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Red dog names with meaning

Whether you’ve recently welcomed a red pup into your home or are just looking for the perfect name to reflect your pup’s beautiful coat, this list of red dog names is sure to have something that suits your pooch. Red dog names can be inspired by color shades, symbols and objects, mythology, nature and geography, foods and drinks, or even pop culture references.

To give you more ideas for inspiration, we’ll go over the meanings behind many of the most popular red dog names and provide some recommendations for pet parents who want to give their precious pup a special name.

With some creativity, you’ll be sure to find the perfect name that best reflects your furry friend’s personality and color.

Popular Red Dog Names

Whether you’re looking for a name for your newly adopted red-furred pup, or just want to browse through some popular and meaningful names, you’ve come to the right place! Here we have listed a few popular names for red dogs, each with a special meaning or symbolism behind it.

From classic names to more unique ones, you’re sure to find a name you’ll love here!

  • Auburn – meaning reddish-brown
  • Fiery – meaning passionate and intense
  • Crimson – meaning a deep, strong red
  • Ginger – meaning a light red color
  • Rusty – meaning a reddish-brown color
  • Scarlet – meaning a strong, bright red
  • Rusty – meaning a reddish-brown color
  • Crimson – meaning a deep, strong red

1. Ruby

Ruby is an excellent choice for a red dog’s name. It comes from the Latin word “ruber,” which means “red.” Ruby refers to the red jewel and is often chosen for its symbolic meaning – a passionate love.

The ruby is one of the four color names (ruby, blue, sapphire and green) associated with royalty and magnificence.

Red dogs have historically been kept as prized companions by kings, queens and castles all over the world, so it makes perfect sense to choose Ruby as your pet’s name!

This beautiful gemstone also happens to be one of July’s birthstones. In some cultures, people wear rubies as a sign of good health, passion and power.

If your pup has exceptionally abundant personality or an enviable vigor, why not give them a regal title like Ruby? No matter what kind of canine you have – vintage or modernpurebred or mixed breed – this ruby-colored name will suit them perfectly!

2. Ginger

Ginger is a beautifully classic red dog name that’s long been popular in pop culture. It’s origin is related to the word for reddish-yellow and/or spice, and it also has many different symbolic meanings such as vitality, courage, and energy.

A perfect name for a spunky red pup!

Other similar names you might want to consider are:

  • Copper
  • Rusty
  • Amber
  • Scarlet

If we take it a step further into human names with a reddish connection, there’s always the traditional Red or Ricky as well as Jackie (for Jack: one of the main characters in Stephen King’s classic horror novel The Shining) or Gingerbread Larry (from The Simpsons).

Whatever you choose for your pooch will bring its own special meaning to their life–and yours!

3. Scarlett

Scarlett is a final name on our list of popular red dog names, but it has one of the most interesting meanings! The name “Scarlett” is derived from the Middle English color “scarlet” and was used to describe the deep red hue, which was popular during the Middle Ages. Scarlett also carries a romanticized association with the American South during that time.

Today this lovely name still evokes all of these associations, making it perfect for any proud four-legged Southerner! Additionally, its popularity ensures that yours will be in good company!

Not only does Scarlett carry an air of sophistication and rare beauty, but it offers a degree of personalization for pet guardians looking to pick out an appropriate moniker for their beloved red pup.

4. Rusty

Rusty is a popular replacement to a more traditional red dog name such as “Fido” or “Buddy”. As one of the most common names, Rusty it can be used for both male and female dogs.

A suitable option for breeds with ranging shades of red fur and an affectionate sounding name; Rusty’s meaning reflects the rust-colored hair on these dogs as well as their loyalty to their owner.

This name is a particularly good fit for dogs that enjoy going on outdoor adventures, specifically ones that take place through fields of yellow wildflowers and evergreen trees.

5. Blaze

The perfect name for a brave, daring pup, Blaze is derived from the Old English word “blæs,” which means “flame.” Also known as red fire dogs, blaze dogs have patchy red and white fur coats.

This fiery name is a great fit for your courageous canine.

Red Dog Names With Meaning

Looking for the perfect name for your red-colored pup? Well, if you want your pup to have a meaningful name then you have come to the right place. Naming your pup can be a difficult decision, so here are some red dog names that come with a special meaning behind them.

From classic names to creative names, you will find the perfect name for your canine companion.

Fire – Symbolizing Passion and Strength

Fire is the element that symbolizes strength and passion, a perfect choice for an ambitious little furball.

The following are some red dog names inspired by the element fire and referred by Greek mythology or other cultures:

  • Aiden: From Irish mythology, it references fiery ‘little fire’.
  • Flame: Simple yet fitting, this name perfectly points out your pup’s tonality.
  • Fawkes: Refers to a mythical bird with flaming feathers often associated with strength and independence.
  • Phoenix: Mythical bird who symbolically rises from his ashes – immortality and rebirth.
  • Ignatius: Its Latin origin means ‘fiery’ or ‘burning’.
  • Sol (or Solis): It means ‘sun’, a powerful object that gives light and heat – in a metaphorical sense.
  • Blaze: This name references bright flame which can be a great way to represent the one you love.
  • Loki: Inspired by Norse mythology, Loki the trickster god is ruled by flames that stand for ambition, intelligence and greatnesss.

Ember – Symbolizing Warmth and Energy

Ember is an ideal name for a fiery red-coated pup who appears to have an endless supply of energy. Often associated with the sun’s rays, ember and its variant, embar, are also used in scorching climates to refer to the dry and dusty weather.

Dogs who share this trait of warmth will benefit from a name like Ember which can represent their inner fire.

Flame – Symbolizing Courage and Strength

Flame is a fiery red dog name that evokes images of courage and strength. The idea of zealousness, passion and unwavering determination are all encapsulated in this ancient Anglo-Saxon word. It is an ideal name choice for a larger dog with red hair who loves to run and roam freely.

Other names that share its strong connotations include Blaze, Ember and Ruby – all of which symbolize fire and heat. For the mischievous pup in your life, look to aliases like Ginger, Cayenne or Paprikaspice names which denote feistiness and defiance.

If you have an athletic four-legged friend who loves the outdoors, Blaze or Ace would be great options for representation their outdoorsy nature and strength.

Beyond this flame-related theme, there are still plenty of unique red dog names to choose from which exude charm as well as power. Names such as Brick, Scarlet or Russet harken back centuries ago when various shades of reddish clay were found along clifftop paths throughout Great Britain – part of the reason they are so popular today!

And why not consider Fennel or Ginger in homage to their spicy flavor? Or Claret or Garnet for their bold statements?

In looking for perfect red dog names with meaning we hope you find some gems along the way that capture your pup’s personality size shape color etc Again if you cannot decide on a single handle consider using two words to create a new hybrid surname! Flame, Ember, Ace, Red – just some ideas that give rise to flameseracered pen names!

Blaze – Symbolizing Courage and Determination

Blaze is a bright and fiery red dog name perfect for a little pup with an unstoppable spirit and wild courage. Blaze, the name for a powerful fire, symbolizes courage, determination, and passion – all unique traits that describe your canine companion perfectly.

It’s an edgy and daring dog name to consider for your new pup!

Along with its unique connotations, this classic red dog name is perfectly fitting for Golden Retrievers, Irish Setters, and other light-red colored breeds. It also reflects nicely off of the golden hues of Copper or Ginger colored animals. The fiery orange blaze definition might make it feel especially special when naming your pup!

With its spirited vibes and warm hue, Blaze could fit almost any breed but it could be especially well-suited if you’re looking to make a bolder statement with your pooch’s pet title! Consider giving Blaze a try as you conduct your search for an original name that reflects the vibrant personality of your sidekick.

Scarlet – Symbolizing Beauty and Power

Scarlet is a perfect name for a bold and beautiful pup with a fiery personality. As a color, scarlet has been used for centuries to symbolize beauty, strength and power. And what could be more powerful than an amber-eyed red dog? It’s no surprise that this familiar color has been an inspiration for countless wonderful dog names.

Though there are many bright shades of ‘red’ in the world–each with its own unique name–Scarlet is the most widely recognized variety; perhaps because of its bold, bright hue that catches the eye. For you and your pup, it could be the perfect pick.

So if you are searching for a ways to express your pooch’s unique spirit, consider this regal color-inspired dog name–one that will pay homage to the power and majesty of Scarlet!


In conclusion, red dog names can be used to express the unique personality of your canine companion. Whether you’re looking for something classic or a bit more contemporary, having a name that reflects your pup’s deep red color can make all the difference.

With so many possibilities to choose from, it’s guaranteed that you’ll find the perfect name for your furry friend.

Names like Ruby, Flame, Crimson and Ginger convey an energy of vitality and brilliance. Show off your pup’s personality with one of these powerful yet sophisticated names!

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