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Quinn Name Meaning – What Does The Name Quinn Mean?

What does the name Quinn Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Quinn. Let's get started.

What does the name Quinn Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Quinn. 

Let’s get started. 

Meaning of The Name Quinn

The name Quinn has origins in Irish, Gaelic and Welsh cultures with multiple meanings behind it. In Irish, the name means “wise” and can be derived from the spelling of O’Cuinn (or “descendant of Conn”), as Conn was an ancient king.

In Gaelic and Welsh, Quinn also suggests wisdom and strength.

The modern use of the name may come from Quinn as an old-fashioned nickname for things “descending from a fifth son (i.e., fifth in line of succession).” As such, the core meaning is one of a powerful leader, someone who is wise but ambitious.

Quinn is increasingly becoming a unisex name with all its various meanings making it a popular choice for baby names across genders today.

History and Origin of The Name Quinn

The name Quinn is of Irish, Gaelic, and Latin origin. It is derived from the Irish surname O’Quinn, meaning “descendant of Conn” or “son of Conn”. Conn is a Celtic male given name that was popular in early Irish mythology. The name Quinn was first popularized as a given name in Ireland and later gained popularity in the United States.

The name Quinn also has roots in Latin and its use comes from the Latin word Quino, meaning “fifth born child”.

The popularity of the name grew during the Middle Ages when families with multiple children would often give one child the namesake to honor their fifth born child but still have the same initials for all their family members regardless of birth order; this trend created more forms of this given name.

In modern times, it may seem strange to give such an unpopular designation as a baby name, but to understand why some may choose this over other more popular choices one must consider what kind of message they are sending one’s child by selecting it; within a family or group unit that already has many relatives or generations it could be used as a way to not only easily distinguish individual members but also solidify o connection between everyone within that unit regardless of age or place in line.

Gender of The Name Quinn

The name Quinn is most commonly associated with being a unisex name. While both genders can use this name, the feminine version “Quinna” is also sometimes used. The name has its roots in Irish and Gaelic and is a diminutive form of the root word Conn, which in old Irish means “chief” or “leader”. It can also mean “wise” or “clever” within certain Irish dialects.

Numerology suggests that people with this name have characteristics such as being adaptable, reliable, and strong-willed. They tend to be independent thinkers who are creative and passionate about making a difference in life and creating something of lasting value.

People named Quinn often show themselves to be open-minded yet fiercely protective when it comes to those they love.

This name often resonates with people looking to connect themselves to their ancestral roots – especially those whose families originally hailed from Ireland or Scotland – but it’s also become popular among parents of any culture seeking an alternative to common baby names because of its unique sound as well as its modern connotations of intelligence, strength, and leadership qualities.

Popularity of The Name Quinn

The name Quinn is one of the more popular names in a few English speaking countries, including the United States, Canada, and Australia. In the United States, it has been highly popular since the 2000s and was ranked among the top 300 most common boys’ names according to the Social Security Administration’s data for 2020.

Furthermore, it is among the top 10 names for boys born since 1999 in Ireland and Scotland.

The popularity of this name might be due to 1970s Irish-American actor Desi Arnaz playing a character with this name in an episode of “The Brady Bunch”. It is also likely that its sense of being modern and unique plays a role in its continued success as well.

Additionally, its resilient spelling allows people to pronounce it “kwin” or “Kwinn,” keeping up with current trends.

Variations of The Name Quinn

The name Quinn has several variations in spelling, as shown below. Different variations of the name can be found in cultures around the world, with some of the most popular being Queene and Quinne.

The letter “Q” is a common letter in many languages, and there are commonly seen variations of the name depending on which language you are looking at it from. Some languages use consonant clusters such as “qui” or “qua” for their version of Quinn; others add extra letters such as “e” or “h” before it.

In French, for example, instead of Quinn you may find Quenna (pronounced kun-yaw). In Irish, different ways to spell the name include Quoin, Qwinney and MacQuinney (mac cwinn). Welsh versions include Quinnyd (kwin-eed) and Queenda (keen-day). In Hebrew it is Quanneh (kwan-ehh).

There are also numerous other spellings due to phonetic pronunciations by people who preferred using an alternate language pronunciation than the original one — these variations could take on any form imaginable. For example Spanish may sound more like Kinne with a K sound instead of a Q sound;

German will usually pronounce Quinn with more emphasis on the N sound at the end; Portuguese uses Quinod or Quinote; Japanese will sometimes have Quennu; and Italian may have it spelled as Quinne.

Famous People Named Quinn in History

Quinn has a long tradition of use in the English language, and its roots are in Gaelic culture. The name can be traced back to the sixth century, when it was first used as a byname for people from Connacht, a western region of Ireland.

It was used occasionally in later centuries, but not until the mid-twentieth century did Quinn become widely adopted as a first name.

There have been several famed people with this name throughout history. These include Irish poet Seamus Quinn, English actor Rupert Grint (whose stage name is Rupert Quinn), and American author P.G. Wodehouse (renowned for his books “The Mansion” and “The Code of the Woosters”).

Famous musicians with this name include jazz pianist Stan Getz and singer-songwriter Tori Amos (real name Victoria Amos Quinn).

There are also some prominent historical figures who share the same moniker; such as Augustus Quinn Creagh, an Irish soldier who served during WWI.

Aside from history, there are many contemporary personalities that share this unique and meaningful appellation, including comedian Jimmy Fallon (born James Thomas Fallon), soccer player Robbie Keane (born Robert David Keane), and American TV producer Greg Berlanti (creator of numerous popular programs).

The list goes on to include actors Tom Felton (a regular cast member on “Harry Potter”) and Ashley Mitchell (“The Big Bang Theory”), both actresses Shannon Woodward (“Westworld”) and Madeline Anderson (“Stranger Things”), filmmaker Damien Chazelle (Academy Award winner for “La La Land”) , Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps , NHL defenseman Ryan Suter , singer/songwriter John Legend , figure skaters Tara Lipinski Mariah Bell as well as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau .

Pronunciation of The Name Quinn

The correct pronunciation of the name Quinn is “KWIN”. This name is derived from the Gaelic or Celtic word “cuin”, which means “council” or “wisdom”. In Irish, the name Quinn is often spelt as Ó Cuinn which means “grandson of Conn”.

The name has been adopted around the world and continues to be popular particularly in America and the UK.

Numerology of The Name Quinn

Numerology is the study of numbers and how these numbers can interact with and influence people’s lives. Every letter of the alphabet has a numerical value associated with it, allowing individuals to determine the energy that their name possesses. In numerology, Quinn’s associated number is 9.

The number 9 suggests that this person has traits such as:

  • Passion and enthusiasm
  • Visionary and creative
  • Ability to lead and inspire others
  • Optimism
  • Generous and compassionate
  • Enjoy knowledge, philosophy, and psychology

Those named Quinn have strong ambitions to make changes in the world or have uniquely innovative ideas which may challenge traditional norms. As a result of their broad perspective on life, those named Quinn are often very insightful individuals who enjoy learning about new cultures or ideas.

Their natural affinity for leadership makes them beloved by many, as they help others towards more optimistic future paths.

Ultimately, those named Quinn are an inspiration on both an individual and collective level, using their leadership skills to create meaningful change in whatever circumstances they find themselves in.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Name Quinn

One of the most popular questions about the name Quinn is why it has become so popular in the past few decades. While the popularity of this Irish-Gaelic name is likely due to a combination of factors, the following are a few of the most commonly cited explanations:

  1. It has an attractive sound to it. The two syllables in this straightforward name give it a pleasant and easy to remember pronunciation, making it very attractive for parents looking for unique and interesting names for their children.
  2. Its positive meaning resonates with many parents and their children alike. The name Quinn can be translated as “wise counsel” or “intelligent,” making it appealing as a reminder that each child is capable of great things if they use their intelligence wisely.
  3. Its association with pop culture also adds to its appeal; famous authors and actors alike have used Quinn as characters in their stories which have captured a lot of attention over the years, reflecting positively on its overall popularity.
  4. The modern spelling variations like Quin, Quinnly, Quinell and Quini are also quite attractive and boost its level of usage even more – plus, kids with these unique spellings stand out from their peers with conventional spellings!


Overall, the name Quinn has a very positive connotation. It is associated with strong, powerful personalities and traits including intelligence, creativity, leadership capabilities, industriousness and determination.

The name also suggests searching for spiritual growth and pursuing adventures. Those with this name often inspire those around them to reach for their dreams. As such it is no surprise that this name has become so popular over the past few decades.

Whether you choose to bestow the name Quinn upon your own child or refer to someone in your life by this unique moniker, you can be sure of one thing: The name is anything but ordinary and carries a strong sense of meaning and spirit with it.


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