their artwork or through storytelling, passing down the tales and imagery from one generation to the next.

In many cultures, white horses act as messengers from gods to humans. They may appear with advice or warnings, guiding people towards an enlightened path. In Norse mythology, Odin rode an eight-legged horse named Sleipnir who was capable of traveling to different realms.

White Horse of Uffington in England is said to be an otherworldly guardian that magically appeared on The Mound long ago to protect it from forces of evil. In Greece, the nine Muses rode white horses across the sky when searching for answers from Apollo – demonstrating this ritualistic connection between sea creatures in some cultures.

White horses are also tied to victory and conquests as many legends state how victorious warriors rode atop them into battle while carrying flags that represented their side’s victory over enemies.

Roman generals even received statues featuring them after combat success with these being placed prominently throughout cities as a sign of respect and admiration. White Horse Hill is a Wiltshire location where ancient Britons marked their conquest over rival clans with this symbol – proving its ongoing symbolic presence through generations despite changing civilizations over ages!

Popular White Horse Names

White horses are majestic and elegant, so they deserve beautiful and meaningful names. From the classic to the divine and even the quirky, there are many popular white horse names out there.

Whether you’re looking for a strong, powerful name for your stallion, or a sweet and gentle name for your mare, here are some of the most popular white horse names and their meanings:

1. Alabaster

Alabaster is believed to be a variation of the name Albert, which derived from the Germanic name Aedelberht, meaning “noble or famous.” This white horse name would fit perfectly with a noble and noteworthy rideable horse or gentle giant. Alabaster could also be a metaphorical reference to the soft, glossy quality of white marble—hard and porous but full of depth and texture and with a beautiful luminous strength.

2. Blizzard

Blizzard is a catch-all term in the same vein as Snowy, Snowball, and Ghost. This name can also be used as a play on words if your horse breed has a lighter coat color – such as an Appaloosa or Corolla – as it can play up its unusual cover.

Besides signifying the natural phenomenon of cold white snow, Blizzard can symbolize some of the qualities that you’d want your horse to display – power and strength during times of difficulty.

It’s also quite a unique sounding name, which makes it all the more special for you and your equine friend!

3. Cloudy

The name Cloudy has a rich and poetic history that invokes an image of a stately white horse. Cloudy is an old English name, thought to have originated from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘claeg’ which translates to ‘splendid’.

Cloudy is often used as a reference to the mystical qualities of these regal creatures and their mysterious connection with our dreams, making it a great choice for those looking for strong white horse names with meaning.

Other popular white horse names are:

  • Luna
  • Snowball
  • Ivory
  • Luna Star
  • Blizzard
  • Whitey
  • Starlight

Popular names such as Storm or Thunder can also give your horse an impressive majestic aura while still keeping them connected with their connection to nature.

If you’re looking for something mystical and romantic you might also consider Shine or Ariel – perfect for those who want their equine companion to be tied with the mysterious power of the stars or sea.

No matter what name you choose, with strong and meaningful names like these your white horse will definitely stand out in the herd!

4. Diamond

Diamond is one of the most popular white horse names, and it is often chosen to convey strength and sparkle. With their regal presence, white horses are symbols of beauty, power, and grace.

They bring a sense of elegance and royalty to a name like Diamond.

This name can also be given to horses with excellent temperaments that make them especially treasured companions. When paired with an appropriate style or show name, it can make a dramatic statement about its owner’s horsemanship skills.

Other than simply being aesthetically appealing, Diamond is symbolic of many things which makes it an excellent choice for both competitive riding or leisure riding.

5. Frosty

Frosty is a popular name for a light-gray, silver, or pure white horse. The term “Frosty” implies a chill and magical aura, making it the perfect choice for a unique, pristine creature.

Though Frosty is typically used to describe any color of white horse, it may be more fitting when given to a particularly magical-looking animal.

Frosty can also stem from winter and Christmas imagery associated with cold and snow-covered landscapes.

6. Ghost

There are numerous popular horse names that begin with the word ‘Ghost’. The meaning of the name ‘Ghost’ originates from the Old English root word, ‘gast’ which means spirit.

While many consider ghosts to be a scary omen, an apparition of deceased loved ones or something that should be feared; many believe that a ghost is a spirit guide and bringer of good luck and protection.

Perhaps this is why some choose to name their white horse after this intangible being!

Popular Ghost-inspired Names for your White Horse:

  1. Ghosopher – meaning a wise ghost or spirit guide
  2. Ghostly Gaze – meaning looking into the unknown future
  3. Ghopper – meaning one who jumps like a hare
  4. Ghofton – meaning a peaceful or lucky ghost
  5. Ghostwriter – meaning someone who writes on behalf of another
  6. Ghoulden – meaning one with golden hair
  7. Ghostfrin – meaning graceful and elegant
  8. Ghospur – meaning one who lights up in dark places
  9. Genie Ghost – meaning magical genie spirit
  10. Galaxy Ghost – meaning star filled cloud/galaxy

7. Ivory

Ivory is a popular name for a white horse, and it also happens to be the name of one of the main characters in The Horse and His Boy, the third novel in C.S. Lewis’s classic children’s fantasy series The Chronicles of Narnia. In the book, Ivory is described as “a beautiful white mare” who helps guide the protagonists on their quest from Narnia to Archenland and back again.

Other white horses whose names have themed connections with ivory include Ivory Charm, Ivory Wizard, and Snowy Ivory Prince.

Alternatively, white horses may be named after perfectly fitting celestial objects such as Polaris, Sirius or Castor – all named after star constellations – or even more obscure space-related monikers like Halley or Aurora. As these names reference stars that are virtually white in color too, they make an ideal match for horses of similar light shade.

8. Luna

Luna is a beautiful and classic white horse name that has been around for centuries. In Latin, “Luna” means “moon,” and this celestial reference is often seen as signifying beauty, femininity, and mystery.

Luna can also be associated with the calm and serenity of moonlight, making it perfect for the majestic white horse in your life.

Though Luna may be a simple name that calls attention to the stunning coloring of your horse’s coat, it also conveys more complex themes like those mentioned above.

Whether you are looking for a meaningful name or something that is easy to remember, Luna is sure to bring a special aspect of sophistication to any white horse.

9. Moonlight

Moonlight is an appropriate name for a white horse, as it is said to possess some of the same qualities as the moon. It can be related to mystery, calmness and serenity. The phrase “under a moonlit sky” often connotes a romantic or peaceful environment and would fit perfectly with the gentle and majestic nature of white horses.

Moonlight also has a certain air of grandeur when it comes to its meaning, which can be quite fitting if you name your beautiful white horse this romantic name.

In addition, Moonlight also often signifies new beginnings, making it likelier for owners to start anew with their journey together with their beloved white horse in tow.

10. Pearl

Pearl is a popular name for white horses, and it’s not hard to understand why. The term “pearl” can refer to the unique coloring of some white horses that produces a slightly iridescent appearance. Pearl can also be used to describe the creaminess of other pale colored horses.

Regardless of the variety, Pearl is considered a beautiful and regal name for any white horse – fit for a prince or princess.

Other common names associated with pearls include:

  • Ivory
  • Crystal
  • Silver
  • Snow
  • Frosty

Meaningful White Horse Names

Choosing the perfect name for your white horse can be a fun and creative process. When it comes to finding a meaningful name, your options are endless.

We have put together a list of white horse names with meaning to help you narrow down your search. From noble titles to Greek gods to beautiful natural elements, there are plenty of options to consider.

Let’s take a look!

1. Angel

The name Angel conveys the majesty and beauty of one of nature’s most graceful and powerful creatures – especially when you pair it with a white horse. It’s important to find a name that fits your horse’s personality, but also has a special meaning behind it.

A meaningful white horse name could be inspired by the practical side of owning a white horse, or by its unique color and characteristics.

When coming up with meaningful white horse names, consider features like size, movement, and other attributes to inspire you.

Here are some suggestions for names that have angelic or heavenly meanings:

  • Aurora – A glow of light in the sky; Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is also known as “the angel lights”;
  • Celeste – French for “heavenly” or “divine”;
  • Fiona – Scottish word for “angelic being”;
  • Angelica – Popular within Christianity as the feminine version of “angelic” or “a messenger from God”;
  • Azure – Name meaning blue skies/heavenly sky; also means “power”;
  • Heavenly – A fitting tribute to your angel in white;
  • Reincarnated Angel – Another meaningful choice that acknowledges your bond with this four legged being!

2. Blessing

Naming a horse can be a special experience, especially when looking for the right name. White horses traditionally hold a special place in many cultures, often seen as godsend or blessings.

Here are some meaningful white horse names with blessing-inspired meanings:

  • Angel: Signifying divine protection
  • Benedict: To bestow a benefit or blessing upon
  • Daisy: A sign of innocence and purity
  • Faithful: Showing loyal an devotion to one’s master
  • Gabrielle: God’s messenger
  • Halcyon: Spanish for ‘peaceful and calm’
  • Ivy: Symbolizes faithfulness, friendship, and fidelity
  • Joyful: An enduring spirit of optimism
  • Luxury: An abundance of comfort and indulgence
  • Moonbeam: Shining brightly like moonlight
  • Nobility: Courageous action & fearless dedication tenacity.

3. Courage

If you’re looking for a white horse name that embodies courage, here are a few suggestions:

  • Avalanche: A rush of snow or stones from the side of a mountain.
  • Grizzly: A bear that is known for its bravery and courage.
  • Heimdall: A Norse deity known as the “watchman of the gods.”
  • Hero: One who demonstrates exceptional bravery in battle.
  • Marathon: A marathon race symbolizes courage and endurance.
  • Uther Pendragon: King Arthur’s father was known for his courage on the battlefield.
  • Victor: Someone who is victorious in battle or has achieved success through courageous acts.
  • White Lightning: A metaphor used to describe someone’s boldness and fearlessness in taking on a challenge.

4. Faith

White horses often symbolize faith, innocence, and purity, making them the perfect pet or part of a ceremony. When you’re looking for a meaningful name for your white horse that reflects these attributes, consider one of the following.

Faith: Names related to faith and belief can inspire your white horse to greatness:

  • Blessing
  • Covenant
  • Divine
  • Harmony
  • Oath
  • Sentinel
  • Verity

5. Grace

Grace is a lovely name for a white horse, illustrating its beauty and elegance. It’s short and sweet, perfect for regal white steeds. Grace is derived from the Latin gratia which means “favor” or “blessing.”

This cute name can be a reminder that having a beautiful friend like your white horse brings many blessings into our lives.

6. Hope

Horses are powerful and majestic animals, so it is no surprise that when looking for the perfect fit, you’d like a name that reflects its size and nature. Hope is a beautiful name for your white horse full of positive energy and joy.

Not only does Hope symbolize one of the most important aspects of life – optimism despite the odds – but its literal meaning involves “belief in a better future”.

If your horse is strong-willed and determined, this makes hope an even more fitting choice as your white horse’s name.

Other ideas related to hope include:

  • Faith
  • Brightness
  • Destiny
  • Believe
  • Aspire

7. Justice

Justice is one of the most fitting names for white horses. It brings to mind the power and strength of wisdom when it comes to dealing out fairness—something that’s important in keeping order.

It could also symbolize the protection provided by a loyal steed. If you own a white horse that’s big and strong, justice might be an appropriate name.

Here are some other meaningful white horse names to consider:

  • Righteousness
  • Equity
  • Advocacy
  • Lawful
  • Dignity
  • Mastery
  • Purity
  • Valor
  • Honor

8. Liberty

Many cultures associate white horses with freedom and liberty, so the name Liberty is a perfect choice for a white horse. Some other suitable names with this same theme include Freedom, Autonomy, Independence, Courage, and Endeavor. Additionally, strong names such as these also lend appeal to a horse’s personality.

If you’re looking for something more spiritual or mythical in nature, there are many possibilities. White horses were revered in mythology, often connected to divine power or purity. Names such as Athena, Odin, Pegasus, Zeus, and Phoenix reflect this connection.

If you want the name to be a bit more whimsical or lighthearted while still fitting with the white color of your companion horse’s coat, you could try Moonbeam, Dreamcatcher or Snowdrift.

Whatever name strikes your fancy – whether it contains profound meaning or is just fun to say – it should always reflect how special your bond is with your four-legged friend.

9. Miracle

Miracle: giving hope or strength to bear hardships; a wonder or marvel. This powerful name evokes feelings of joy and inspiration.

Other meaningful names for whit horses include:

  • Noble: characterized by high moral standards; possessing outstanding qualities.
  • Angelic: characterized by celestial beauty, innocence, and kindness.
  • Inspire: to fill with enthusiasm or courage; impel or motivate by example.
  • Joyful: exhibiting or expressing joy; delightful and full of happiness.
  • Hawkeye: keen-sightedness, having a sharp intuition and foresight.
  • Blissful: cause extreme pleasure, contentment, and joyfulness.
  • Brilliant: displaying outstanding intellect, skill, or wit; marked by unusual lightness and intelligence.
  • Hercules: possess remarkable strength & courage that surpass the ordinary person’s ability in performing a task or accomplishing a feat of greatness.

10. Peace

When selecting a name for your white horse, consider something that speaks to its peaceful nature.

A white horse is often associated with good luck and purity and choosing a meaningful name can also capture its unique spirit and character.

Some popular names for white horses that signify peace include:

  • Angel – This is an obvious choice for a peaceful white steed, referring to the angelic power of this breed.
  • Iris – The Greek goddess of the rainbow was sent as a messenger of peace from the gods.
  • Farewell – Goodbye can be an expression of both sorrowful parting and hopeful wishes for peace in the future.
  • Hiwa – In Hawaiian, this word means peace, tranquility or serenity.
  • Noel – The French term meaning Christmas or birth brings to mind the joyous celebration of harmony with others around us during this special time of year.
  • Lan – Chinese for “peaceful orchid” is also perfect for a white horse that exudes tranquility and beauty like no other.
  • Reina/Reya – Spanish for “queen” or “king” is often used to reference a majestic white steed fit only for royalty.
  • Zoe – Greek mythology associates this name with life giving energy and rebirth which reflects the hope of returning to peaceful existence after difficult times.


In summary, there are many wonderful white horse names out there, each with special meaning and symbolism. You should choose the name that resonates with you the most and that carries significance for both you and the horse.

Some of these majestic animals’ names will celebrate their snow-white coats, while others may reflect your beloved horse’s unique personality or some other aspect of them. No matter what kind of name you pick, it will make your special bond stronger.

Thanks for reading!

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