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Ulysses Name Meaning – What Does The Name Ulysses Mean?

What does the name Ulysses Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Ulysses. Let's get started.

What does the name Ulysses Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Ulysses. 

Let’s get started. 

Meaning of The Name Ulysses

The name Ulysses is derived from the Latin form of Odysseus, hero of Homer’s ancient Greek poem “The Odyssey.” Odysseus was a clever, brave, and resourceful man who voyaged home after the Trojan War. In modern times, the name has become popular in English-speaking countries due to the fictional exploits of Ulysses S. Grant and its usage in James Joyce’s novel Ulysses which is set with Odysseus as a key theme.

The meaning behind Ulysses suggests cunning intelligence, determination and self-expression. The name also carries with it positive connotations such as loyalty and action-orientation which reflect a balanced spirit and an inclination towards exploration.

Additionally, the origin links these traits to wise journeying while providing an aspirational ideal for different generations to live up to.

History and Origin of The Name Ulysses

The name Ulysses has Latin and Greek origins, derived from the Latin name Ulysses and the Greek name Odyssey, both of which have strong literary roots. The English version of the Latin name is Odysseus, which was found to be a hero in Homer’s epic poem, “The Odyssey.”

In Homer’s poem, the character Odysseus undergoes many trials and tribulations as he tries to make his way home after fighting in Troy. His courage and determination eventually pay off as he safely returns home to Ithaca.

Ulysses itself has taken on a variety of meanings throughout history; it is often seen as representing a person’s strength of will, charm or wit and resourcefulness in overcoming adversity. While not overly popular in modern times, Ulysses did come back into fashion in 2011 when the Irish singer-songwriter Hozier released the song “Take Me To Church” with the opening line “My sacrifice, my motivation is Ulysses.”

It also inspired James Joyce’s 1922 novel “Ulysses,” which has become one of literature’s most praised works.

It’s possible that Ulysses was used sparingly due to its association with The Odyssey – child may have been given this name as an ambitious request that they follow Odysseus’ example – but today its unique meaning makes it a noteworthy choice for any parent looking for an uncommonly used baby boy’s name.

Gender of The Name Ulysses

The name Ulysses is traditionally a male name, given to boys. This originates from the fact that the original namesake was Ulysses, a hero in Greek and Roman mythology. The meaning of Ulysses is “wrathful”. This can be attributed to Ulysses’ strong-willed personality and his courage in facing danger.

In Latin-based languages, the name is usually translated as Ulises and has been adapted by many cultures as part of their own folklore. For example, it is Ulisse in Italian, Ulysse in French, Odysseas in Greek and Odiseo in Spanish. Despite its popularity as a male name throughout Europe, more recently it has been increasingly used for girls too.

Ulysses is primarily known for being the hero of Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey where he faces many dangers and overcomes them with his great courage. He was renowned for his tactical thinking and strategic manoeuvring which gained him victory against obstacles that seemed impossible to overcome.

It was traits such as these which earned him fame throughout Ancient Greece and made him one of the most beloved figures from Greek literature.

Popularity of The Name Ulysses

The name Ulysses rose sharply in the United States after it appeared in James Joyce’s Ulysses novel, which was published in 1922. It may also have benefited from the fact that president Ulysses S. Grant, a popular leader, had recently died shortly before that.

The 1960s also saw a surge of popularity for the name Ulysses due to it being used as the title character in the comic strip “Bizarro,” and from TV appearances such as those made by actor Vic Morrow on “Combat!” Since then, its use has steadily declined in popularity but it remains a timeless classic.

The meaning of the name Ulysses is derived from two Greek words, ‘Oulixēs’ (wide-ruling), and ‘Lüzacáe’ (hostage). The former epithet is related to Odysseus’ wanderings across many countries during his return to Ithaca; while the latter refers to his captivity by Calypso on her island Ogygia where he stayed for seven years. In this regard, many see Ulysses as an emblem of perseverance and resourcefulness.

In recent years, Ulysses has managed to become a beloved name despite its diminished popularity; partly due to modern parents seeking out classic monikers with classic meanings and partly because of its strong ties with literature.

Variations of The Name Ulysses

Different versions of the name Ulysses exist in many languages in countries around the world. In English, the name Ulysses has the following variations: Olive, Ulisse (Italian), Odysseus (Greek), Ulysse (French). In Spanish, it has variations of Ulises and Odiseo.

The etymology of the name Ulysses traces back to Greek mythology, where it is believed to represent a version of Odysseus or his Latinized form, Ulysses. The story goes that one day Apollo granted him unique wisdom and insight – something that could not be taught by mortal men – which is why he was able to return from a long journey home from war.

This insight proved very useful in helping him sail through difficult situations during his journey home and also helped him gain tremendous respect.

Though there are several variations to the name based on language and culture, many associate it most closely with bravery and courage due to its roots in Greek mythology. It is also an increasingly popular first or middle name for boys due to its strong associations with strength and determination.

Famous People Named Ulysses in History

Ulysses is a name that has a long and rich history. It first appeared in Homer’s 8th century epic poem ‘The Odyssey’, in which the main character was Ulysses – the king of Ithaca. In Latin, the name means ‘labours’ or ‘wrathful’, and it has been used by many different cultural groups across history.

In literature several famous people bear the name Ulysses. The eponymous hero of James Joyce’s modernist novel Ulysses is universally recognised as a classic work of English literature, while figures such as Ulysses S. Grant (the Union general who brought an end to the American Civil War) and Tennyson’s ‘Ulysses’ also remain iconic figures for their respective fields of study.

Additionally, there have been numerous other famous people throughout history who were named Ulysses – from saints to poets, soldiers to politicians – these individuals each played their own unique role in shaping civilisation as we know it today.

This strong representation in literature and culture make this name timelessly relevant, maintaining its popularity throughout the centuries; although not always consistently popular, it remains a well-known figure worldwide which makes it an evocative choice today when considering suitable names for babies or pets!

Pronunciation of The Name Ulysses

The name Ulysses is derived from the Greek Odysseus, which means “a man with a hate to wander,” or “trouble maker.” Ulysses is pronounced “yoo-LIS-eez” and is Anglicized as Ulises, sometimes pronounced “yoo-liss-eez” or “yoo-leez”. It can also be spelled with an alternate spelling of Olússíós in more exotic recognitions of the name.

Numerology of The Name Ulysses

The numerology of the name Ulysses reflects its exotic and romantic appeal. The number 8 associated with this name creates a balance between intellect, personal emotions, and unique perception of the world. This number is a symbol of power, individualism, and ambitiousness.

Personality wise, individuals with the name Ulysses are strong-minded and straightforward people – they’re not ones to beat around the bush. They take charge of situations confidently, but also have an open ear for other people’s opinions. Ulysses is also a sign of leadership and being able to think on their feet – qualities that are essential for high-level decision makers in any field.

In terms of relationships, those who bear the name Ulysses may tend towards some difficulty forming relationships due to their independent nature – however those that do intersect their lives tend to be meaningful ones since they are determined to make these connections work as much as possible.

Moreover, these people tend to find happiness in serving others through acts rooted in empathy or sending meaningful messages or expressions of appreciation that bolster relationships even further.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Name Ulysses

What Does The Name Ulysses Mean?

The name Ulysses has its origins in Ancient Greek and Latin and means “hero” or “one who has (sometimes) shown great strength”. Popular in some parts of Europe, it is generally well-liked by today’s parents.

What Is The Origin of The Name Ulysses?

The origin of the name Ulysses comes from two sources: Greek mythology and Latin literature. In Greek mythology, Ulysses was the leader of a heroic expedition during the Trojan War; while in Latin literature, he was a character in Virgil’s Aeneid.

Is There a Variant Spelling for Ulysses?

Yes, there are several variants of spelling for this name such as Ulisses, Ulyseas, Illyssa etc.

What Is The Meaning Behind The Associated Symbols With This Name?

There are no associated symbols with this beautiful subtle classic boy’s name as its definition can have many meanings depending on individual interpretations. Symbols related to heroism, strength and courage are widely accepted with Ulysses.

Where Did The Popularity of This Name Come From?

The popularity of this elegant but classic old-fashioned boy’sname surged over time thanks to writers like Homer in his epic about classical hero Odysseus (Ulysses) whose journey took him throughout antiquity experiencing difficulties including ships wrecked by monsters from legend along his adventure to home.

Moreover James Joyce popularized this old-fashioned classic through his novel based on Odyssey named ‘Ulympics’.


In conclusion, the name Ulysses has a long history and has many meanings. Its origin dates back centuries and is associated with the Greek mythological king Odysseus. Ulysses stands for steadfastness, intelligence and loyalty.

In modern times, it has become a popular name and is closely connected to the image of Odysseus as an intrepid traveler and adventurer.

In addition to its association with heroism and leadership, Ulysses has also come to be associated with dramatic self-determination, creativity and bravery in overcoming all odds.


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