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Rebecca Name Meaning – What Does The Name Rebecca Mean?

What does the name Rebecca Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Rebecca. Let's get started.

What does the name Rebecca Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Rebecca. 

Let’s get started. 

Meaning of The Name Rebecca

The name Rebecca is a Hebrew name, derived from the Hebrew word ‘rivqah’, which means ‘to bind’. It is believed to have originated with the biblical Abraham who chose Rebecca as his second wife.

It is also thought to mean ‘captivating’ or ‘enchanting’ and this carries through in its use of modern times. Rebecca is a timeless name and has been popular for centuries. It can be found in religions other than Christianity and it has given rise to similar names, such as Rebekah or Reba, in some countries. The name was particularly popular in England during the 18th and 19th centuries due to its connection with royalty and aristocracy.

Rebecca is an attractive and sophisticated name that appears regularly on lists of the most popular baby names in many countries around the world including Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland and the US. Variations are also very common as parents may choose Rebecca-Lee, Becky or Reba for their daughters.

Many famous people bear this timeless moniker such as actresses Rushad Eggleston (Revolt of Mother), Rebecca deMornay (Risky Business) , writers Rachel Gander (The Green Mile)and Rebecca Jardines (Lamb Chop Reigns). In addition prominent figures like Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal chose Rebecca for their daughter’s name.

History and Origin of The Name Rebecca

The name Rebecca comes from the Hebrew word “Rebekka”, which means “to bind”. It is believed to be one of the oldest names in Hebrew literature and dates back to an old Christian Greek poem. The story goes that Rebekka was a faithful wife to Isaac, Abraham’s son, and according to the Talmud, she was also known as a beautiful woman.

Over time, her name evolved into modern forms such as Rebecca and has been adopted by cultures all over the world.

Rebecca is also seen in various contexts throughout the Bible – she is regarded as a major matriarchal figure who shaped history by helping Isaac’s son Jacob to win Esau’s birthright (Genesis 25:23-26) and guiding Jacob along his journey home (Genesis 27).

In other cultures, Rebecca is known for her strong will and wisdom – playing a pivotal role in fighting against injustice while also providing prophetic advice. In Celtic mythology, Rebecca was known as the goddess of wisdom and healing, who enabled mankind to unlock the mysteries of nature.

In today’s culture, it remains popular amongst English-speaking countries – often chosen for its simplicity contrasted with its intricate history of meaning behind it. Many believe that having this name passes on a sense of power and determination – something that would have been valued by Rebekka herself!

Gender of The Name Rebecca

The name Rebecca is of Hebrew origin, meaning “to bind or to snare.” The name is most commonly used for girls and it is a biblical name. It has been popular since the 16th century and remains a favorite among parents today.

The common gender associated with the name Rebecca is female. This can be seen in its historical use in literature and its contemporary popularity as a feminine name. For example, in the Muslim religion, it’s believed that one of Allah’s prophets was named Rebecca, adding further depth to its elegant femininity.

In addition, the Latin form of the name ‘Rebecca’ is ‘Rebeca’, further emphasizing this connection to femininity.

In terms of pop culture, Rebecca has made numerous appearances in both film and literature over many years. From the books “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Harriet Beecher Stowe and “Rabbit at Rest” by John Updike to films such as “20th Century Woman,” “Doubt,” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” this character has acted as an outward representation of strength and beauty for many generations since its beginning in 1590s Italy with author Giovanni Boccaccio’s Decamonologion.

At present, the traditional feminine association with Rebecca remains strong in both contemporary culture and literature – reinforcing that it continues to embody strength as well as beauty on all levels – making it an attractive choice for parents throughout history who seek a brave yet elegant name choice for their daughter

Popularity of The Name Rebecca

The name Rebecca is a popular choice for girls, and its popularity has been growing consistently over the years. According to the Social Security Administration, it was ranked at number 35 in 2019 for top baby names for girls in the United States. In 2020, it rose to the 31st spot, taking over other classic but less popular names such as Lydia and Alice.

Popularity of Rebecca may have been influenced by Reagan Hartley’s role as Mrs. Robinson in “The Graduate” in 1967 and Sarah Jessica Parker’s titular character in 1990’s “Sex and The City” TV show. Both characters happen to bear this name.

The name likely holds inspiration from a Biblical source – Rebecca was Isaac’s wife who bore him twins Esau and Jacob. It is also considered a variant of the English name Rebekah which is derived from Hebrew with an origin representing “to bind or entwine.” This could allude to culture reverence of tying two people together through marriage.

In modern times, it is speculated that mothers choose this feminine title so their daughters can grow up to become self-sufficient women like those portrayed by Mrs Robinson and SJP. These characters had inspiring real-life stories which embodied resilient femininity, something many parents want their daughters’ to embody in today’s society as well

Variations of The Name Rebecca

The name Rebecca is derived from the Hebrew name Rivka, which means “snare or trap,” making it an appropriate symbol for a faithful loved one. Like many biblical names, Rebecca has been in use since early times, and has been adopted in many countries around the world. Its variants are just as numerous: some of the most popular variations include Rae, Rebeca, Rebecka, Rebekah, Rebekka and Rebekah.

Other forms of the name include Rabeca, Rabika, Rebirtha and Rhebeca. In addition to its biblical origin, the name is also thought to have Arabic roots meaning “beautiful apple” or “servant.”

Rebecca is used in English-speaking countries as well as other parts of Europe and Latin America. It is a popular choice among Jewish people living in Europe and North America due to its strong ethnic association with Jewish culture and history.

It’s also been adopted by Christians because of its use in the Old Testament as an example of God’s devotion to Abraham’s wife Sarah (Genesis 24:60). While it’s still often associated with faithfulness today, it has also become a popular choice for those seeking baby girls’ names that reflect strength or independence.

Famous People Named Rebecca in History

Rebecca has been a popular name throughout the ages. In fact, it was one of the most popular baby names in 2020 according to! In addition to being a beloved name for little ones, Rebecca is also the name of many notable figures throughout history. Here are some of the most famous people named Rebecca:

  • Rebecca Romijn – Actress and fashion model
  • Rebecca Loos – British television personality
  • Rebecca Hall – Actress
  • Rebecca de Mornay – Actress
  • Rebecca St James – Singer/songwriter
  • Rebecca Moesta – A bestselling author of science fiction and fantasy literature
  • Rebecca Black– Singer songwriter and social media influencer
  • Rebecca Curtin – Contrabassist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • Rebecca Gibney– Australian actress best known for her roles in “Packed to The Rafters” and “The Flying Doctor”
  • Rebecca West– British novelist journalist and literary critic

Pronunciation of The Name Rebecca

The name Rebecca is pronounced “re-BEK-ah”. It is derived from the Hebrew name Rivka, which has two meanings: “to bind” and “a snare”. The name Rebecca also has Greek origins, meaning “bearer of God”.

In Latin, Rebecca means “to tie” or “to unite.” In English, the name is often linked to Ruth of the Bible, named after her grandmother – the matriarch of Israel. The association with Ruth gives the name Rebecca its spiritual significance.

Rebecca has been a popular given name in many countries throughout history and has even been adapted into multiple spellings. Variations of the name include Rebekka (Hebrew), Rebeca (Spanish), Răzvan/Răzván/Razvan (Romanian), Rebeka (Hungarian & Croatian), Rebeka (Slovene), Rébécca (French) and Rebecka/Rebekka (Scandinavian).

In North America, it was most popular in the 1950s.* It still remains a popular choice today throughout Europe and North America.

Numerology of The Name Rebecca

Numerology is a study of the symbolism of numbers and their impact on our lives. It is a tool used to gain insight into the personality, capabilities and interests of an individual based on the name given to them at birth. The numerical value assigned to each letter in the name for Rebecca is 6 + 5 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 3 + 1 = 24.

The numeric value for Rebecca reduces down further to a single digit of 6. The number 6 symbolizes harmony, stability, home and family.Six is also seen as representing the virtues of motherhood, charity, sincerity and respect for others. It encourages intuition, nurturing love and compassion towards others.

In life themes associated with this name are increase in financial standing and opportunity for material accumulation in general (it does not mean depraved avarice). Its energy can manifest as efficient administration of financial affairs or concentration on career objectives at middle age or later years pertaining to money management &/or investments/property acquisitions.

It can also manifest as understanding of one’s own needs or being able to establish an affable rapport with influential people or higher ups in one’s profession


In conclusion, Rebecca is a gender neutral name that has endured over centuries and is still popular today. Whether you’re looking for an old-fashioned name with sentimental value or an original sounding moniker, Rebecca offers the perfect combination of both.

It’s no wonder why this timeless name has been chosen by so many parents throughout the ages.

Whether you’re looking to honor family members with its biblical roots, or wanting to give your daughter a classic but modern name, Rebecca can be the perfect choice.

As a testament to its ongoing success and charm over the ages, only time will tell how long it stays high on the popularity list.


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