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Black dog names with meaning

Are you looking for the perfect name for your new black pup? Whether you have a large breed or a small breed of black dog, here is our list of the top 20 black dog names with meaning.

From mythical gods and goddesses to dreamy place names and words with hidden meanings, you’re sure to find something special that fits your pup perfectly.

While there is no single ‘right’ name for any pet, these unique black dog names all make an excellent choice. Take the time to read through the full list and think about which one best fits your four-legged friend before making a decision.

And don’t forget, you can always combine two or more words to create an entirely new name as well!

  • Mylo
  • Raven
  • Midnight
  • Shadow
  • Storm
  • Ares
  • Athena
  • Cinder
  • Fable
  • Indigo
  • Jet
  • Kali
  • Mystique
  • Nyx
  • Onyx
  • Sable
  • Soot
  • Velvet
  • Zeus
  • Zorro

Popular Black Dog Names

Black dogs are special and require unique and meaningful names. People often seek the perfect name for their black pooch, one that reflects the dog’s character and will draw attention whenever the pup is out and about.

Some timeless and popular black dog names include Raven, Shadow, and Midnight. Let’s explore some more options for names for black dogs:

1. Raven

Raven is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a black dog name with meaning. In some Native American cultures, Raven is seen as the bringer of light and thought to be a trickster, symbolizing both creation and destruction.

Raven is also seen as a sign of good luck in many cultures, and the name has become increasingly popular for pet owners who would like to give their black dog names with deeper meaning.

Additionally, if you’re wishing to select a name to fit your pup’s personality, Raven can represent intelligence, connection, and mystery – all qualities that your dog may possess. If you are looking for black dogs names with subtle chicness or deeper significance, consider using a poetic take on the traditional moniker such as Raventine or Ravenson.

2. Midnight

Midnight is a popular black dog name of Latin origin and means “midnight or dark night“. It is the perfect choice for a pup with a deep, luxurious black coat. Not only will it make your pup stand out, but it has a romantic and unique meaning that reflects their shiny black fur.

Midnight is traditionally used to describe the darkest night or the hours of 12AM-3AM, making it appropriate for a dark-furred pet. So if you’re looking for something special for your furry friend, Midnight may be the ideal name!

3. Shadow

Shadow is a popular name for a black dog given its close association with the color. There are many interpretations of what the name Shadow symbolizes, but its meaning adopted from Greek mythology suggests being in the shadows of a god or goddess. The phrase ‘shadowing’ also relates to covert observation, which makes it an appropriate moniker for an overprotective pet that you can’t take your eyes off.

Shadow is also used to represent a form of protection and guidance, making it perfect if your pup has become an integral part of your life.

4. Coal

Coal is a popular name for any black-coated canine. The name refers to the hard mineral that is plentiful throughout the world, consisting mainly of carbon and hydrogen molecules.

Coal is associated with strength, power and often results in fascinating metamorphic changes that can turn it from a simple rock into glistening diamonds. Such a mineral can be viewed as quite symbolic when naming your pup, representing toughness and yet beauty.

Furthermore, because it is so dark in color, charcoal makes for an eye-catching handle for a black dog! When provided with proper care options, these animals are known to bond closely with their families over a long lifespan.

5. Onyx

Onyx is a powerful and edgy name for your black canine companion. Popular in various cultures throughout history, the name Onyx comes from the Greek word for “claw” or “fingernail” and references a semi-precious black gemstone.

Considered both protective and grounding, the meaning of this classic name could work perfectly for an intelligent and devoted canine, whether large or small!

6. Ebony

The name Ebony is derived from the word ebony, which is a type of dark-colored wood. This name is elegant and inspired by its nature origins. Though most often seen in black dogs, it can also be given to any canine with a dark coat.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, this beautiful name denotes strength and power. Additionally, Ebony may bring images of optimism and new beginnings every time you call your pup’s name!

7. Jet

Jet is a powerful name perfect for strong, dark-furred dogs. The deep black color of this precious stone has many healing powers in mythology, and it has also been used metaphorically to represent darkness and power.

Jet was formed over millions of years and is mined from deep within the earth; it emits energy that can often represent protection, courage, strength, and good luck.

Dogs named Jet can bring the same energy to their owners; loyal companions that provide a true source of strength and protection.

8. Smokey

Smokey is an ideal name for your black pup as it is not only classic, but also has a plethora of cultural references that may bring a smile to your face. The name Smokey is derived from the English dictionary where it means “imbued with the scent of smoke”. This aptly applies to your dark colored pooch since it brings with it all sorts of associations relating to chimneys and fireplaces.

Alternatively, Smokey may be short for the popular name Smoky which means “gray-colored” or “having or giving off smoke”, making it a perfect moniker for your black dog.

Other popular names related to Smokey include:

  • Misty
  • Sandy
  • Cloudy

These names all make reference to either the color grey or smoke emanating from an object.

Unique Black Dog Names

When searching for a puppy, there can be a lot of difficult considerations, such as the breed and the perfect name. If you’re looking for a good black dog name, then it’s important to ensure that it’s both meaningful and unique.

To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of some interesting options for black dog names that carry a special meaning:

  • Midnight
  • Shadow
  • Ebony
  • Jet
  • Onyx
  • Raven
  • Coal
  • Charcoal
  • Soot
  • Smokey

1. Noir

When it comes to searching for the perfect black dog name, one of the best places to look is French – particularly when it comes to names with a ‘noir’ or mysterious feel.

Noir refers to a style of film and literature that is characterized by cynicism, tragedy and moral ambiguity. While this may not be the most cheerful theme for your pup’s name, it’s certainly original and full of personal meaning.

Here are some great French-inspired black dog names to consider:

  1. Noir (Of course!)
  2. Tenebreux (Dark)
  3. Meurtris (Wounded)
  4. Ombre (Shadow)
  5. Cendre (Ash Gray)
  6. Pantere (Panther)
  7. Mysterieux (Mysterious)
  8. Œil de Nuit (Night Eye)
  9. Nuits Noires (Black Nights)
  10. Soufre Noir(Sulphur Black).

2. Licorice

Licorice is an excellent name for a black-furred dog, particularly those with glossy coats that resemble the classic candy. Thought to be derived from the Greek term ‘glycyrrhiza’, which means ‘sweet root’, Licorice is beloved all over the world for its flavor. Just like your special canine companion, it will add a special sweetness to your life.

The name Licorice has a fun and playful vibe that makes it perfect for larger, more mischievous dogs; however, it can work well for any size of dog!

3. Obsidian

Obsidian, like the mineral it is named after, is a bold, unique name for a black dog. The word comes from the ancient Greek ‘obsidion’ meaning ‘volcanic glass’, and is also sometimes known as Apache tears. The color of obsidian itself is black with beautiful golden flecks and hints of other colors depending on how it was formed.

Obsidian makes for a perfect name for your beloved black pup, conveying both strength and beauty all at once!

4. Charcoal

Charcoal is a great name for black dogs as it is both descriptive and unique. This name reflects the cool, dark tones associated with carbon and has use in art for centuries. Charcoal can refer to many shades of black, from dark gray to deep black. This name is best suited for larger breeds of dogs, giving them gravitas and strength as well as recognition that not all shades of black are the same.

Some other unique naming ideas based on charcoal include:

  • Carbon
  • Cinders
  • Coal
  • Ember

5. Soot

Searching for one-of-a-kind black dog names with meaning? Consider the word “soot,” which is a black powdery substance consisting of carbon particles produced by the incomplete combustion of fuel.

It’s an unusual choice, but it suits those dark-colored fur babies. Plus, there’s no denying that it’s a cute name for an animal regardless of their fur color or breed!

Here are some other related words to consider if you’re pondering some unique and meaningful black dog names:

  • Charcoal: A soft, lightweight material consisting mostly of carbon used as fuel and in many industrial processes.
  • Obsidian: Naturally occurring volcanic glass formed from quickly cooled lava. It is usually jet black in color.
  • Shade: Cover from direct light; shelter from heat or cold.
  • Pitch: The viscosity level of an oil or asphalt used in roofing and waterproofing materials; typically thick and dark in color.
  • Onyx: A translucent white to deep gray opaque banded stone that can be polished to a high luster resembling marble; often found with streaks of black.

6. Noir

Noir is a perfect name for a black dog. Noir is the French word for ‘black’, coming from the Latin color ‘niger’.

The name isn’t only distinctive because it’s French, but also because it has a richness to it that reflects its dark color and mysterious nature in one stylish package.

7. Inky

Inky may be a perfect name if you are looking for a unique and creative option for your black or dark-coated four-legged friend. Beyond the slippery character in comic books, Inky is a fitting name for any pup that embodies the colors associated with the night sky.

Inky is also an abbreviation from the English word “ink” – perfect for any pup that lives up to the reputation of being quite mischievous, so much so that it is hard to keep them contained! Alternatively, it can also harken to your pup’s ability to relax and take it easy when needed.

Regardless of its meaning to you, Inky is one of those black dog names that stands out without being too over-the-top. Paired with a perfect pet portrait on its collar or ID tag, this hip and timeless option will never fail to capture attention in its most charming way.

8. Ebony

Ebony is a powerful, gorgeous name for a black dog, referring to the hard, dark wood of the same name. The name has Greek and Persian origins and has enjoyed some popularity as both a girl’s name and a boy’s name.

Its special meaning also makes it an excellent choice for any animal, like your pup. It can be used as a stand-alone or combined with other words, such as “Ebony Sweetheart” or “Midnight Ebony.”


Choosing a name for your beloved canine is an important process. For dark-haired dog owners, picking a name that complements their pup’s color can be especially meaningful.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, we hope our list of black and dark-haired dog names with meaning has been helpful!

There are endless possibilities out there, so don’t forget to explore outside our list if you don’t feel particularly inspired by any of the options mentioned here. Above all else, it’s important to pick a name that will make you and your pup happy each time you say it. So take your time, consider all your options and have some fun!

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