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What name means gift from god

When it comes time to decide on a baby’s name, there are many factors to consider such as cultural background, family tradition and etymological meaning. Did you know that some common names actually have divine origins?

Below is an introduction to some of the most popular monikers that mean “Gift from God” in different languages.

Whether you’re expecting or just curious about some popular names with religious or spiritual connotations, this article will offer insight into the fascinating inspiration behind these tried and true name choices.

Biblical Names

Looking for a unique and meaningful baby name? The Bible can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to baby names that mean “gift from God”.

These spiritual and religious baby names will not only have special meaning to you, but they can also be a reminder of your faith and remind you of your commitment to your faith.

Let’s dive into some of the most popular biblical names that mean “gift from God”:

Popular Biblical Names

The Bible has a long and well-known history of stories, tales, and parables that have shaped our culture. It is also full of beautifully meaningful names that have endured through centuries.

Many people derive comfort and inspiration from the names used for characters in the Bible, often connecting them to their own personal stories.

The following are some of the most popular biblical names for boys and girls and what they mean:

  • Popular Biblical Names For Boys
    • Noah: which means “Rest” or “comfort”
    • David: which means “beloved”
    • Jacob: which means “holder of the heel” or supplanter
    • Joshua: which means “Yahweh is Salvation”
    • Daniel: which means “God is my Judge”
    • John: which means “God is gracious”.
  • Popular Biblical Names For Girls
    • Mary:which means “sea of bitterness” or “wished for child”
    • Hannah:which means “grace”
    • Elizabeth:which means “God is my oath”
    • Ruth:which means “compassionate friend”

All these names mean something special, whether it be determined by their religious significance or simply by their sound or looks. These types of biblical names contain a deep rooted meaning – often times reflecting a virtue, hope, prayer, or wish for all parents bestowing them upon their children.

Regardless of one’s religious affiliation or beliefs about the origins of these stories and tales in the Bible, there can be no denying that these popular biblical names carry immense beauty behind them – truly a gift from God!

Meaning of Biblical Names

Biblical names are often invested with spiritual significance and can honor individuals of traditional faith. These meaningful names are often prescient in that the meanings of the name offer a blessing to the individual to which it is given.

Here is a look at some popular Biblical names and what they mean.

  • Angelia: Angelia means “angel” or “messenger of God”. It has its origin in both Old Testament and New Testament biblical scriptures and can also be found in other Hebrew translations as well as Arabic speaking countries.
  • David: David is one of the oldest Biblical names, found in both the Old Testament Book of 1 Samuel and in Jesus’ genealogy listed in Matthew 1:6. David means “beloved” or “dear one”.
  • Gabriel: Gabriel is an angelic name taken from Hebrew meaning “man of God” or “divine strength”. Gabriel is mentioned throughout both Old and New Testament scriptures, having been sent from on-high as message from God to Mary, Joseph, Zachariah, Daniel, Sarah (Abraham’s wife), and others.
  • Noah: Noah was a righteous man appointed by God for his obedience and faithfulness during the Great Flood when God destroyed most every living thing on earth by sending forty days and forty nights of rain. Noah literally translates to “rest and quiet” from root words found in Hebrew language texts such as Tiredness (Nuwh) or Rest (Naah).

Biblical Baby Names

Whether you’re a new parent or just someone looking for a unique name, the bible can provide a great source of inspiration. With so many names to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one that expresses your sense of hope, faith and joy.

The following list includes some popular biblical baby names as well as their meaning according to Hebrew and Greek origins.

Each of these special names carries its own significance and carries with it a message of faith.

Biblical Baby Names:

  • Aaron – Hebrew origin; it means ‘High Mountain’ or ‘Exalted’.
  • Abigail – Hebrew origin; it means ‘My Father is Joy’.
  • Adonai – Hebrew origin; it means ‘Lord.’
  • Caleb – Hebrew origin; it means ‘faithful’.
  • Gabriella – Hebrew origin; it means ‘God is my strength.’
  • Hannah – Hebrew origin; it means ‘grace’ or ‘favor’.
  • Hezekiah – Hebrew origin; it means ‘God is powerful.’
  • Isaiah – Hebrew origin; it means “the Lord is salvation”.
  • John – Greek origin; it means “the Lord is gracious”.
  • Michael – Greek origin: It mean “who looks like God?”.
  • Rebekah – Heberew oirigin; It mean “to join together.”

Other Religious Names

If you are looking for a unique and spiritual name with a special meaning, you have a wide selection of names to choose from within different religions.

Religious baby names have become increasingly popular with the rise of spirituality and the growing trend towards more meaningful and personalised baby names.

Let’s delve into some of the other religious names that are a gift from God:

Popular Religious Names

Religious names have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Names derived from faith, scriptures, characters of the Bible and other religious books are all very popular options for expecting parents looking for a meaningful name for their child.

Certain religion-inspired names evoke strong spiritual meanings and help to speak of one’s faith without having to use words.

Popular Religious Names:

  • Biblical: Abraham – Hebrew meaning “father of many;” Adam – Hebrew meaning “man;” David – Hebrew meaning “beloved;” Elijah, Ezekiel, Exodus and Isaiah; all of which have strong biblical connotations.
  • Greek: Agatha – Greek meaning “good; God has been kind;” Andrew – Greek meaning “strong; manly;” Theodore – Greek meaning “Gift from God;” Nicholas – Greek origin meaning “victory people”
  • Judaic: Aaron – Hebraic origin referring to a high priest who was Moses’ brother Sarah – Hebrew origin referring to “lady princess” Rachel – Hebrew origin referring to “ewe” or “female sheep.”
  • Islamic: Anaya – Arabic origin referring to mercy or sympathy; Yusuf – Arabic version of the name Joseph in the Bible, it means “God increases” Ismael – Arabic origin with the intriguing connotation “God will hear”. Asad – From the Qur’an, an Arabic name that means “lion”.

Meaning of Religious Names

Religious names are often used to express beliefs and values. They often have origins or inspirations from scriptures, history, or legend. There are a variety of religious names for both boys and girls that have special meaning for families with religious backgrounds.

For boys, the name Matthew is derived from the Hebrew name Mattityahu which means “gift of god“. In the Bible, Matthew is a Tax Collector who was called by Jesus to be one of his followers.

The name Elijah also has biblical origins, coming from Hebrew Eliyahu meaning “my god is Yahweh“. The Prophet Elijah was sent by God to inspire King Ahab and Queen Jezebel with his courage and faithfulness.

For girls, the name Mary originates from Hebrew Miryam meaning “bitter sea” or possibly Mariham which means “Wishing for Children”. The most famous Mary in the Bible is Mary mother of Christ; other accounts showcase her cousin Elizabeth who gave birth to John the Baptist.

Another biblical girl’s name with deeply sacred roots is Rachel which comes from Hebrew Rakhel which translates to mean “ewe“, symbolizing gentleness and beauty in Scripture.

Whether you’re searching for popular Christian names, Jewish boy names, Muslim girl names or Hindu baby naming suggestions; there are many ways religious-inspired names can be meaningful throughout life’s journey!

Unique Religious Names

Throughout the world, many cultures and religions consider the gift of a name to be special. In some cases, a gifted name is believed to bring blessings upon a child and their family.

Names that hail from religious, spiritual, or modern cultural backgrounds are truly unique and carry with them special significance.

While there are countless religious names to choose from around the world, here’s our list of some of the most powerful and meaningful options:

  • Christian Names:
    • Gabriel (“God is my strength”)
    • Michael (‘he who is like God’)
    • Christopher (‘Christ bearer’)
    • Noah (‘comfort’)
    • Elijah (‘Yahweh is God )
  • Jewish Names:
    • Leah (‘delicate’)
    • Mara(‘bitterness’ )
    • Sarah (‘princess’)
    • Ezra (‘help’)
  • Arabic Names:
    • Sitti (‘lady boss’)
    • Tayyib (‘good one? )
    • Shoab ( ‘rainy nights’)
    • Allah (the name of God)
  • Hindu Names:
    • Akash ( ‘sky’ )
    • Huma( ‘bird in paradise’ )
    • Shanti( ‘peace’ )
    • Bhuvi(‘earth or pride”)

God’s Gift of a Baby

Choosing a baby name is a special and important process, especially if you are looking for a name with deep meaning.

Some families seek a name that signifies a religious or spiritual foundation, while others want a name that reflects a special message from God.

In this article, we will discuss the various baby names that mean “gift from God” or “God’s gift.” We will look at traditional religious and spiritual names, as well as unique and modern picks for a God-given name.

Spiritual Baby Names

One of the most important gifts parents can give to their children is a name that is rooted in spiritual meaning. Naming a baby after a spiritual figure or using a spiritual connection to inform the meaning behind a baby’s first name is an incredible way to start life off right.

Whether you are raising your child with faith as part of their life or honoring one parent’s cultural background, there are many options for spiritual baby names.

Below are several popular and meaningful choices:

  • Christian Baby Names
    • Michael: Meaning ‘he who is like God’.
    • Gabriel: ‘God is my strength’ in Hebrew.
    • Abraham: Derived from Hebrew, it means ‘Father of many’.
  • Jewish Baby Names
    • Benjamin: The son of Jacob and Rachel in the Bible, it means ‘son of the right hand’.
    • Elijah: Meaning ‘Jehovah is my God’.
    • Miriam: Drawn from Hebrew, it translates as ‘rebelliousness’.
  • Islamic Baby Names
    • Rashidun: Meaning ‘rightly guided’.
    • Muhammad: From the Arabic phrase meaning “one who is praised” or “laudable”.
    • Adam: Origin from Hebrew, it means ‘man earth’.
  • Buddhist Baby Names
    • Bodhi : This Sanskrit word means “awakened” or “enlightened”.
    • Karma : It refers to the law that states our present actions have consequences on our future lives. In Sanskrit it means “action”.
    • Siddhartha : It translates to “one who has achieved his goal” in Pali and Sanskrit.

Meaning of Spiritual Names

Spiritual names are a kind of reminder to the wearer of their spiritual beliefs, values and identity. These names can often have sacred meanings and an even greater significance than traditional western baby names.

Because of this, many parents choose spiritual baby names that reflect Biblical figures or teachings to help raise their children with strong character, beliefs and moral values.

Naming a newborn after a Biblical figure is one way to pass along important traditions and stories as time passes. It’s also a meaningful way for parents to express their beliefs in the power of faith, love and existence of God.

Many popular spiritual baby names include:

  • Gregory – meaning ‘watchful’;
  • Moses – derived from Hebrew Chalam (meaning ‘draw out’);
  • Josiah – meaning ‘answered by God’;
  • Abigail – derived from Hebrew Avigayil (meaning ‘father’s joy’);
  • Joshua – hebrew name Yeshua meaning ‘God is salvation’;
  • Michael – derived from Hebrew Micha’el meaning ‘who is like God’;
  • Zion – symbolic name for Jerusalem;
  • Noah – hebrew name Noach meaning ‘repose or comfort’;
  • David – hebrew name Dawid meaning ‘beloved’ ; &
  • Isaac – derived from Hebrew Yitzhak (Yischaq) meaning ‘he laughs’.

Unique Spiritual Names

Unique spiritual names are a great way to honor God and the gift of your precious baby.

Many parents seek to name their children in a way that reflects their faith and brings them closer to their faith. Depending on the culture and religion, these names can mean “Gift from God,” “God is Gracious,” and more.

From Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, French, and Irish origins, here are some beautiful baby girl names that mean “Gift from God“:

  • Adi (Hebrew) – meaning “God’s majesty” or “ornament“.
  • Aveline (French) – meaning “Hand of God“.
  • Anaïs (French) meaning – “Grace of God“.
  • Chayil (Hebrew) – meaning “righteousness” or “strength of God“.
  • Dana (Arabic) – meaning “God has judged wisely“.
  • Donna (Irish) – meaning “woman from heaven“.
  • Emmanuelle (Hebrew/Latin hybrid) -meaning “God is with us“.
  • Fadilah (Arabic) – meaning both feminity as well as moral excellence received from God.
  • Gavriela (Hebrew/Spanish hybrid)-meaning “the Glory of God“.
  • Layla/Leila(Arabic)-meaning “Night Beauty“, or a special gift given by god.

Baby Name Inspiration

Finding the right name for your child can be a difficult and time-consuming process. But don’t despair! You can find the perfect baby name with a meaningful connotation to convey how special your little one is.

The following selection of baby names all possess special significance as “gift from God” names. Let’s explore some of these inspired, god-given names!

Creative Baby Names

Baby names can be a very personal and meaningful decision – after all, the name you choose will stay with your child for their whole life! If you’re looking for baby name inspiration that comes with a special meaning, consider some of these creative options.

The name John (which is Hebrew in origin) means ‘God is gracious’, while the English name Grace means ‘God’s favor’. Other popular monikers such as Lily and Rose also connote spiritual meanings – Lily references purity, while Rose stands for beauty.

The Scandinavian moniker Freja translates to ‘gift from gods’, and Rina (which is Hebrew in origin) translates to ‘song of joy’. For boys, Gabriel is an angelic option that means ‘God is my strength’ and Matthias (Hebrew) signifies ‘gift of God’.

You might also consider Christian-based names such as Aiden or Elijah – Aiden translating to ‘the fiery one’ and Elijah meaning ‘the Lord’s strength’. As an added bonus in some cultures, the numerical value of the letters in a child’s name may be calculated – coming up with another interesting dimension to baby-naming!

When it comes to modern baby names, there are lots of fun options with spiritual connections such as Natalya (‘hope’ in Russian), Nia (‘brightness’ in Swahili) or Ryder (‘mounted warrior’).

No matter what direction you are looking to head when selecting baby names, there are plenty of creative choices out there that come with thoughtful spiritual meanings behind them.

Meaning of Creative Names

When parents are searching for the perfect name for their child, they often look to the meaning of the name to find inspiration.

Names that reflect creativity, positivity and beauty can create a memorable connection and leave a lasting impression on your child’s life.

Here is a selection of creative baby names that have positive meanings:

  • Blessing – A unique and meaningful name that affirms joy in life.
  • Artemis – Greek goddess of the moon and hunt, associated with an independent spirit.
  • Calliope – Greek muse of epic poetry; the pronunciation sounds like “kuh-LIE-oh-pee”, though some prefer “ka-LYE-oh-pee”.
  • Neve – Irish Gaelic for “radiant” or “bright”.
  • Gift – An obvious choice for those seeking names associated with gifts from God.
  • Zenobia – Meaning “strength of Zeus” or “divine strength” in Greek.
  • Clio – Another muse in mythology who inspired epic poetry or heroic acts; Clio means “glory and fame” in Greek.
  • Erica – Means “eternal ruler” and is a variation of another classic, Erika which comes from Old Norse meaning entire ruler or complete ruler of law.
  • Lightning – There are many variations like Thunder, Bolt, etc but this one pays homage to the strength of nature.
  • Verity – Truthful.

Unique Creative Names

If you’re in search of a unique and creative name for your baby that has meaning, why not consider looking at the ancient languages for inspiration.

Here we will provide some options from Latin, Greek, Arabic and Hebrew that can be pronounced and may have a more special significance to you.

  • Latin: Donatus (present), Gratus (grateful), Caritas (love).
  • Greek: Eudaimon (blessed), Agathos (charitable), Doron (gift).
  • Arabic: Barakah (blessing), Afiyah (well being), Khairun (beneficent).
  • Hebrew: Nashim (lovely women), Shalom/Shalem(peace), Eliyahu(Gift of God).


This article has discussed what name means gift from god.

While there are many meaningful names that are associated with this term, some of the most popular options include:

  • John
  • Alissa
  • Lenora
  • Elijah
  • Eliana

Additionally, names such as Matilda, Reuben, Connell and Gideon also mean “gift from God.”

When picking out a name for a loved one or family member, it can be fun to consider these and other meaningful names that have special meanings.


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