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Yael Name Meaning – What Does The Name Yael Mean?

What does the name Yael Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Yael. Let's get started.

What does the name Yael Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Yael. 

Let’s get started. 

Meaning of The Name Yael

The meaning of the name Yael comes from Hebrew origin, and is a variant of the names Jael and Ya’el. The name is suggested to mean “unique”, “God will add” or “mountain goat”. It was popularized in the Bible, particularly in Judges chapter five where Yael is described as slaying Sisera, an oppressor of the Israelites. Yaʽel or Yael (Hebrew: יָעֵל ‎) has been found in ancient records form Central Italy since at least the 4th century BCE when it appears as a masculine given name.

In Modern Hebrew a feminine version of this name (יְעֶל‎) can be seen as an alternative spelling for Iyyov/Job’ wife. In Christian tradition this name has become associated with religious figures such as Mary Magdalene and Mary Jacoby, both descended from King David’s dynasty making Saint Yael one of their spiritual ancestors.

Additionally well known Biblical female leaders such as Deborah may also have contributed to its presence in the Christian narrative.

In Jewish tradition Yael emphasizes strength through her bravery. Her quick-thinking plan resulted in her successfully delivering Israel from a hostile enemy occupation – which demonstrates not only insight but also courage at a time when it was largely unheard of for women to take part on battle fields like she did.

Because of her selfless heroics, she became an icon for young Israeli girls by serving as an example that even women can become heroes in times of need and make meaningful contributions to society despite hardships or societal expectations.

History and Origin of The Name Yael

The name Yael is Hebrew in origin and derives from the root “ayil” (אַיִל), meaning ‘ram’. It is derived from the root ‘yayin’ (יהין), which has also been known to mean ‘to strengthen’. The name has been thought to be one of power, as well as strength, with connotations of nobility and perceived courage.

Yael appears in the Bible as a female warrior who vanquished Sisera, a general of King Jabin’s army. Her story indicates that one can achieve great feats regardless of their gender or status.

As such, her story has been used throughout Jewish culture to provide inspiration for young women in particular and two prominent songs were created about her courageous victory over King Jabin’s army – leading some to refer to her as the Biblical Joan of Arc.

The name Yael appears several other times in the Bible; through mentioning it is an example of someone expressing emotional warmth or showing strength over adversity; including the case of Shemu’el ben Nitai investing Yael with honours when she was chosen to represent those claiming they were falsely condemned due to malicious accusations by their opponents.

Due to its significant meaning, it should come as no surprise that Yael is widely regarded as a unisex name with parents often giving it as a first name or surname across both genders, enabling parents looking for a meaningful connection between themselves and their offspring through choosing this distinguished moniker.

Gender of The Name Yael

The name Yael is of Hebrew origin, and is used in both genders. In Hebrew, the name Yael means “mountain goat” or “strength of God”.

It is sometimes spelled Jael. In the Bible, Yael was wife of Heber the Kenite and a heroine for killing Sisera to end a battle. Common variants of the name are Jaelle or Yaelli (Hebrew). Less common variants include Chaela (Hebrew) and Jayla (English).

Popularity of The Name Yael

The name Yael has been gaining popularity in recent years, particularly among parents looking for a biblical name for their children. According to 2019 BabyCenter statistics, Yael was the 821st most popular baby girl’s name in the United States.

In England and Wales in 2018, Yael came in at the 1724th most popular name. The gender breakdown of this name is skewed heavily toward girls, with only 12 boys given the name in England and Wales during 2018 compared to average of 122 girls.

Yael can be found throughout history, including being one of the few righteous women mentioned in Judges 5:24 of the Old Testament Bible.

She is also known as a leader in ancient Israelite history and a military heroine who defeated Sisera with her weapon of choice – a tent peg through his skull! Today it can still be found around the world but it is less common than other biblical names like Sarah or Leah.

Yael has been gaining recognition from celebrities such as singer/songwriter Norah Jones naming her daughter Yael born on October 16th 2013 as well as fashion model Nicole Trunfio choosing this biblical moniker for her little girl born April 16th 2016.

There are numerous places that bear this special name such as Yali Island located off the coast of Turkey, Tel Aviv’s Yael Street and Norway’s highest mountain peak Galdhopiggen which translates into “Yale peak”!

Variations of The Name Yael

The name Yael has many variations including Yaelle, Yaela, Yaella, Yaeli and Yahila. In the Bible, the name “Yael” is found in association with the heroine of Judges 4-5. Although this is a traditional Hebrew name, it is sometimes used as a unisex name in Europe and South America.

In Hebrew, it means “Strength of God,” or “goat.” In Spanish and Portuguese language countries, it could also be derived from a combination of Joelle (“Jah is God”), Jaime (“the Lord’s Supplanter) and Eliana (“The Lord Has Answered”).

A diminutive form of this name is Yaella (or Yaellis), which in Spanish translates to “Beautiful Young Woman”. There are also many variations of Yael used all around the world such as Yahilah which is derived from two words: “Yah” meaning Lord or God; and ‘hil’ meaning bestowed with grace and beauty.

It has also been seen as a variation on the Italian word gaella (meaning joy). Other more creative variations include Iayel meaning “strength to understand” or even Chayele which translates to “God Lives”.

Famous People Named Yael in History

Yael is a Hebrew name that originates from the Old Testament in the bible, which means “mountain goat.” Over the centuries, Yael has been used as both a common and unique given name among various cultures.

In recent decades, Yael has seen increased popularity as a given name in many countries around the world such as Europe and America.

Famous people named Yael in history include:

  • Yael Dayan, an Israeli politician and daughter of Moshe Dayan;
  • Yael Eckstein, an American religious leader with international recognition;
  • Yaël Abecassis, an Israeli actress and filmmaker;
  • Yael Naim, a French-Israeli singer;
  • Yaël Farber, a Canadian playwright and theatre director;
  • YAEL Levy-Lambertz de Haarlem Reisswinkel (1737—1791), who was one of the wealthiest merchants during her time in Amsterdam.

Pronunciation of The Name Yael

Yael is a Hebrew name, and its pronunciation two ways. In Anglicized (English-based) pronunciation, it is usually pronounced “yah-EL,” while in Ashkenazi (American-based) pronunciation, it is usually pronounced “YEIL.” The name also has variant spellings such as Yaelle, Yaëlle and Yaell.

Numerology of The Name Yael

The numerology of the name Yael reveals that it is rooted in the Hebrew language and associated with numbers. The numerical value of the name Yael is 4, which represents diligence and a thirst for knowledge. The name Yael also possesses characteristics of loyalty and persistence, making it a great fit for both individuals and businesses.

In terms of its symbolism, Yael has been linked with energy and steadfastness in one’s convictions. Those who carry this moniker are described as devoted, determined and ambitious individuals who tend to use their will to carve out their place in the world.

Overall, individuals possessing the name Yael possess a deep devotion to their cause as a symbolic representation for looking out for those who cannot defend themselves or champion an ideal.

This makes them some of the best people to have in your corner when it comes to fighting an injustice or working to create an even better society from what we have now.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Name Yael

What Is The Name Yael?

Yael is a Hebrew name derived from three different words: Yod-Ayin, meaning “to ascend” and Lamed, meaning “goat.” Combined, the elements of the name mean “the one who will ascend like a mountain goat.” The name also symbolizes strength, independence and protection, giving it an overall positive connotation.

What Does Yael Mean in The Bible?

In the Bible, Yael is presented as a heroine of tremendous strength and courage. She famously took on Sisera, an enemy general who threatened her people of Israel in the Book of Judges 4-5. Sensing danger for her people, Yael killed him using a tent pin through his forehead – an act of cunning and bravery that enabled her to protect Israel and bring peace to them all.

Is There Any Modern Significance to This Name?

The story of Yael has remained popular even in modern times as she symbolizes courage and strength against overwhelming odds. In Jewish culture, little girls may earn the nickname ‘Yaelit’ or ‘Yali’, which carries these same connotations into adulthood. Additionally some believe they have found this Biblical figure mentioned in clay inscriptions that date back to the 8th century BC — further attesting to its long-lasting resonance with generations past and present.


The name Yael has a long and proud history, representing such qualities as strength, beauty, and courage. The Hebrew language has given us a beautiful example in Yael of how to look at life with an optimistic attitude and a hopeful outlook.

If you’re looking for a name for your child that is both meaningful and inspirational, Yael is a great choice. It’s also worth noting that it’s a great way to honor your Jewish heritage and culture, as the Bible tells us that Yael was the wife of Heber the Kenite.

May your little one live up to the name’s inspiration by growing into an emotionally strong person.


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