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Nova Name Meaning – What Does The Name Nova Mean?

What does the name Nova Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Nova. Let's get started.

What does the name Nova Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Nova. 

Let’s get started. 

Meaning of The Name Nova

The name Nova originates from Latin, and it essentially means ‘new’. The most common interpretation refers to a new star in the sky, which is why many people choose it for their children.

Nova is also a name with several deeper spiritual meanings. Some view the name as an indicator of divine powers within a person, while other’s use it as a picture of hope and renewal. The word has been associated with rebirth in every culture where it is used, which makes it an appropriate choice for a baby’s first name.

Nova can also mean “the one who brings light” or simply “Brilliance”, giving the bearer of the name both strength and sensitivity. In terms of popularity, Nova is at its highest point in the United States; however, the popularity spreads all over the world with families from different countries selecting this beautiful and meaningful name for their little one.

No matter how you interpret it, one thing is for sure – when you give your child this powerful title you are guaranteeing that they will shine brightly throughout their lifetime!

History and Origin of The Name Nova

The name Nova is of Latin origin, derived from the Latin word for ‘new’. It is used as both a given name and a surname throughout the world, but is especially common in the United States.

The moniker has been given to a new Ford car model, an astronomical event, works of fiction by writers such as Anne Rice and Emma Bull; and even comics in the 1960’s from Marvel.

In the United States, Nova has been a popular female name since 1880 when it first appeared on the Social Security Administration’s list for baby girl names.

It had steady popularity throughout the 20th century, peaking at #452 in 1989. Since then its numbers have remained comparable each year with 2017 seeing it rank at #553 on their list of top 1000 names. In addition to its own birth totals, this trend will likely be helped by popularity of similar-sounding names such as Nevaeh (#24) and Avalon (#299).

Gender of The Name Nova

The gender of the name Nova is typically considered to be feminine, and it is mainly used as a feminine given name. In some cultures, the name is also a unisex name, typically for boys. The name can also be short for other names such as NOvA (New Opportunities in Virtual Academics) and Novah which is a variation of the English surname, Nevada.

Nova has been used as a first name since the late 19th century in English-speaking countries. In various sources it may be seen spelled differently: nova, Noava, Novah, Novia or even Novea; there are many spellings available for this beautiful and versatile moniker.

In terms of its meaning, Nova refers to something that is ‘new’ which can be associated with ideas of energy and progressivism. Given its diverse background in cultures all over the world, any individual holding on to this namesake will carry with them an aura of embracing adventure and endless possibilities.

Popularity of The Name Nova

The name Nova became a popular choice for newborns in the U.S. after its 1962 launch as a Chevrolet automobile common nameplate. After steadily rising in popularity from then on, it hit a peak of 154th place in US baby names rankings in 2008, though since then it has remained largely within the lower end of the top 500 names.

Moreover, Nova is internationally seen as a unisex name and is common among countries such as Australia and Canada due to its positive connotations associated with stars, freshness and newness of life which can greatly shape brand perception and meaning amongst corporate or organizational entities.

Aside from associations with new beginnings related to stars as well as natural freshness, Nova holds other meanings cherished by parents all around the world; these could include concepts such as innovation, bravery or living up to one’s own ideals. In addition, “nova” is Latin for “new” and is part of several European given names such as Novacaine (medicine), Novacula (proper French), Novaya (Russian) or even the English word “novice” (beginner).

As with all names that have more than one possible interpretation, parents should be wary of language-specific connotations when electing to give their child this particular moniker; additionally customers should listen closely when seeing this English term used elsewhere due to misunderstandings that arise from some languages lacking consonants like C or P thus making it surprisingly easy for brands to be misconstrued by using this name either outright or partially within another phrase.

Variations of The Name Nova

The variations of the name Nova are many and varied. While it is rarely seen in its fullest form, variants such as Novaleigh, Novella, Novalie, Navah, Novianne, Navia and more have been used in different contexts. All these names have a connection with this name, suggesting that there is a greater history of Nova that goes beyond linguistics –with other cultural traditions also providing inspiration.

When looking at the variations of Nova, it’s also important to note that it can have alternate meanings in different languages. For example, it can mean “dawn” or “new”; both of which reflect the idea of starting something new or ushering in a new beginning. Other languages take the meaning much further to define those who are unique, who are full of strength or vibrant energy.

The name Nova is also closely associated with stars – thanks to the word nova (which is Latin for ‘new star’). This can link the idea of new beginnings with far-reaching cosmic power or celestial beauty and symbolism associated with astrology – hence why it may be an especially popular choice among newcomers to motherhood or fatherhood (or others who wish to symbolise new beginnings).

Due to its broad appeal and versatility across cultures and meanings around the world; variations of this name can make stunning first names for a child e.g., Novella (Italian), Navah (Hebrew) or even Novalux (a combination of Latin and French). However many parents interested in using this powerful name for their child could opt for simply using just plain old Nova instead!

Famous People Named Nova in History

The name Nova has been gaining popularity over the past few decades, and there are many famous people who carry this name. In North America, the names Nova and Neva both have a similar degree of popularity, but in other areas of the world, they can be more distinctive.

In the world of entertainment and music, one of the most well-known namesakes is American singer-songwriter Nova Miller. She is best known for her singles ‘Nobody Else Will’ and ‘Never Gonna Celebrate’ from her debut album Expressions which was released in 2020. The album includes many genres such as Dream Pop and R&B.

Nova Scotia actress Ellen Page began her acting career appearing on television shows such as Trailer Park Boys, ReGenesis and Til Death Do Us Part before making appearances in blockbuster films like Junon Superstar and Inception. In 2014 she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in ‘Juno.’

In politics and government there are leaders such as former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark who served from December 1999 until November 2008. Clark was also a member of the United Nations Development Program’s policies advisory group until 2016 when she left to pursue other opportunities.

Canadian broadcaster Nova MacDonald has been with CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) since 1990 where he has been a reporter, producer, host of radio programs likeDefinitely Not The Operaand contributor to several successful television series including Sunday Morning Press ConferenceandMidday on CBC Radio One with Neil Macdonald.

Pronunciation of The Name Nova

The name Nova is usually pronounced in English as “NO-vuh” or “NO-vah”. The pronunciation of the name varies depending on its origin. In Italian, the name is pronounced “NOH-vah”; in Spanish, it is pronounced “NOH-bah”; and in Portuguese, it is pronounced “NO-vah”. In French, it is more commonly heard as “NOHV” with a soft ‘V’. Nova can also be used as both a boys’ and girls’ name because of its short vowel sound.

In certain Latin American countries, the name Nova has strong religious connotations because its roots come from the Latin word novus, which means “new” or “fresh”. Our Lady of Guadalupe (also known as Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe), one of the most important figures in Latin Catholicism and an integral part of Mexico’s culture and identity, is sometimes referred to as Santa María de Guadalupe de Nueva Galicia.

Nueva Galicia translates to New Galicia; thus giving rise to the interpretation that our Lady may have been referred to “Our Lady of New Galicia” at times too. This could be another reason why some parents choose “Nova” when naming their children — to associate them with newness or freshness within their religion.

Numerology of The Name Nova

The numerological interpretation of the name Nova suggests that it carries great energy, and its vibrations are closely related to the number two. The number two is associated with balance, partnership, diplomacy, and receptivity. These are qualities that are associated with the expression of your true personality.

Nova is a very outgoing and compassionate name. People with this name have an intuitive understanding of other people’s feelings and needs. They are very supportive and forgiving individuals, who show exceptional mercy towards those around them.

Three traits that often come to mind when thinking about someone with the name Nova are intelligence, dynamism, and grace. These attributes represent a person who is able to think quickly on their feet and actively seek out new opportunities for growth.

They strive for success in all aspects of their life while still retaining a sense of gracefulness in how they interact with the world around them. This unique combination of traits makes someone bearing this name an interesting mix of ambition and humility.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Name Nova

When searching for the meaning of the name Nova, many people come across a variety of different theories and ideas about what it could mean. In order to help those interested in the definition of the name find an answer, here is a quick guide to some frequently asked questions.

What Is The Origin of The Name Nova?

The name Nova is derived from Latin, where it was first used as a given name in ancient Rome. It comes from the Latin word nova, meaning new or young.

What Is The Gender Associated With This Name?

The gender associated with this name is Female. Although it can be used as either male or female, Nova is most often used in reference to females and therefore has been assigned a female designation within some naming systems.

Are There Any Alternative Spellings for This Name?

Yes, there are several variations and alternate spellings for this name including Novah, Noeve, Noeva and Novae.

Is There Special Significance Behind This Name?

The name has strong connotations of renewal and rebirth due to its Latin root “Nova” suggesting a start fresh or something new coming into life. This lends itself to characteristics such as courage which can be inspiring for someone bearing the Name Nova.

Additionally; since it’s typically seen more often when referring to females than males; it carries an empowering spirit that can suggest a free-spirit type personality; one who isn’t afraid to take risks or leave their mark on places they visit or people they encounter during their lifetime.


In summary, the name Nova is a powerful and captivating moniker. Its Latin origin means “new”, and its strong links to space give it an otherworldly feel.

It has been a popular choice for baby names since the late 20th century, with many parents choosing to name their baby after the star or supernova, or simply because they like the sound of the word.

Whether you have an interest in astronomy or not, Nova is a beautiful name that can bring your child’s life joy, adventure and curiosity about the world around them.


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