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Male cat names with meaning

Naming your cat, whether male or female, is an important task that should not be taken lightly. It is a name that will be coming from your mouth for years to come, so it should be special and have a meaning that resonates with you.

When selecting a name for your male cat, there are many different factors to consider, such as meaning and the sound of the name. Here, we will take a look at some of the best male cat names with meaning:

Why It Is Important to Pick The Right Name

Choosing the right name for a pet can be an important process and there are some things to keep in mind before deciding. It’s a good idea to take into consideration the life span and personality of your pet before coming up with a list of names.

A fitting name should be one that is distinctive and that you, as the owner, will feel comfortable saying out loud. In addition, because cats are quite vocal animals, you should also pay attention to how easily it may roll off their tongue. For example, names that include sharp sounds like Ps or Tz may be difficult for cats to pronounce.

Naming a pet after family members or film characters can also be entertaining and fun, but it’s also important to consider your cats’ distinct personality traits when selecting a name. Going by these guidelines, you now have all the necessary tools needed in order to find just the right moniker for your furry friend!

Below is a list of male cat names with meaning that should give you some inspiration on this path towards finding the perfect name for your male cat:

Popular Names

When it comes to naming a cat, people often look for male cat names with meaning. Male cats have unique personalities and qualities which can be reflected in the name that you give them.

Popular male cat names come from a variety of sources such as people, literature, history and mythology.

Let’s dive into a few of the most popular names for male cats:

Traditional Names

Traditional male cat names are timeless favorites, often found in history and literature. Instilled with a sense of prestige, these kingly names remain popular after centuries.

Look to the past for inspiration and pick from some of the following monikers that have stood the test of time.

  • Romeo: meaning “pilgrim from Rome”
  • Albert: meaning “noble, bright”
  • Oscar: derived from Old English for “God spear”
  • Jack: derived from Middle English for “God is gracious”
  • Alexander: meaning “defender of mankind”
  • Maxwell: derived from Latin for “great spring”
  • Bentley: referring to a place with large grassy fields
  • Basil: derived from Greek for “kingly” or “royal”
  • Arthur: meaning noble, an iconic British king’s name.
  • Gerald/Jerald: derived from Germanic languages for “rule of the spear” or “spear brave”

Unique Names

Unique male cat names might reflect your cat’s distinctive personality or they might be inspired by a favorite storybook character, celebrity, or historical figure.

Here are some of the most popular unique names for male cats with special meanings that you can use to find an even more personal fit:

  • Tingo: A Spanish word meaning “to steal.”
  • Scrumpy: A term used to describe strong, cider-like alcoholic beverages found in Britain.
  • Gizmo: The catch phrase of the fictional alien life form Gremlins from the movie of the same name.
  • Cormac: From an old Irish name meaning “son of a wise ruler”.
  • Ezra: An ancient Hebrew name meaning “helpful”.
  • Fergus: A Scottish name meaning “man of strength”.
  • Grantley: Old Middle English for the word for “granted meadowland” – could be used as a tribute to your lovely outdoor Catio!
  • Johnston: A Cornish surname derived from two Celtic words meaning “son” and “oak tree”.
  • Kairos: The Greek god who personified ideal timing and opportunity.
  • Niko: Japanese for “Hope”.
  • Zéphyr: French origin, means wind from the west which is believed by some cultures to bring good luck and fortune in life.

Names Inspired by Nature

When it comes to male cat names inspired by nature, there are plenty of creative, funny and meaningful options. If you have an outdoor-loving or nature-inspired kitty, a name taken from the natural world may be the perfect fit.

Whether you’re looking for a moniker inspired by animals, plants or natural phenomena like weather, you’ll find it here.

Here are some popular nature-inspired male cat names:

  • Animal-Inspired Names: Wolf, Tiger, Bear, Fox, Hunter, Falcon and Hawk
  • Nature-Inspired Names: River, Glacier and Forest
  • Weather-Based Names: Stormy, Cloudy and Sunny
  • Plant/Flower Names: Rosemary and Sage
  • Gender Neutral Nature-Inspired Names: Sprout and Budwood

Names Inspired by Mythology

Male cats are often linked to ancient heroes, gods, and warriors. Calling a cat after one of these figures can bring strength and character to each cat.

Naming your cat after a mythological figure can also help inspire the sense of adventure that lies in his heart.

Popular mythical male cat names include:

  • Achilles – Refers to the heroic Greek warrior from The Iliad, known for his bravery during the Trojan War.
  • Odin – From Norse mythology, Odin is a wise god associated with healing and poetry.
  • Hercules – The Roman name for Heracles, the incredible strong demigod with superhuman powers.
  • Thor – Associated with power and protection in Norse mythology, Thor is one of the most powerful gods of Asgard.
  • Apollo – The Greek god of sunlight, music, prophecy and archery.
  • Zeus – The king of all gods in Greek mythology who represents law and order.
  • Loki – From Norse mythology, Loki is associated with trickery, deceit and chaos.

Meanings of Popular Names

When selecting a name for your male cat, it can be nice to go beyond just selecting a fun name and choose one that has a special meaning as well. These male cat names come with a variety of meanings, many of which represent qualities that one might admire in their pet.

Whether you want to select a name based on its strength, intellect, or charm, there are plenty of options that fit the bill.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular male cat names and their respective meanings:

Traditional Names

Traditional male cat names often have ties to ancient cultures and languages. These types of names can be presented as conventional but classic monikers that also convey an interesting meaning or origin.

Examples of traditional male cat names include:

  • Alexander: Meaning “defender of men”
  • Charles: Meaning “free man”
  • Edward: Meaning “guardian of prosperity”
  • Leonard: Meaning “strong lion”
  • Maxwell: Meaning “great spring”
  • Oliver: Meaning “olive tree”
  • Richard: Meaning “powerful leader”
  • Arthur: Meaning “bearlike”
  • Boris: Meaning “small or short”
  • Giles: Meaning “young goat or shield bearer”

Unique Names

Some popular male cat names have special meaning behind them, and it can be a nice way to honor a loved one or a favorite thing.

If your cat is unique and you’d like to pick out a name that will reflect this special trait, take a look at some of the popular names with fun or sentimental meaning behind them.

Unique Names

  • Maxwell: translated into Latin as “great spring,” Maxwell was most likely chosen as a name for cats because of the delightful sound and strong message it conveys.
  • Harvey: harvey means “warrior” and is often seen as an ideal name for cats who know how to defend their territory!
  • Earl: this is derived from an old English title of nobility and means “nobleman” – ideal for cats with fearless personalities!
  • Jasper: A derivative of Old Persian words (Gazfard) and literally translates to “bringer of treasure” – perfect for cats who bring joy into your life.
  • Clancy: derived from Irish Gaelic languages , Clancy means “red warrior,” usually given to vibrant colored cats!
  • Toby: derived from Hebrew, Toby literally stands for “God is good,” honoring each kitty’s individual good nature.

Names Inspired by Nature

One way that cat owners can choose a meaningful and special name for their furry companion is by exploring words associated with nature.

There are many great male cat names inspired by the powerful elements and forces of nature, as well as natural shapes, sounds and creatures.

Here are some perfect picks:

  • Weather-inspired – Cloud, Storm, Rain, Breeze
  • Animal-inspired – Beast, Lion, Tiger, Hawk
  • Color-inspired – Pewter (a metallic gray color), Olive (a shade of green/yellow), Slate (a dark/rock color)
  • Shape-inspired – Archy (arched shape), Diamond (shape of the diamond gemstone)
  • Sounds-inspired – Howl (wolf’s howl), Roar (lions’ roar), Hiss
  • Insects/spiders – Fly (fly insect), Spider
  • Trees/foliage – Oakley (oak tree leaves), Fern

Names Inspired by Mythology

Many cultures have rich traditions of mythology that have been passed down through the centuries, which offer unique and interesting names for your cat.

Names inspired by mythology often reflect qualities such as strength, courage or independence – all traits that any feline is sure to appreciate.

Some great names inspired by mythology include:

Greek Mythology:

  • Apollo – Sun god, associated with light and warmth
  • Atlas – Titan responsible for carrying the world on his shoulders
  • Hades – God of the underworld, ruler of the dead
  • Hermes – Messenger god, also associated with luck and mercantile wealth
  • Zeus – King of all gods, god of sky and weather

Norse Mythology:

  • Baldr – God of light and peace
  • Freyja – Goddess associated with fertility and beauty
  • Odin – Ruler of the gods and god of wisdom
  • Thor – God associated with thunder and war

Egyptian Mythology:

  • Anubis – God of mummification who looks over people in death
  • Isis – Goddess associated with magic, motherhood and protection
  • Ra – God often seen as a sun deity or creator figure


Naming your beloved cat is an exciting part of pet ownership, but it’s often more difficult than expected. Thinking of a name with meaning can make it easier to come up with the perfect name.

From classic names to cool and quirky options, this guide has something for every male cat looking for their proper kitty moniker. Consider favorites like Archie or Walter, or try bolder choices like Alfredo or Yoshi.

Have fun and let your creativity lead you as you select the perfect fitting name for your new feline friend!

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