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Kaylee Name Meaning – What Does The Name Kaylee Mean?

What does the name Kaylee Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Kaylee. Let's get started.

What does the name Kaylee Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Kaylee. 

Let’s get started. 

Meaning of The Name Kaylee

The name Kaylee is of English origin and is a variation of Kayla, which itself is a shorter version of Michaela. The name comes from two Hebrew names – Chavvah, which means “life” and Kaylah, meaning “crown.”

Together, the two names mean “whom God crowns with life.” Common nicknames for Kaylee include Kae, Lele or Lee. The name was very popular in the United States during the late 1990s and early 2000s but has since experienced some decline in popularity.

However, it remains a strong favorite among many parents due to its sweet sound and its easy pronunciation. The name Kaylee carries some spiritual connotations as well; it could be used as a reminder that life is beautiful when loved ones grant us their crown–their love and support.

It could also serve as an influence to work hard to reach our highest potential so that others can see God’s grace in our actions.

Finally, the name Kaylee could serve as an inspiration to be generous with our blessings without expecting anything in return–to freely give back just like how God has given us His gifts and love throughout our lives

History and Origin of The Name Kaylee

The name Kaylee is of English and American origin and is believed to be a combination of the names “Katherine” and “Lee”. It can also be considered a feminized variation of the Irish surname Ó Catháin which translates as “descendent fanam (or clan leader) Cathán, derived from a pet form of the name CATHÁN. The original Gaelic form was Mac Catháin.

This name was notably contained in an old Irish text known as The Pass of Kilpatrick (15th century) – written in prose, whilst recording the battles between Brian mac Cennetig O’Brien and multiple armies over hundreds of years.

The text follows Brian’s journey with his retinue to battle against his enemies who relentlessly try to take away his Kingdom.

It is said that Kaylee is often seen as a sweet, gentle name emanating with traditional spellings like Kaitlyn or Kaelyn. It can also impart an air of sophistication when combined with longer forms like Kailee or Kailene.

All forms work well for baby girls born in any era, however youngsters born in the twenty-first century are sure to benefit from this classic moniker favoured by many parents around the world since at least 2011.

Gender of The Name Kaylee

The gender of the name Kaylee is generally considered to be female. The name is derived from the Greek name “Kaela”, which means a torch or a crown. However, given its popularity in recent years, some people still like to use it as a unisex name.

Kaylee is also sometimes seen as a diminutive of the names Katherine or Kayla. It has been used in English-speaking countries since the middle of the 20th century and is popular across many parts of Europe and North America.

In France, for example, Kaylee was among the top 100 girls’ names for 2020.

In the United States, Kaylee has consistently been in the top 200 girls’ names since 2009. In 2020, it was placed at number 77 with 4200 new baby girls sharing that particular moniker. While popular across all races and backgrounds, Kaylee and its variants are especially frequent for White American families with European heritage – particularly in western states such as California and Arizona where it ranks as one of their most popular girls’ names.

As more parents are beginning to choose genders-neutral baby names that carry no preconceived connotations or stereotypes attached to them like boyish or girlish features, they are finding that even traditional gender-specific names can be made unisex if they so desire – allowing everyone represented within their family tree to pick whichever name feels right for them regardless of what society dictates should define their gender identity!

Popularity of The Name Kaylee

The name Kaylee was quite popular in the early 2000s, as listed in the Social Security Administration’s data, peaking as the 15th most popular female baby name of 2003. It has since declined slightly in popularity. The name is still popular throughout the English-speaking world and is featured frequently in various media outlets.

In the United States, it currently is one of the top 150 most used names for baby girls according to national records from 2020. The name is also moderately popular in Australia, ranking 94th overall and 11th in New South Wales. In Ireland, it was 79th overall (2019) and 6th in Counties Cork and Down.

Kaylee is often seen as a variation or derivative of another name featuring an -ee ending, such as Kayla or Michaela. It can even be seen as related to other longer names like Kayleen or Katelyn, both of which are more common variants of this beautiful moniker today. Regardless of its etymology or origin story, this sweet moniker will undoubtedly continue to delight parents across many countries around the world for years to come!

Variations of The Name Kaylee

Variations of the name Kaylee include Kaleigh, Kaley, Kailey, Kaeleigh, and Kayleigh. The spelling of the name Kaylee can vary depending on the parent’s preference and cultural background. For example, the Japanese version of the name is spelled “Koei” while the Irish version is spelled “Caoilinn”.

Kaylee is also seen as a derivative of several other names including Kelly, Kayley, Kalley and Kaela. In some cultures you may find spellings like Caleigh or Kylee as well. However these are not common variations when referring to the given name “Kaylee”.

The variations in spelling for this unique name all express similar meanings as they come from a related pool of languages that have common origins in certain cultures such as Irish and Japanese culture. For example, all variations are derived from similar root words which denote beauty or brightness – ancient definitions that are associated with a royal lineage or status within one’s community.

Famous People Named Kaylee in History

The name Kaylee has enjoyed a surge in popularity over the past two decades and is now firmly established in the top 100 names given to baby girls in the U.S. Originally a surname likely related to the Gaelic “caoilte” or “caol,” Kaylee is thought to mean “slender.” One famous bearer of this name was iconic American singer and songwriter Kaylee Smith (1893-1956), among many others. Here are some other famous people who have borne this most popular surname:

  • Kaley Cuoco, American actress
  • Kayla Ewell, American actress
  • Kaylie Cruz, character from The Fosters
  • Kaylee DeFer, American actress
  • Sparkle KayLee, young singer and songwriter
  • Kaylee Hartung, sportscaster

Pronunciation of The Name Kaylee

The proper pronunciation of the name Kaylee is kay-lee. The name itself is relatively young and first came into use during the 20th century in English speaking countries. It can be derived from a variety of sources, including both English and Gaelic names, making it quite versatile and easily recognizable.

Kaylee is a unisex name, though it is primarily used for girls. In terms of etymology, there are many possible origins, including being derived from the Irish surname Aileen meaning “beauty” or the Gaelic male name Caol meaning “slender” or “fair”. In addition, some sources suggest that it can be derived from Kayla, which means “keeper of the keys” or possibly Kaylene meaning “like a songbird”.

As far as personality traits are concerned, those with this name tend to have good judgment along with generous nature that often lead them to make great humanitarian efforts while helping others in need. They usually have big hearts and learn lessons quickly with their adeptness for both reading people and staying one step ahead of potential problems before they even arise.

Numerology of The Name Kaylee

The numerology of the name Kaylee is derived from the numerical values assigned to each letter in the name. This number vibrates to the energy that makes up an individual’s character, as it reflects and defines their purpose in life. The numerology of Kaylee relies on five core numbers; these are derived from each letter of the name.

The destiny and soul number of Kaylee is 11, indicating a spiritual path. It provides insight into what has been set out for this person in life and outlines gifts of service, originality, intuition and wisdom. This number can verily look to the future; it is highly intuitive and often brings foresight regarding spiritual matters.

The personality number is 6, indicating a very creative individual who will have an expansive outlook on life when faced with a challenge.

People with this type of personality are unfailingly positive in outlook; they take failure as motivation rather than discouragement and look at solutions not problems when faced with any sort of obstacle or adversity.

The expression number assigned to Kaylee is 22; this is referred to as the master builder vibration because those who fall into this category are both highly creative but also very practical at problem-solving.

These individuals often have much greater than average ambition but also have a fully-developed sense for reaching objectives by making carefully constructed plans with much foresight taken into account – that way launching many successful projects over their lifetime.

Finally, we come to two minor numbers which influence our desires and capabilities when considering how they affect us most directly: Heart’s Desire/Inner Dream (3) & Turning Point (9).

The three here highlights a strong need for self-expression no matter what activity is being undertaken by suggesting creative solutions to any problem that arises along with prominent social skills supported by plenty of verbal competency – both persuasive debating as well meeting new people – even if it feels intimidating initially . The nine meanwhile encourages growth internationally whether it be through study abroad or living abroad; its intention being encouraging exploration on many different levels while assimilating new cultures around us effortlessly – embracing them wholly instead of feeling overwhelmed by them like some might feel

Frequently Asked Questions About The Name Kaylee

What are some common questions about the given name Kaylee? Below are a few frequently asked questions about this name:

What Does The Name Kaylee Mean?

The name Kaylee is of Hebrew origin, and means “crown of laurels” or “honorable head”.

Is The Name Kaylee Popular?

Kaylee is a very popular given name, particularly in recent years due to its uniqueness. It was ranked among the top 100 most popular names in the United States from 2009 to 2017.

Are There Any Famous People Who Bear The Given Name Kaylee?

Kaylee is a fairly uncommon first name, so many celebrities do not bear this name. However, there are several celebrities including actresses and country/pop singers who share this as their first or middle names including actress Kaylee DeFer and musician Kayleigh Goldsworthy.


In conclusion, the name Kaylee has been around for many centuries and is derived from the name Katherine.

This name is known for its strength, grace and compassion, making it a great fit for both boys and girls. It has been used for centuries as an official given name in many parts of the world, making it a beloved choice with an ancient lineage.

With a positive meaning like ‘the remembrance of God’s love’ and attractive modern origins, this could be the perfect choice for your future baby!


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