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Native American Names for Horse (67 Cool & Creative Ideas)

If you are looking for good Native American names for your horse, this article is for you. It contains a list of names for your horse and their meanings.

Horses are some of men’s most loved domestic animals. From the moment they’re born to the time they die, man will do everything to make these animals happy. Naming an animal may become a challenge sometimes. But with the right ideas and name suggestions, it becomes easier to find a name for your horse.

Native American names are some of the best names for horses. Most of them are unique and sound different from Indian horse names. 

Below are some amazing names and ideas you could borrow from to get your horse a beautiful name.

Famous Native American Horse Names

Native American Names for Horse 

Sometimes it’s best to give your horse a famous name. It becomes so easy to remember the name and call your horse. Below are some famous native American horse names you could try. The meanings of the names are labeled against the names:

  • Chenoa – Dove
  • Wikiman – Wife
  • Elu – Beautiful
  • Kasa – Dressed in Furs
  • Neche – Friend
  • Shideezhi – Younger sister
  • Kinta – Deer
  • Onatah – Daughter of the earth
  • Talulah – Leaping Water
  • Adsila – Blossom
  • Tadita – One who runs

The above native American horse names are some of the most popular tags you’ll find around. The use of popular names for pets and domestic animals is growing in frequency every other day. Owners of these beautiful names won’t mind using them as long as they’re beautiful.

The animals too don’t mind the names. They respond well when called and seem to like it. The industrious horses will move around in excitement when called by the owners. The beautiful names also provide an opportunity for the owner to bond with his/her horse.

Native American Female Horse Names

Female horses too deserve beautiful names. The cute animals can be named based on their appearance, character, or connection to the owner. 

Below are some native American female horse names:

1. Nova

Female horses named Nova love to chase butterflies. And that behavior defines the name. If your horse has a similar character of chasing butterflies, you can name her Nova. The beautiful name suits such a kind of horse.

2. Wapun

The name means dawn. This is the best name for your horse if he/she was born in the morning. Wapun is a beautiful native American female horse and one that is easy to remember.

Your family may also want to interact with your horse. Having a simple yet beautiful name is a good idea. It will be so easy for them to remember the name and bond with the horse.

3. Hialeah

This name means pretty. Some horse owners are so lucky to own extremely beautiful horses. The name Hialeah suits this kind of horse. This is the name to give a horse if she is beautiful beyond reasonable doubt. It matches well with beauty.

4. Wuti

This one means woman. Wuti is the name you should give to a horse that portrays a lot of feminine attributes. It suits the character and describes your horse’s cuteness. Well, it is normal for female horses to display feminine attributes, but some do so in an extreme manner. Wuti is the right name for such a horse displaying extreme feminism.

There are many other beautiful names you could give to your horse. Below are some of them with their meanings:

  • Chenoa – Dove
  • Galilahi – Attractive
  • Kimana – Butterfly
  • Neche – Friendly
  • Wichahpi – Star
  • Chepi – Fairy
  • Anomasa – White fawn
  • Tiara – Crown
  • Miki – Little

Native American Male Horses

Beautiful horse running, blu sky background

Male horses too need beautiful names. There are some that’re born handsome while other horses grow into strong characters. Whatever the case, they deserve amazing names just like the female horses.

Naming male horses can take a similar approach like that of the female horses. The only difference is that male horses are more likely to be named based on their character rather than their looks. 

Below are some native American male horse names you could consider:

  1. Cocheta – Stranger
  2. Doba – No war
  3. Sikya – Small Canyon
  4. Nuttah – My Heart
  5. Nukpana – Evil
  6. Ethete – Good
  7. Koko – Night
  8. Chapawee – Industrious
  9. Orenda – Magic power
  10. Yazhi – Little One

Native American Mythological Names for American Horses

Names mean a lot. And that’s why you should not give any horse just any other name. You have to consider a lot of factors before naming your horse. That way, you can tie your beautiful animal to some heritage and build your relationship with the animal.

There’s something special about mythological names. They hold very special meanings and were assigned to special characters in the past. Most of these mythological characters never really existed. Regardless, people believe they exist and fancy them.

That is why their names mean a lot and may be used to name horses today. Well, your horse may not have all those characteristics of those mythological heroes and heroines. But the unique animal may possess one or two similar attributes. That should be enough to give them a mythological name. 

Below are amazing mythological horse names you can consider. But these names are categorized under different classes. They include:

  1. Trickster Gods
  2. Hero horse names
  3. Transformer Gods
  4. Creator Gods
  5. Monster Gods

Trickster Gods

This is mostly for horses that act playful. They do things to play around with humans or other horses. If you have such kinds of horses, there are specific native names for them. Below are examples of their native American names for such horses:

  • Crazy Jack
  • Bluejay
  • Azeban
  • Trickster
  • Mink
  • Napi

The most playful horse gets the name Trickster. He/she can also be referred to as a rabbit because of his/her playful nature. Such horses are hyperactive and nice to keep. They’ll respond to your teases and reciprocate the energy.

Hero Horse Names

There are many native mythical American names. These are people that provided heroic acts in the native mythical American stories. Some horses have heroic acts and mirror human attributes at the same time.

For instance, you may find a very observant horse. The animal may seem to be aware of all the events happening around. This is a horse with the ability to read emotions back and react to the same.

There are other horses with special attributes that not all horses have. For such horses, it would only be fair to give them mythical heroic names like these below:

  • Menilly
  • Whiskey-Jack
  • Raven
  • Jamul
  • Silver Fox

Transformer Gods

Horses behave differently. And they all have a particular attribute that defines them. For instance, some horses try to dump the person riding them every other time. Other horses are too playful while others wouldn’t mind to stand up and fight in case of danger.

The above are a few qualities of horses that could be named using transformer god names. Some of these horses might be cheeky but they have good qualities in the end. Below are some amazing transformer god names you could give your horse:

  • Wisaka
  • Coyote
  • Wanderer
  • Nianthaw

Creator Gods

These are special types of horse names for specific breeds of horses. Some horses create a wonderful environment at the owner’s place. The keeper feels like he/she is in a different world altogether. Such horses fall under this category and can be given names like those below:

  • Esa
  • Ahone
  • Kame
  • Keri
  • Wakanda

The above names belong to creator gods. They are special names and mythical. That is why they would suit special breeds of horses that make a difference back at home. These special horses make everyone happy and are very interactive.

In case of their demise, the owners are left with extreme sorrow. Even if they replace these horses with newly adopted ones, the sad mood doesn’t disappear. A huge gap is left to be filled by the replacement horse and that may not even be possible in the long run.

Monster Gods

Monsters existed before. They formed the basis of monster myths that exist today. These giants left behind mythical names that would be a good fit for giant horses today.

Horses too come in different sizes. Some are very tiny while others are too big. Monster gods are perfect names for giant horses. Below are perfect ideas of names to give giant horses:

  • Windigo
  • Uktena
  • Manetoa
  • Stone coat
  • Asin

The above monsters existed before and left marks in the mythical world. Having these names given to horses appreciates their existence as well as acknowledging the horses’ huge sizes.

Other than size, some horses act so powerful. You can tell this from their movements and actions. They too can be named from these monster gods.

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Cute Native American Names for Horses

Cool and creative Native American horse names

Sometimes, horse owners just want a beautiful name for their horse. Whether the animal is well behaved or has some not so good mannerisms, they deserve good names. Their appearance too shouldn’t always affect the name you choose for these innocent animals.

But finding that unique and cute name isn’t a walk in the park. Perhaps that name you had chosen is too common. Or maybe the options you had were too confusing for you to make a conclusion. Or it could be possible that you have no clue of what name to select.

Native American names are a good pool to choose from. Below are some of those cute names you could choose from for your beautiful horse and their meanings:

1. Satinka 

Some horses are natural dancers. They make amazing moves you’ll love. This name means a magical dancer. Therefore, you can give this name to your horse if he/she is a good dancer. Another dancing name for a dancing horse is Tiva and Taipa.

2. Chosposi

This is another cute native American name for a horse. It is mostly meant for bluebird eyes. The name is also unique and rarely used.

3. Kasa

The name means one that is dressed in furs. It could suit any horse but would be the best match for a very hairy horse. It is a beautiful name for a horse and rarely used.

Other cute native American names you could try include:

  • Ituha
  • Flo
  • Dena
  • Malila
  • Suni
  • Aponi

How to Name Your Horse

The horse naming process is quite sensitive. This is because it is hard to drop the name in future perhaps because your love for the name faded. That is why you must be keen on what name you’re going for before it’s too late. Here are things you should consider.

1. The Horse’s Appearance

How beautiful your horse is should also determine your animal’s name. Extra beautiful horses deserve extra beautiful names. That is why you have to go for the cutest native American names for your horse.

2. The Horse’s Character

This one matters too. You can tell how a horse behaves from a tender age. There are specific names for certain behavior. If he/she acts heroic, loves to dance, or is playful; you should look for names that have these characters as their meaning.

3. Unique Names

Native American names for horses are already unique. But you cannot choose just any. You should go for the rarest of them all but ensure you settle for a simple horse name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ideas of horse names in Spanish

Why Are Some Horse Names Turned Down?

A horse name can be turned down if there’s one already registered under that name. That is why you need to find unique and uncommon horse names. This will save you from the back and forth pushes of having to look for other names.

What Are Some of The Rules for Naming Horses?

You cannot name a horse entirely using numbers, e.g. 123. Besides, the use of names that are related to the word horse as name extensions is prohibited. In addition, the use of initials to name horses is not allowed. There are many other rules you can learn about with time.

How Long Should a Horse Name Be?

Your horse name be as long as you wish but not beyond 18 letters. That’s the limit.


best native american names for horses

Horse naming can be a challenge if you do not consider some things. The above ideas are perfect native American names you can call your horse. They are beautiful, unique, and meet horse naming guidelines provided by law.

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