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Valerie Name Meaning: What Does the Name Valerie Mean?

Looking for the meaning of the name Valerie? Or maybe you’re looking for the origin of the name Valerie?

Well, you’re in luck, since this article is going to focus on both of those things.

In this post, I’ll cover the origins, meaning, pronunciation, and other facts about the common name Valerie.

How to Pronounce The Name Valerie?

The name Valerie is pronounced as “vah-leh-rie”, “vah-lee-ree”, “vay-leh -ree”, “va-lee-rie”, or “val-ery.”

What Does The Name Valerie Mean?

Valerie is a feminine given name, a French form of the Roman family name Valeria, which is derived from Latin valēre, meaning “to be healthy, to be strong”. Similar etymology exists for the masculine Valerius. 

What Is The Origin of The Name Valerie?

The surname Valeria dates back to the early 13th century in Italy, while in France the origin of the surname Valerie also dates back to that time period. It was originally derived from the Latin word “valere,” which means to be strong or healthy, brave (valiant), and fierce.

What Are The Variations of The Name Valerie?

Some variations of the name Valerie are:

  • Valeria
  • Valarie
  • Valor
  • Vallie
  • Valeryan
  • Valerian
  • Valery
  • Val
  • Valerien
  • Valerio
  • Vally
  • Vallerie


So, what does the name Valerie mean? 

The name Valerie is a girl’s name that means “well-loved one” in French; “valorized one” in Spanish; “beautiful and strong one” in Italian. It also means brave (valiant), and fierce.

In conclusion, Valerie is a very popular name that is also very easy to pronounce and spell. 


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