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Nora Name Meaning – What Does The Name Nora Mean?

What does the name Nora Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Nora. Let's get started.

What does the name Nora Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Nora. 

Let’s get started. 

Meaning of The Name Nora

Nora is a feminine given name. It is a form of Honora which originates from the Latin word honor, meaning “honor” or “woman of high honor”.

This name was often used in Irish and Catholic families to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary and is believed to have spread to other cultures through Irish immigration. Nora has been used as a first name since the 1800s and is still popular today.

Nora can also be derived from the Greek word for “light” (νωρα), making it a significant religious symbol for Christians around the world.

The name Nora can also be derived from Norwegian, meaning “honor” or “glory”. In Scotland, Nora was used as a nickname for Eleanor (eleanor meaning “Light of God”), and Fromm suggests that this use of Nora stemmed from an old Norse phrase: Na málugr – þú ert meyja lios (“you are the maiden of light”).

The modern spelling and pronunciation have become Norah. It is also sometimes spelt Norah, Nóra or Noorah. The spelling variant Nora appears to be mainly found in America and western Europe whilst Norah seems more popular in South Asian countries such as Bangladesh, India and Pakistan where it has been in use since at least 2000BCE (according to sources).

Throughout its long history, Nora has had many cultural connotations but generally carries with it positive meanings such as brilliance, courage, joyfulness and passion.

In contemporary culture it may refer simply to those qualities held by strong female characters that are both emotionally sensitive but courageous enough to take action when needed; or rather appreciation for one’s traditions with all their complexities both pasts’and present embracing them as tools for understanding life doing so rather than being fettered by them when facing changes that life brings about: expression open-heartedly by being determined yet kindhearted towards others; all centered on respect towards yourself too.

History and Origin of The Name Nora

The name Nora has its roots in the various Latin, Greek and Hebrew languages. It is derived from the feminine variant of the Latin Honorius, meaning “honored or respected”. The Latin name Honorata and the feminine variant Honora were also used to mean honor and respect.

In Ancient Greece, the name Nora was most likely derived from Eleonora or Helene which both loosely mean “light” while in Hebrew, it may be a variation on Noria, also meaning “light”.

Nora is a unisex name popularly used for girls although it has been used as a male name in some Germanic countries up until recent times. It is considered to have positive connotations such as inner wisdom, humility and knowledge.

In some circles it is also considered to bring about luck and good fortune when given to children. Nora may be viewed by certain cultures as having connections with eternal beauty given its root being attributed to light particularly with starlight or firefly illuminations in dark settings.

Nora has become increasingly popular as a girl’s name over time given that there is no masculine form of it, although less so outside of English speaking countries like Australia and the United States. It was fairly common between 1880-2015 making it an old but still very relevant modern name choice for parents today1

Gender of The Name Nora

Nora is a feminine name of Latin origin with various meanings that are believed to include honor, strength, and wisdom. It is considered to be a classic or timeless name, as it has remained popular for both baby girls as well as young and adult women for many years.

Its popularity in the United States increased after the release of the romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally in 1989.

The gender of the name Nora is female. It can also be spelled Norah, Noora, Norna or Norina and is often used interchangeably with other female names such as Dora, Honor, Elena and Elena Maria. There are several variants of the spelling depending on which country you’re from including Norah (Scotland), Noira (Finland) and Noreen (Ireland).

Those named Nora may find themselves associated with various professions including law, science and teaching as this tends to be a common profession for those given this name. Those carrying this name may also appear sensitive and sympathetic but can display independent streak along with diligence in their endeavours.

They are thought to possess an imaginative mind coupled with intellectual power thereby enabling them to stand out amongst their peers in terms of tackling any task they create or accept.

In terms of relationships they tend to be trustworthy partners while remaining loyal during difficult times.

Popularity of The Name Nora

The popularity of the name Nora has been increasing in recent years, as it is now ranked as the 98th most popular girl’s name in the United States. This name was popularized in the 19th century by Henrik Ibsen’s famous play A Doll’s House, which features a main character named Nora.

The meaning of this name is derived from the Latin words for “honorable” or “noble”.

Nora has become a favorite choice among parents due to its classic, timeless appeal. It has been steadily climbing up the rankings over the past few decades and is projected to gain even more popularity in years to come.

Celebrities such as Steve Martin, Barbra Streisand, and Kevin Kline have used this name for their own daughters.

Nora provides an air of confidence and sophistication without being too ostentatious; it truly encapsulates what it means to be a strong and noble woman. With its growing recognition and positive associations, Nora is sure to remain a beautiful option for many parents for years to come!

Variations of The Name Nora

The name Nora is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “honor” or “comfort”. It is also an Irish variation of the Greek name Honora which also has this meaning, although it usually translates as “graceful”, or “honorable”.

Often associated with being strong-willed, independent and direct, Nora is a timeless classic that never fails to turn heads.

Nora has been around for centuries, but recently its popularity has been on the rise in the United States. It first appeared into the top 100 most popular baby names girls list in 2018, and currently sits at number 68 out of 1000 names girls list in 2021.

As well as its primary spelling it also comes with several variations:

  • Norah
  • Noreen
  • Norina
  • Norine
  • Norene
  • Norah Mae
  • Noeleen

Whatever form this beloved name takes on, Nora will always remain a timeless classic that people are drawn to for a variety of reasons such as its strength and classic beauty!Famous people named Nora in history

Throughout history, the name Nora has been carried by many women of distinction. In ancient Greece, Nora was the goddess of victorious battles and wisdom. During the Middle Ages, it appeared in literature in the form of Madame Nora, a character in Dante’s Divine Comedy.

In more modern times, famous people with this name include award-winning poet Nora Pouillon and three American First Ladies—Nora MacKaye Coolidge (wife of President Calvin Coolidge), Nora Livingston Walker Bush (wife of President George H.W. Bush), and Nora Bronte Manning (wife of President James A. Garfield).

Other prominent figures with this name include actress Nora Zehetner, television personality/Talk Show Host Oprah Winfrey, author/activist Dr. Maya Angelou and businesswoman/philanthropist Barbara Smutney-Kline.

Each brought something unique to the world in her own individual way that made an impact on society’s social development while inspiring others to reach higher goals in life as well.

Pronunciation of The Name Nora

The name Nora is said to be of Greek origin, although some people say it’s actually an Irish name. In any case, it has become very popular in English speaking countries over the last several decades. It’s most commonly seen as a female name, but occasionally as a male one.

Pronunciation of Nora: The “a” at the end is long and pronounced “ah”. The name Nora is pronounced “noh-rah” with the emphasis on the first syllable (NOH). It is important to note that Nora does not sound like the Spanish word for water, which is agua or ah-goo-ah.

It can also be spelling Nóra or Norah as well, both are correct versions and perfectly acceptable pronunciations.

Numerology of The Name Nora

Numerology is the study of numbers, and the belief that a number assigned to an individual based on their birth date reveals clues about their personality, abilities and potential destiny. In numerology, every letter of the alphabet is assigned a corresponding number.

The numerological value of Nora’s name fits her well as she is an independent spirit who loves exploring new places and experiences. This number reflects her desire for variety and constant change. The meaning of the name Nora is “honor” or “light”; fittingly, Nora embodies these qualities in spades.

Nora is a 4 vibration person in numerology terms which means she seeks stability with security yet finds comfort in groundedness; she thinks for herself outside conventional thinking but with strong innate senses of organization and sensibility- compassion will be her inner compass.

Her mind will be focused on order and justice; causing her to view situations from different angles before she settles on one path forward or making decisions over emotional choices driven by impulse or ego gratification.

She may struggle to remain objective although clear boundaries around emotional understanding will help keep self-discipline high but more so make sure people are given a fair chance at expressing themselves without feeling wronged in some way.

Address conflicts objectively without tones of judgment so that all parties can get over hurt feelings (where appropriate) sooner rather than later for finding common ground and resolution emerge quickly when emotions don’t interfere with rational decision making


The name Nora is derived from the Latin word for honor, and the meaning of Nora could be said to represent a woman worthy of great respect.

The name has had a surge in popularity in recent decades, and is believed to be a good match for any baby of either gender.

Nora is a great choice for those looking for a girl’s name that has qualities of strength, wisdom, resilience and intelligence.

It has also been known to bring luck to its bearer! With its positive connotations and attractive sound, Nora can truly make an excellent name choice.


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