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Ruby Name Meaning – What Does The Name Ruby Mean?

What does the name Ruby Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Ruby. Let's get started.

What does the name Ruby Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Ruby. 

Let’s get started. 

Meaning of The Name Ruby

The name Ruby is thought to be derived from the Latin ruber, meaning red. It has long been associated with the precious gemstone of the same name and has historically been seen as a symbol of passion and romance.

The name Ruby is often thought to represent health, strength, and vitality. Ruby was likely first used in English during the Middle Ages and was popularized by Queen Victoria in the 19th century thanks to her use of rubies to commemorate special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Since then, it has become a staple in modern society and is often given as both a first or middle name. Symbolic references to ruby go beyond its namesake gemstone and include (but are not limited to) ruby slippers worn by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Ruby Bridges who bravely desegregated schools in America’s South, or Cinderella’s “glass slipper” which may have actually been intended as a ruby slipper- either way it adds an extra layer of magic and reminds us that no matter what obstacles one face – they can persevere!

History and Origin of The Name Ruby

The origin of the name Ruby can be traced back to the red gemstone Ruby – a form of Corundum. Corundum ranks 9 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness and is second only to Diamond in hardness. Historically, ruby was mined in Kashmir and Burma (now known as Myanmar) but is now found all around the world.

The modern meaning of the name Ruby has come to mean “The Red Gemstone,” although this has been disputed across cultures and centuries.

Some believe it comes from Latin rubeus, meaning “red,” while others believe it is derived from ruber, or “red-haired.” It has also been suggested that it may come from ruach, meaning “spirit.”

Ruby is also a traditional girl’s name throughout much of England and Western Europe; notably Spain. The modern popularity of the name likely stems from its romantic associations with love, passion, heat and warmth due to its connection with the deep red color of rubies.

Gender of The Name Ruby

The name Ruby is a unisex name and can be used for both girls and boys. Throughout Europe, the name was traditionally a female name, however in recent years it has become more commonplace for it to be given to either gender.

It is most commonly used as a female name in countries such as the United States, Canada and Australia.

The origin of the name Ruby is English. It comes from the Latin word rubeus meaning ‘red’ or ‘reddish’ which was originally used to describe rubies – hence the gemstone being called ruby. The first recorded use of Ruby as a masculine first name was in 1172 when Robert de Rubeis was listed in 1172 feudal documents as an Essex tenant of King Henry II.

By the middle ages, its use expanded to give female names with people beginning to use it as an independent female given name instead of its original Latin root being combined with other words (such as rubyen which then became Rubina).

By the 17th century records show that this had become its own identity and became popular amongst different cultures including Hebrew, Spanish and Inuit.

The meaning behind the name depends on culture but is typically associated with red-colored hues such as rubies or garnets – representing life, energy, love and passion – especially if born during commencing months (depending on your location) of summer or autumn – months that bring forth rich reds and oranges from nature.

Alternatively, it may symbolize wealth due to its association with precious gemstones which are often found within jewellery pieces gifted during special occasions such as anniversaries or christenings; tradition suggests those wearing said jewellery would never fall into poverty due to their connection with the divine (namely so-called ‘guardian angels’).

Popularity of The Name Ruby

The name Ruby has been one of Britain’s most popular girls’ names for the past decade, routinely ranking among the top hundred. In 2020, Ruby was ranked as the 11th most popular name in England and Wales.

Its popularity appears to have steadily increased since 2007 when it was 67th on the list. Internationally, Ruby can be found in countries around the world including France and Ireland, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

In Victorian times, Ruby appeared as a jewel name used mainly for boys. Although still more a masculine given name during the 19th century, the popularization of the romantic novel Anna Karenina (1877) led to an increase in its popularity for girls with lead character Anna Karenina’s daughter being called Ruby.

However, at this time it would not have gained near as much recognition or traction than it has done since its popularity skyrocketed at least up until now.

Today, Ruby is seen as a timeless classic that complements modern monikers such as Luna and Scarlett while still embodying traditional charm and nostalgia with names like Abigail and Charlotte. It is also thought to appeal to parents looking for a girl’s name that embodies strength, confidence and independence – values which are important in today’s society.

Variations of The Name Ruby

Variations of the name Ruby can vary across cultures and languages. Some common variations include Rubie, Rubey, Rubi, Rubee and Roobee. Alternate spellings of the name can also include Robi, Roby, Rube and Ruubie.

Depending on the country or language, different versions of the name may be more popular than what is listed above. It is important to research any potential nickname before assigning it to a child to ensure that no insulting or offensive connotations are associated with it.

Famous People Named Ruby in History

The name Ruby has been popular throughout history, and there have been several famous people who have borne the name.

In ancient Egypt, Ramesses II was given the name ‘Usermaatre Setepenre’, which translates to ‘The Justice of Re is Powerful; Chosen of Re’. His throne name was ‘Usermaatre Meryamun’, or ‘The justice of Re endures’. He is more commonly known by his nickname – “Ramesses the Great”, a renowned Pharaoh who during his 67 year reign expanded Egypt’s territories further than any Pharaoh before him.

In European medieval times, Ruben I Magnuson was a Swedish Lord who went down in history as one of Sweden’s most prominent statesmen and military leaders. He achieved fame during the Swedish Battle of Västgöta plains in 1250 where he lead Sweden to victory against Norway.

More recently, Ruby Bridges Hall became an important symbol in the US civil rights movement when at age 6 she became the first African-American child to attend an all-white elementary school in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Her young presence provoked public cries and angry mobs but she bravedly endured these hostile reactions with quiet dignity each day. She became a heroic symbol of hope and courage for her generation as her story gained prominence across America and worldwide.

Pronunciation of The Name Ruby

The name Ruby has two different pronunciations, although the official accepted pronunciation is ROO-bee. This pronunciation is the most commonly used and is a repeated “oo” sound.

The second pronunciation is ROO-bah, which starts with a long “u” sound but changes to an “a” sound on the second syllable.

It could be argued that both of these pronunciations are correct since they are based on etymological root words, but the first pronunciation has a much wider acceptance in common usage.

Numerology of The Name Ruby

Considering the numerology of the name Ruby, it is seen to be a number six. This stands for balance, awareness and domesticity. Numerology is a practice that uses letters and numbers to interpret information about a person’s life destiny.

According to numerologists, the number six associated with the name Ruby offers insight on personal strengths and weaknesses; nature, character; health; choices; an individual’s gifts in interpersonal dealings; love and relationships, career path; finances and lifestyle.

The number six is known as a stabilizing force as it encourages individuals to look for balance in all aspects of their lives. It stands for stability, orderliness and organization in one’s environment. Ideally, one should combine all these qualities when working towards completing goals or achieving success.

Furthermore, number six people tend to make very generous friends but are also known to be possessive about certain things or belongings. They can sometimes get emotionally overwhelmed by things that are not going according to plan or when hardships arise from the external environment.

In conclusion, people with the name Ruby have very strong tendencies towards being organised in whatever they do while being aware of others’ feelings at the same time. They are typically good team leaders as they are able to find a suitable balance between firmness and cooperation among members of their teams in various situations respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Name Ruby

What Is The Meaning Behind The Name Ruby?

The name “Ruby” is of English origin and is derived from the Latin word “ruber” which means “red.” The name can also be derived from the gemstone ruby, which is a hard, red stone that symbolizes love, health, and passion.

What Countries or Cultures Are Associated With The Name Ruby?

The name Ruby has become popular in many countries around the world including France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. In English-speaking countries like Canada and United States it is used mostly by families of Irish descent.

Are There Any Variations of The Ruby Name?

Yes there are various spellings for this name including Rubi and Rubie as well as shortened variants such as Roo and Rube. Additionally, some people opt to use nickname versions such as Rubes or Ruy in place of their given name.


When it comes to the name Ruby, there are many interpretations depending on the culture and language you come from. In Latin-based languages, the name means ‘red gemstone’. In German, it means ‘courageous and wise’.

In Hebrew, it’s related to rubies in their crowns of jewels. For English speakers, it can be related to a deep and vibrant red color like that of a ruby gemstone as well as signifying an abundance of energy and enthusiasm.

Its popularity as a girl’s name has been increasing over the years due to its special meaning and its relatively rare status among other names. Though there isn’t an exact definition for the name, symbols such as courage and wisdom still linger around this beautiful and unique name.

Whether you see Ruby as representing passion or courage; abundance or red gems; your beloved daughter will always have her own special meaning behind her name that fits perfectly with her personality.


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