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List of 54+ Creative Spanish Names for Horses (With Meaning!)

Looking for a creative name for your horse? Here is a list of 54+ Spanish names for horses with meaning. These names are also easy to read and pronounce.

We enjoy riding our horses and we would really want them to enjoy us calling them. One way to achieve this is by calling them beautiful names they would like. Well, a horse wouldn’t really tell you whether they love their name or not, but you’ll note if they fancy that name you just gave them.

Spanish names for horses are a good way to find a fantastic name for your horse. They sound good and may be easier for your horse to learn his/her name. Besides, you’d have done justice for the animal and even you will be content for the perfect selection.

Below you will find fine Spanish horse names you could try out.

Dazzling Spanish Names for Horses

Creative Spanish Names for Horses With Meaning

These are names that stand out. They are very unique and sound fancy. You could give this kinds of names to beautiful horses because they match well with their cuteness. Some of the dazzling Spanish horse names you could try out include:

1. Armonia

Horses display different personalities. Some may be very stubborn while others are so pleasant. The pleasant ones deserve this Spanish name. The name means a pleasant horse and that is why this name suits that kind of horse.

2. Cantante

You’ll realize that some horses love to make sounds. While some are noisy, others make very pleasant sounds that may feel like music sometimes. If you find a singing horse, perhaps this is the best name for him/her. It means a singer and would easily suit a horse that loves to sing.

3. Octava

This is a fun name for any horse. But it would suit best an entertaining horse. Some horses love to entertain by making pleasant sounds. They not only ‘sing’ but also make the mood amazing.

4. Sinfonia

This one is for those perfectly looking horses. They’re so beautiful everyone can note and feel affectionate towards them. Such horses can be so painful to lose.

They signify the creator’s perfect works of creation and that’s why you should appreciate them with a wonderful name. Sinfonia is the perfect name for such cute horses.

5. Saturno

This is the Spanish name for Saturn. The name is designated to horses displaying very strong personalities. It’s dazzling indeed and you can be sure your horse will love the name. This does not mean you can’t give this name to a laid-back horse. If you like it, give it to your horse.

6. Galaxia

Horses are known to be fast animals. They can sprint at terrific speeds and get far within a short time. Well, some horses are gifted with more speed and will travel faster than the rest.

Such horses easily become racing horses and you’ll see them in horse competitions. Probably yours too is a racing horse. Galaxia, a short name for ‘La Galaxia Esprintando’ is a perfect name for your horse.

The full name can be translated to a sprinting galaxy as its meaning. Galaxia is easier to pronounce and remember. And that’s why you should use the short form ‘Galaxia’ to name your sprinting horse.

7. Balada

Some horses are a blessing and a source of positive energy. They lighten up our lives and make us love them even more. For that reason, we crave more for their company and would do anything to spend time with them. Such graceful horses can be called Balada.

The Best Spanish Horse Names

Beautiful horse running, blu sky background

These are extraordinary Spanish horse names that stand out. The names are so unique that anybody would love and choose them any day. Besides, they’re the best names and best describe horse’s characters and their personalities.

From this pool, you can be sure to find several names that will catch your attention. If you’re looking for the best horse names, this is where to pick from. We’ll split this into male and female names so that it’s easier for you to pick a name based on the gender of your horse.

Spanish Names for Female Horses

Here are beautiful Spanish names for your female horse. They include:

1. Adelite

This means nobility. It is a fine name for noble horses. They match perfectly.

2. Alba

Alba means sunshine. A female horse that lightens up your day deserves this name. Such horses make you look up to seeing them in the morning and dread parting ways in the evening.

3. Aurora

This means dawn and is one of the best female horse names. Female horses that turn your life as fresh as it feels in the morning should be given this name. Such horses can turn a gloomy day into a bright one when you interact. They never cease to amaze you. Besides, these kinds of horses are always happy and spread joy to the owner unless they’re unwell.

4. Bonita

Name your female horse Bonita if she’s pretty. Beautiful horses are a joy to watch and keep. They give a reason to go the extra mile to keep them clean and prettier. Not only will you and your family enjoy the horse’s name but also her company.

5. Unica

Unica means the only one. There are rare horse species or breeds that occur once. These are unique horses and have very special attributes. It could be character-wise or in appearance. Such horses are found nowhere else and may never exist again after that one.

It is only fair to call such a horse with a unique Spanish name like Unica. That means recognition of its uniqueness and specialness.

6. Feliz

This is a very happy horses’ name. You can give her this name if she’s always excited and thrilled.

7. Fresca

Some horses are just as cool as you may like. They are not troublesome and never boring at the same time. Such horses make the environment at the stable amazing and will excite you whenever dealing with you. Fresco is the best name for such kinds of horses.

8. Magnifica

This is Spanish for magnificent. The name best suits thrilled and happy horses. It can also be used to name an excellent horse. Excellence could be in racing or any other talent including singing or drama.

9. Amor

This is one of the most popular Spanish names. It would be easy for anyone including the horse to remember this name. Amor means love and any loving horse should be given this name.

The name is gender-neutral and could be given to both male and female horses. But it suits most female horses. 

Spanish Names for Male Horses

1. Supremo

The name goes to those horses that have stamping authority. You can tell by the way they move around that these are supreme horses. Their personalities are also amazing and would easily intimidate other horses around.

Such horses can lead groups of horses or compete well in let’s say races. They are authoritative and for sure deserve the name, Supremo.

2. Rubio

This one means a blonde mate. It suits well a male horse that prefers blonde females. Rubio males have a fine taste for female horses and would most be enticed by blonde horses.

3. Tempestuoso

This is a name for temperamental horses. They act with a temper most of the time and may harm you keep crossing their parts.

The name will not only match their personality but act as a warning to any horse handler acting carelessly around them.

4. Raro

Just like you would find rare female horses, rare male ones exist too. They have very unique character traits and appearance. Such horses can be named Raro.

5. Azul

Azul means blue. It is a good fit for male horses. It has no literal meaning apart from blue and just sounds good on a male horse.

6. Verano

The Spanish name means summer. You can also name your horse after the weather he was born in. This could be a great name for your male horse if he was born during summer.

7. Rockoso

This one means rock. Some horses make you feel their presence. Those are the ones that you miss when away or not close to them. Those are the horses you should call the rock.

8. Dorado

These are golden horses. They are also scarce in number and very rare to find. Golden horses have amazing yet unique characters and that’s why they deserve this name.

Happy and Funny Horse Names

How to name a horse in spanish language

Your horse shouldn’t be given a boring name no matter how boring they are. Instead, find an appealing name that lights up the situation no matter his/her reaction. You just never know. Things may change and the horse may cheer up thanks to the name. Below are happy and fun horse names you could try for both male and female names.

Spanish Female Names That Are Happy and Fun

  1. Noche Estrellada (Starry Night)
  2. Afortunado (lucky)
  3. Nebulosa (cloudy)
  4. Meil (honey)
  5. Maya
  6. Yuca
  7. Rosita
  8. Tormenta
  9. Alegre (happy)
  10. Gran Dia (Grand Day)

Spanish Male Names That Are Happy and Fun

  1. Bizcocho (brown)
  2. Delicado (Tender)
  3. Alejandro
  4. Ricardo
  5. Ronaldo
  6. Feugo
  7. Tonto
  8. Ansu
  9. Darico
  10. Xavi

Mexican Names for Horses

Well, the Spaniards and Mexicans share a lot. There’s a lot of borrowing between their languages and culture. That is why you could also go for a Mexican horse name. I mean, they seem identical to Spanish horse names and that is why they’re a perfect alternative. Here are amazing Mexican horse names you could give to your horse.

  • Paco
  • Pepe
  • Ocho
  • Boca
  • Nacho
  • Chicharito
  • Fonte
  • Chico
  • Tapas
  • Salsa

There are many more Mexican names you could give your horse. The beauty of these names is the fact that you could give your dear animal more than a single name. The fact that these names are unique and special makes it irresistible to find one name and leave the others.

How to Find a Spanish Name for Your Horse

There are so many Spanish names around that you can give to your horse. They are so many that the challenge now becomes settling for one or a few. That is why you may need some guidance to find the best name for your domestic animal.

There are several options you could take when looking for a Spanish name for your horse. The first alternative would be to consider musical names. Or, you could go for famous Mexican names, e.g. musicians, footballers, actors, celebrities, etc. Naming your horse after a celebrity is also a good option.

Alternatively, you could look for popular racing horses and research their names. Pick the one you cherish most and name your horse that. 

The other option would be to look for Mexican horse names. Mexican and Spanish cultures are quite identical. They share a lot including some names and that is why your house wouldn’t mind adopting a Mexican name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Best Name for a Horse in Spanish?

There are so many Spanish names you could name your horse after. The best way to approach this is to name your horse after something or someone you love. That is because you already appreciate their Spanish name. By naming your horse that, you carry the appreciation to the dear animal and it will always remind you of how much you love it.

How Are Racehorses Named?

Well, this may take the same direction humans take when naming their children. The horse may be named after someone from the mother’s or father’s side. It is up to the owner to make that decision.

Who Comes up With Horse Name Rules?

The Jockey club does!


Ideas of horse names in Spanish

Finding a horse name shouldn’t be a headache. One of the easiest ways to name your horse is by borrowing the parents’ names. Spanish names for horses are plenty and you could find one or two on our list. Be sure to select a few and finally settle on one or two. Take your time before choosing the final name for your horse.

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