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Zachary Name Meaning – What Does The Name Zachary Mean?

What does the name Zachary Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Zachary. Let's get started.

What does the name Zachary Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Zachary. 

Let’s get started. 

Meaning of The Name Zachary

The name Zachary is a Hebrew baby name, derived from the Hebrew word meaning “remembered by God” or “God has remembered.” In the Bible, Zachary (or Zechariah in English) was the father of John the Baptist and a priest in the temple of Jerusalem.

He was very faithful to God, so much so that when God ordered him to have a child in his old age, he complied immediately. The name Zachary has been popular for centuries, but still retains its divine meaning today.

TheName Zack means “memory” or “remembrance” and is often used as an abbreviation for Zachary or as a stand-alone name. It may also be interpreted as being derived from “Azariah” or “Azirah,” which translate respectively to “Yahweh helps” and “Yahweh has helped.”

The beloved Biblical character Zachary (or Zechariah) featured heavily in Jewish prayers during classical times and is still remembered fondly today.

The name often evokes purity and faithfulness thanks to his unyielding adherence to what he believed was right; qualities which many parents wish to instill on their children called Zachary.

History and Origin of The Name Zachary

The name Zachary is derived from the Hebrew language and is a variant of the name Zechariah, meaning “God has remembered”. It was popularized by the biblical figure Zechariah who was one of the Old Testament prophets.

The name has been popular in Europe for centuries, but it began to gain popularity in the United States in the mid-20th century.

Zachary has many variations in other languages, such as Zaccaria (Italian) or Zacharie (French). A variant spelling of Zachary is Zackary, which can be found with either single or double ‘a’s throughout Europe. Many nicknames have been derived from this name, including Zac, Zak, Ziggy and Zacky.

The symbol of Zachary is oftentimes a ladder because it references its biblical roots. Staircases were believed to symbolize progress and a bridge that could lead people closer to God; therefore this image symbolizes what Zachary stands for as a leader and guide through life.

Gender of The Name Zachary

Zachary is a classic and biblical name for boys in the English language. Meaning ‘remembered by God’, Zachary is often rendered as Zechariah in the Old Testament of the Bible. It’s derived from the Hebrew word ‘zakhar’, which means ‘to remember’.

While it began as a favoured name among Christians, it has since become widely used throughout England and North America alike.

Though Zachary was traditionally used only for boys, there has been increasing interest among parents to use the name for their daughters too. This subversive move can be attributed to its endearing meaning of being remembered by God and its phonetic similarity to more commonly feminine names like Zacharia or Isabella.

The popularity of this gender-bending use of Zachary has seen numerous changes being made to its spelling and pronunciation over time thus creating variously nicknamed forms such as Zack or Zakk for boys and Zacci or Zaccy for girls.

Whatever way you choose to spell it, this timeless yet modern name will guarantee an abundant amount of attention from family, friends and classmates alike!

Popularity of The Name Zachary

The name Zachary has a long history of popularity in the United States. According to baby naming website Nameberry, it’s been a top-100 name since the Social Security Administration began keeping records in 1880.

As of 2019, Zachary has been in the top 50 names for boys for the past 17 years, making it one of the most popular names for boys of all time.

The name is of Hebrew origin and means “the Lord remembered.” Though typically given to boys, some girls have chosen to go by Zack or Zachary as well. It is sometimes used in combination with other names such as Zachary Thomas or Zachary Alexander. This can be a great way to honor family members with similar names.

By far, its most famous bearer is former President George W. Bush’s son, who was born on November 30th, 1986 just before his father was elected President of the United States – though most people refer to him as “Zack.” Other famous bearers include “High School Musical” actor Zac Efron and 80s pop singer Julian Lennon’s son Jack (born John Charles) whom he nicknamed “Zak” at birth.

Variations of The Name Zachary

The name Zachary has been used as a boy’s name since the Middle Ages. It is derived from the Hebrew element “zakhar,” which means “to remember.” The name has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, due to its traditional roots and its biblical connections. Zachary is an ideal choice for parents who appreciate classic names.

The name Zachary is often used with various spellings, such as Zachery, Zakesh and Zackery, just to name a few. But regardless of which spelling you choose, the name shares the same meaning and significance.

Some parents may opt to use different variations of this timeless classic in order to express their individual tastes and preference or even out of necessity when naming twin children — as some couples do — so that each child can have his or her own unique monicker yet still have elements of continuity among siblings.

In addition to its many spelling variations, there are also numerous nicknames that come along with the traditional version of this timeless classic. These include Zak, Zac-Attack and Zac for short; Zack for longer but still informal nicknames; and Zachary itself as it can serve both formal and informal purposes depending on how it is said or utilized in conversation.

Famous People Named Zachary in History

Throughout history, many famous people have been given the name Zachary. Here’s a look at some prominent individuals that we can thank for inspiring the popular name, and giving it its reputation today.

In the world of politics, Zachary Taylor was the 12th President of the United States. As one of only five presidents to have died in office, his death was attributed to drinking a glass of iced milk contaminated by bacteria.

Other political figures with this name include Zachary Floyd Bogue, who served as mayor of St. Louis from 1835-1837 and Earl Grosvenor-Zachary, a former British ambassador to France from 1868-1870.

Sports figures with this popular name include NBA player Zach LaVine and MLB pitcher Zach Britton. Major League Soccer player Zack Steffen has contributed significantly to U.S soccer and was notably included in the World Cup 2018 roster for his contributions during his time with Columbus Crew SCs.

Basketball coach Zach Jackson Norvell Jr., also known as “Coach Zee,” is an American college basketball head coach for Gonzaga University kennel Bulldogs Men’s basketball team since 2018.

In business and entertainment, Ryan Seacrest is best known for being a television host but is also credited as being an entrepreneur through his business investments in food delivery shows like Munchery and DoorDash. Zack Snyder is another successful entrepreneur who has gone onto direct some blockbuster films such as “300” and “Man Of Steel” while internationally renowned photographer Zack Arias has made multiple appearances on magazines covers around the world including Vogue Italia, Time Magazine and Life Magazine among many others Famous actor Zachary Levi has starred in films such as The Marvel Universe’s “Thor: The Dark World” and “Shazam!” .

Pronunciation of The Name Zachary

The name Zachary is typically pronounced “ZAK-er-ee” though variations such as Zak-RAY exist in certain dialects. The Biblical spelling is “Zechariah” and is pronounced the same way as “Zachary”. I

n addition, the variants of Zaakir and Zakeel are accepted forms of the original Hebrew spelling which are both found in the Bible. Zachary is a popular name with several spellings, including Zackery, Zacary, Zakery and Zakkery.

Numerology of The Name Zachary

Numerology can be used by examining the numerical value of the letters that make up any given name. In the case of Zachary, this yields the following numerological information which may help to decipher its meaning and influence:

The number nine (9) largely influences Zachary, making it a signatory of honest service and giving back to others. This is accompanied by an inclination toward idealistic philosophy and teaching or enlightening work.

The combination of two numbers, 5 (the inner adventurer) and 4 (the Worker) gives Zachary themes such as exploration, progress, curiosity and organization.

Interestingly enough these same numbers symbolize an urge toward materialistic gain which emphasises being able to convert creative vision into tangible results. Meaningfully enough, 4 is also the number associated with emotions rooted in love and nurturing.

As a whole these characteristics thus illustrate how Zachary sits within an atmosphere that both manifests creative action but is also deeply felt on an emotional level.

It is for this reason many feel Zachary hints at big topics such as power shifts or personal liberation from past patterns as part of its make-up; ultimately suggesting movement away from old structures into something new yet meaningful – adventures full of promise!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Name Zachary

When you are thinking about what the name Zachary means, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this name.

What Does Zachary Mean?

The name Zachary is derived from a Hebrew word meaning “one whom God remembers”. It also has its origin in Greek and can be interpreted to mean “who remembers or remembers the Lord”.

What Is a Nickname for Zachary?

Common nicknames for Zachary include Zack, Zac and Zander.

What Are Other Forms of The Name?

Other forms of the name include Zackery, Zacary, Zakariyyah and Sascha.

Does The Name Have Any Special Meaning or Significance?

The name was derived from a Hebrew word that means to ‘remember’ or ‘recall’ God which is why it is a popular choice in many religious circles. It may also symbolize hope, faith and loyalty to others.


In conclusion, the name Zachary is of Hebrew origin and it has several interesting meanings. The name Zachariah means “God has remembered,” while Zacharias is an alternate spelling that means “whom Jehovah remembers.”

Ultimately, the name Zachary is most commonly given to boys and it has a regal air to it but also a sense of wit and intellect.

When you look into the meaning behind this beautiful name, you can appreciate how much history it carries with it.

From biblical times to its use in modern culture, this timeless classic truly stands the test of time. With its sophisticated sound and multiple meanings, Zachary is a dignified choice for any little boy looking for his place in the world.


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