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Zach Name Meaning – What Does The Name Zach Mean?

What does the name Zach Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Zach. Let's get started.

What does the name Zach Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Zach. 

Let’s get started. 

Meaning of The Name Zach

The name Zach is of Hebrew origin and means “Remembered by God”. It has been a popular name since the biblical era, when it was most famously used for Zachariah, the father of John the Baptist.

The name Zach has evolved over time to become a widely-known given name among many cultures and ethnicities. It is notorious for being complementary to any last name, no matter how unusual it might sound.

It is an especially popular choice amongst Jewish parents due to its original use in the bible as per Zachariah and his lineage.

Today, the name Zach can be found in countries all over the world with variations in spelling such as Zechariah or Zakharia in Eastern European countries or Zack in English-speaking countries like the United States and Canada.

Famous figures named Zach include: former British Prime Minister Anthony Eden, Olympic gold medalist swimmer Ryan Murphy, actor/director Zach Braff, basketball player Zion Williamson and MLB pitcher Zack Greinke.

History and Origin of The Name Zach

The name “Zach” has been popularized in recent years and is commonly used as a nickname for Zachariah or Zachary. The name is of Hebrew origin, deriving from the Biblical Hebrew Zachariyah meaning “God remembers”, which is fitting considering the deep roots of its meaning.

In the Old Testament, it was borne by one of the minor prophets and a companion to Abraham. It appears in the New Testament as one of Christ’s disciples, also named Zechariah.

In Jewish tradition, Zechariah was one of four prophet-king sons born to Joash (the son of Ahaziah) and his wife Elizabeth (the daughter of King David).

Though its origin source remains principally within Hebrew culture, the name has spread across other cultures in various forms – such as Zackary or Zackery – due to the advances made within transportation that have seen cultures all around the world become more connected than ever before.

The name Zach can be found in many different countries, including Scotland where it is pronounced “ZAK”. In America, it is usually associated with a young man who is seen as kind-hearted and friendly.

Gender of The Name Zach

The name Zach is traditionally a masculine given name. It is of Hebrew origin meaning “God has remembered”.

Throughout history, the name Zach has appeared in many different cultural contexts. In the United States, the most common spelling is Zachary. In many European nations, it is commonly spelled as Zakhar. It can be commonly found in Eastern Europe, especially in Germany and Austria.

In recent years, it has become popular for both boys and girls to have the name Zach or another variation of it as a first or middle given name.

Its popularity as an either/or gender-neutral name has grown over time due to its broad appeal across many cultures and its association with Biblical characters such as Zechariah, who was a leader of the Israelites while they were held captive in Babylonian exile.

In culture and literature, the name Zach has taken on various symbolism depending on context and culture. Some associate it with qualities such as faithfulness and loyalty while others embrace its more creative frame of thought which may point more toward innovation.

Popularity of The Name Zach

The name Zach may not be particularly common, but it is recognizable and well-liked in the United States. According to Social Security Administration records, the name has been consistently popular over the past 50 years.

From its peak year of 1992 to 2019, “Zach” (spelt with a “kh”) has held a spot in the top eight hundred most popular boy names. In 1992, it claimed 463rd spot in terms of popularity; this dropped slightly to 485th place in 2019.

It is also important to note that global statistics may be slightly different than US data. In Australia, for instance, “Zachary” was the 364th most common name for boys in 2017-18 and “Zach” placed 536th.

In Canada during 2008 to 2018 Zachary was generally within the top 100 ranked names and Zach had slipped from 699th place down to 1446th; this could potentially suggest that Canadians are somewhat less likely to opt for shortened versions of boys’ names such as Zac(h).

In conclusion, although there are other more popular male names than Zach – like John or James – it is an internationally recognizable and well-liked choice that has held steady levels of popularity over time in most countries studied .

Variations of The Name Zach

The name Zach is the shortened form of the Hebrew name Zechariah. It has been used by Jewish and Christian families alike, throughout centuries, as an aid to remember their roots. Its usage is extremely popular and grows in popularity from year to year. The name Zach can also be spelt as Zachariah or Zacharias with slight variations in meaning.

The name Zach can also be seen in many Christian countries as short for the Latin-derived name Zaccheus, meaning pure or holy one. In this version of the name, it is often spelled with two ‘cc’ instead of one ‘c’ however it still has the same original and powerful meaning behind it.

Within some Muslim circles, there are some families that opt to spell out Zakir which is an Arabic derivative of Zechariah instead of using its traditional pronunciation; however this spelling generally translates as ‘remembered’.

Throughout Europe and even a handful of more culturally diverse regions such as Russia and Australia, there are families who have chosen a variation on how to spell the short-form version of the originally Hebrew-based name due to having input from multiple national cultures mixing together within their family trees for example; Szczek or Zsczek .

In all cases when looking at these names from different countries or regions they all stem from spelling variations which reflect on either their identity, culture or both while maintaining its main underlying core meaning: He will be remembered

Famous People Named Zach in History

The name Zach is a Hebrew name, derived from the Hebrew word zakkai meaning “clean” and “righteous.” People with this name often have high aspirations and are known to be loyal and hardworking.

The name Zach has enjoyed a boost in popularity over the past few years, likely due to famous figures in sports, television, and music using this as their stage name. Here are some notable people named Zach throughout history:

  • Zach Borodin (born 1973), American film producer
  • Zach Braff (born 1975), American actor
  • Zach Galifianakis (born 1969), American comedian
  • Zach Thomas (born 1973), former NFL linebacker
  • Zachary Quinto (born 1977), American actor
  • Zack de la Rocha (born 1970), frontman of the band Rage Against the Machine
  • Zack Merrick (born 1985), bassist of All Time Low

Pronunciation of The Name Zach

The name Zach is pronounced as “ZAK”. The name is often spelled “Zach” in English, although variations such as “Sach” or “Zack” exist as well. The name has its roots in the Hebrew word zaqen, which means old and wise.

Zach has been a popular male given name in the United States since the late 19th century and remains one of the most popular given names today.

The root of Zach can be traced back to two Bible characters featured prominently in both the Old Testament and New Testament: Zechariah, who is mentioned as a prophet in both books, and Zacharias, father of John the Baptist.

As a result, some parents may choose to give their sons this Biblical-influenced spelling of Zach with additional biblical connotation.

Notable individuals with this spelling include former U.S President Zachary Taylor, MLB pitcher Zack Greinke, actor Sam Elliot’s son Sam Elliott Jr., and rock singer KISS frontman Paul Stanley (real name Stanley Eisen).

Numerology of The Name Zach

In numerology, each letter is assigned a corresponding number. The sum of these numbers in your name can tell you something about yourself and your personal characteristics. For Zach, the numerical value of the letters adds up to 30.

The number 30 reflects creative energy and ambition, joy and inspiration, enthusiasm and motivating spirit. It denotes a positive outlook in life that helps to both achieve success and enjoy it.

People with this number tend to be friendly and outgoing, making great ambassadors for any project or cause they choose to engage in.

At times they may become overly caught up with their objectives, leading them towards risk-taking behavior but also towards great rewards when those efforts pay off.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Name Zach

Many people are interested in the meaning and origin of the name Zach, and we have compiled several frequently asked questions about this popular name to help answer any questions you may have.

What Does Zach Mean?

The name Zach is derived from the Hebrew name Zechariah, and the original meaning of this name is “God has remembered”. This is often interpreted to mean that God remembers His promises to His people.

What Language Is The Name Zach From?

Zach is a Hebrew name, derived from Zechariah which also has English variations such as Zack or Zac. It has been popular in many English-speaking countries, especially in North America since the 1970s.

Is It a Girl’s or Boy’s Name?

Zach is predominantly used as a masculine given name, however it can be used for either gender. In recent years, it’s become increasingly popular as a unisex option for parents looking for something a bit different than traditional given names.

Are There Any Famous People With The First Name Zach?

Throughout history and today, there are countless notable people with this beautiful and timeless first name: athlete Zach Ertz; actors Zach Galifianakis & Zachary Quinto; musicians such as singer/songwriters Mike Posner & Zachery Bryan; TV hosts like Hannibal Buress; scholar Dr. Anthony Fauci; neuroscientist Dr. Mandyam V Ramanathan; and many more!


Ultimately, the name Zach is a variant of the Hebrew name Zechariah, which contains elements meaning “God remembers.”

As such, this powerful moniker serves as fitting reminder of a loving Creator who always keeps his promises and never forgets his children.

Additionally, with its sophisticated yet strong connections to faith and devotion, Zach also carries with it a sense of timelessness which resonates strongly with countless families across the world.

Whether you are looking for a unique baby name or simply seeking out an inspiring way to honor your own valued beliefs — consider Zackariah.


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