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Mason Name Meaning – What Does The Name Mason Mean?

What does the name Mason Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Mason. Let's get started.

What does the name Mason Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Mason. 

Let’s get started. 

Meaning of The Name Mason

The name Mason is derived from a Hebrew word meaning “he who makes bricks” or “he who builds with stone.” The first Mason on record was Masons’ Delf, an English mason in Hertfordshire around 1174.

The name Mason has several associated meanings. In the United States and other parts of the English-speaking world, it is used mainly to refer to someone who works with or makes things out of stone. It also has strong associations with Freemasonry, possibly beginning with its use by Sir Christopher Wren as the title of two influential books on Masonic symbolism, “The New Book of Masons” and “The Key of Masons”.

The name is also commonly used as a surname and can also refer to someone who deals in precious stones or minerals, such as jewellers or miners. Today, many people affectionately use the name Mason for baby boys to represent home building and construction projects.

The meanings behind the name have become increasingly popular in recent years because of its strong ties to family values and tradition.

History and Origin of The Name Mason

The name Mason is of English and Old French origin, and it derives from masun which means stone workers. This was a common surname in England in the 12th century since most of the population were involved in stone-working or stone masonry. In Scotland and Ireland, it is also an occupational name referring to a worker who used stones for construction.

Mason is an old fashioned name that has been revived in recent years, gaining popularity due to its simplicity. The use of Mason as a given name dates back to at least the 1600s where it was used as both a boy’s and girl’s name. The most popular usage today remains as a boy’s first name.

People with this firstname share certain traits such as having a great attention to detail, being analytical, highly ambitious yet mellow in nature. Traditionally known as builders or craftsmen by trade, Masons are often seen as patient problem solvers who take their time making decisions and strive for great accuracy when executing tasks.

Gender of The Name Mason

Mason is traditionally a male name, with origins from the early Middle Ages. The name is derived from the Ancient French word “masson,” referring to a stonecutter who works in stonemasonry.

Mason is also an English and Scottish surname derived from this same source, meaning “stone worker.” Mason has been a popular given name in the United States since the 1970s, when it ranked as one of the top 25 names for boys in several years.

Mason’s popularity peaked in 2008, when it entered the top 10 list at number nine with 33,217 newborns given this name that year. It maintained its top 10 status for six consecutive years and has remained in the top 25 ever since.

As of 2019, Mason ranks as the third most popular boy’s name in the U.S., only surpassed by Liam and Noah.

Popularity of The Name Mason

Mason is a popular name in the United States and many other countries, ranking at No. 8 in 2019 with 16,024 births to boys bearing the name in the US alone over that year. The name has seen rising popularity over the last decade, increasing 17 percent from 2005-2013 in England and Wales according to the Office of National Statistics.

Moreover, Mason has been consistently popular over this past decade in other countries such as Canada (43rd), Australia (11th), Scotland (9th) and Ireland (14th).

Mason’s origins are English and it is derived from an old French surname “Masson” meaning worker who built with stone. Common nicknames for Mason include Mace, Mase and Masen. It is not known how many Americans who were given the first name Mason had the surname Masson at one point but it is likely that some did have that heritage, no matter how far back their ancestry may have been.

Those named Mason will quite often be strong-willed individuals with a stubborn streak and great attention to detail when it comes to problem solving or getting tasks completed. They are often considered very reliable people who can take on difficult tasks without complaint or procrastination when called upon by friends or family.

Masons are easy going people but they can also be opinionated at times when they feel strongly about something they believe in or if they sense someone isn’t being honest with them.

Variations of The Name Mason

When researching the meaning and origin of the name Mason, it is important to be aware that there are several variations of this name. The origins of Mason are unclear but some have speculated that it has French and English roots. Other variations include Mayson, Masson, Macon, Messon, and Meson.

The name Mason can have one of four possible meanings – stone worker, derived from the Latin word mas or massa; a topographic name for someone who lived near a masonry gate; an occupational surname for a servant who worked in a manor house or castle; or it could be derived from the personal name Maso.

Mason is also known as a unisex name, but is more commonly used as a boys’ first name in English-speaking countries. It has seen a steady rise in popularity since 2010 and currently sits within the top 100 names for boys in many countries throughout the world. Variations of this surname are also popular including Maison, Masun and Mayesin for both genders.

Famous People Named Mason in History

Over the course of history, there have been many people with the given name Mason who have made an impact in their respective fields. From royalty to entertainers to athletes, these notable Masons have left a lasting impression on culture and society.

In politics and royalty, there have been a number of significant figures named Mason throughout history. Most notably, William IV of England (1765-1837), George Mason (1725–1792), one of the Founding Fathers of the US Constitution and associated with Virginia statehood, along with Sir Charles William SIAT Mason (1863-1939), 1st Baronet Onslow who was an English Conservative politician and Speaker for the House of Commons in 1922.

In entertainment, some more famous Masons include film actress Cybill Sheppard (born 1950) best known for Moonlighting and Taxi Driver; singer Jason Mraz (born 1977), best known for hits such as ‘I’m Yours’ and ‘Lucky’; television actor Mason Cook (born 2002), best known for his roles in The Middle, Spy Kids 4D: All the Time in the World, and R.L Stine’s The Haunting Hour; mixed martial artist Alvin Cacdac (born 1980) who is a three-time MMA World Champion; comedian Chris D’Elia (born 1980) best known for performing sets on ‘Late Night Talkshows’.

In sports there are many renowned athletes whose name is Mason: American former football player John Mason Jr.; Canadian professional ice hockey player Braden Mason; American former Professional wrestling partner Heath Miller; professional wrestler Cody Runnels or better known as Cody Rhodes; professional Football player Ryan Minor or better know as Ryan Tannehill.

Pronunciation of The Name Mason

The name Mason has two possible pronunciations – either “MAY-sun” or “MAY-sӕn.” It is primarily pronounced with the former, where the emphasis is most often placed on the syllable “MAY.” However, the latter pronunciation is also occasionally used by those of British descent and emphasizes the first syllable. The name can also be written with alternate spellings such as Masen and Macen.

Numerology of The Name Mason

Numerology is the study of numbers and their spiritual significance in a person’s life. It is believed that each chosen name has an influencing energy associated with it. The numerical value of the name Mason can have a profound impact on an individual’s character and personality.

The numerological value of the name Mason is derived by adding up all the numbers present in its various components. In numerology, each letter corresponds to a particular number, beginning with 1 to 9 and then proceeding on to A (1), B (2), C (3) and so on until Z (26). Following this sequence, when we add together all the letters of Mason i.e., M – 13 ; A – 1; S – 19; O – 15 & N-14 , we get a total numerical value of 62 .

From this number, certain characteristics or qualities associated with personality can be seen. The traits associated with a person having the numerical value 62 include being highly independent, patient and reliable, as well as having analytical skills and a logical approach towards life.

These individuals are also known for their decisiveness and loyalty towards their friends or family members. They may also invest too much of themselves in situations when things are not necessarily going as per plans or expectations .

People with this number are often drawn to humanitarian causes or activities which help society in whichever way possible .All in all they make reliable partners who consistently stand by you through thick & thin !

Frequently Asked Questions About The Name Mason

Many people have asked questions about the origin and meaning of the name Mason. To answer some of these questions, here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions about this popular surname.

What Is The Origin of The Name Mason?

The surname Mason is derived from late Middle English, Old French, and Old Germanic origins. It originated as an occupational name for a kind of skilled stone worker or a stonemason. It has been used as a given name since the 18th century.

What Other Names Is Mason Linked To?

Mason can be linked to many different spellings such as Masen, Massen, Massing, Macing and Macon. The meaning behind these names remains largely associated with masonry or stone-working professions.

How Does The Meaning Behind Mason Differ From Other Names?

Mason is frequently associated with stonemasonry and has evolved over time to become a popular given name. Although both names may refer to someone who works with stones or build using stones, there are subtle differences between them which should be explored further in order to understand the core difference between them. For instance, Masen tends to refer more specifically to craftsmen employed for that purpose while Macing would be used to describe someone working on roads which require paving stones.


In conclusion, Mason is a name that is steeped in history and implies strength and courage. It can be found in many different cultures, although each one has its own unique meaning, including strength, security, loyalty, ingenuity and protection.

Mason may be a name of English origin that means “stone worker” or a German name meaning “officer or guard” or a Scottish origin with the meaning “son of Masson.” No matter the origin or interpretation of the name, it surely comes with great respectability and standing.

So if you are looking for a strong yet charming name for your baby boy, consider the exotic Mason – you won’t regret it!


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