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Gracie Name Meaning – What Does The Name Gracie Mean?

What does the name Gracie Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Gracie. Let's get started.

What does the name Gracie Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Gracie. 

Let’s get started. 

Meaning of The Name Gracie

The name Gracie is a feminine form of Grace, which originated as a Latin word meaning “kindness” and “favor.” It can also be translated to mean “thankful” or “grateful.” In Christian tradition, it is often associated with the concept of divine grace and God’s blessing upon mankind.

The name has been popularized by celebrities such as musician Ray Charles’ daughter, Gracie Ray Charles, and actress Gracie Allen from “The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show.”

Grace has become a popular name for girls over the past century in the United States, with its peak popularity occurring in 2012 when it was the seventh most popular female baby name that year. In 2018, the name was still in the top 25 baby names for girls according to data.

Though originally coined as an English-language female given name, Grace is also used more widely throughout multiple cultures as both a female given name and surname. In other languages like Polish (Gracjan), Croatian (Grga), Czech (Řehoř), Dutch (Grietje) and Italian (Gratia) where either a letter o or an accent mark on one of the letters changes its pronunciation — so that it can have eleven total pronunciations over those five languages alone!

Variations of this beautiful and meaningful name exist in many more languages throughout the world, making this name not only timelessly classic but also highly adaptable to different cultures and societies around the globe .

History and Origin of The Name Gracie

The name Gracie originates in many languages, but its origin is potentially best traced back to the Latin language. The earliest record of the name dates back to 1220 when it appears as the surname ‘Gracius’ or ‘Gratiosus’. The name appears to have been derived from the word ‘grace’ which means beauty and favor.

The popularity of the name has grown steadily since its recorded first appearance, with random spikes throughout European countries during different time periods. During the Middle Ages, for example, it was popular amongst royalty and aristocrats in England and Scotland.

Today, patterns suggest that although it has been established as a unisex name in English-speaking countries, recent evidence suggests that it has become more popular among female applications than males; particularly those born after 1990 in America.

Different variations of Gracie can be found throughout Europe such as Gratia (Latin), Gráinne (Irish), Graça(Portuguese) and Grazzia (Italian). In France, a different spelling was used ‘Graziella’ which grew in popularity after 1880 due to Queen Victoria’s Italian connections through her relationship with Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg Gotha..

As well as international usage Gracie may be found amongst Chinese communities where ‘Grasshopper’ is used to express all the qualities associated with this spiritual guide. Grasshopper symbolizes being discreet with one’s power so that it can be extended when others need help or guidance.

Gender of The Name Gracie

The name Gracie is unisex and can be used for both boys and girls. The name Gracie is of Latin origin, and is derived from the Latin name Gratia, which means “grace”. The name Gracie also has English roots and is a variation of the English name Grace.

The gender-neutral name means “graceful” or “a woman of grace” and symbolizes loving kindness, elegance, beauty, and charm. It reflects a strong sense of justice, mercy, faithfulness, dependability, trustworthiness, gentleness.

In terms of popularity in the United States, the first occurrence of the Gracie spelling was seen in 1880 when data was collected by the U.S Census Bureau; however, it held little popular presence until 1908 where it began to increase in popularity until 1941. Since then it has seen sporadic growth in usage over time but maintains its lower rung rankings on popularity ratings published by babycenter data lists for 2021.

Today the versatile name has risen 22 spots on popular baby girl names as published by Nameberry for 2021- bringing into focus an overall trend that values gender neutral naming conventions as families become increasingly diverse in culture , lifestyle choices .

This has led to renewed enthusiasm towards traditional names with neutral gender attributes such as Gracie for stylish versatility without risk offending either sex or conforming to strict gender norms .

Popularity of The Name Gracie

The name Gracie is of English origin, which means it is derived from Latin words that are often used profoundly. The name itself is a combination of two names; “grace” and “sovereign”. This combination thus expresses the meaning of gaining God’s approval through faith and living in harmony with others.

Due to its strong meaning, the popularity of the name has grown significantly throughout the years across multiple countries and cultures. In England, it was especially popular in 1998, becoming one of the top names for baby girls born that year according to records at Nameberry Books.

In the United States, Gracie ranked as one of the most popular girl’s names for each year between 2007 and 2016 according to records from Social Security Administration.

Since its origin in England yet gaining further global recognition over time, the name has been embraced by many around the world regardless of ethnicity or nationality. It is also a widely known figure within literature as characters named “Gracie” present themselves complexly as driven and usually successful figures presented against adversity (an example being Gracie Lu Falcone from James Patterson’s novel ‘I Funny: School Of Laughs”).

Variations of The Name Gracie

In addition to the popular form of the name Gracie, there are many other variants that have been created over time by varying spellings and different pronunciations.

Some of these variations include:

  • Gracey
  • Graace
  • Graciy
  • Grasci
  • Grassye
  • Graice
  • Grassy
  • Gressy
  • Gressee
  • Graiscey

Some names contain similar letters, such as Graisey and Gracy, although these are often considered to be distinct names in their own right.

Other common variations include Graesy, Grascee, Gressey and Graysy. The majority of these alternate spellings still carry the same meaning – a usually feminine form of Grace or Gracious.

It is also important to note that some people may interchangeably use Gracie and Grace while referring to one person – however they may have different middle or surname designations.

Famous People Named Gracie in History

Throughout history, there have been many famous people with the name Gracie. Famous music artist, basketball player, and football player are some of the people who bear this name. Below is a list of some famous Gracie’s in history:

  • Gracie Allen – Comedian, actress and singer whose career spanned the 1920s to 1950s.
  • Gracie Gold – American figure skater who won numerous national and international championships.
  • Gracie Hunter – Basketball player for the Atlanta Dream of the WNBA from 2008-2012
  • Gracie Jones – Football quarterback for Arizona State University from 2012 to 2016
  • Gracie Kincaid – singer and songwriter best known for her country hit singles “Doin’ Alright” and “Can’t Take The Country Out Of Me”
  • Grace Jones – Actress and iconic 80s fashionista known for her roles in films such as Boomerang, A View To A Kill, and Conan The Destroyer
  • Graice Henrietta Warren – American labor leader during WWII; first woman president of United Auto Workers Local 298 Detroit (1955)

Pronunciation of The Name Gracie

The name Gracie is most commonly pronounced with a soft “g,” followed by an elongated “ah” sound for the second syllable, and a slightly shorter “s” sound for the final syllable. It is pronounced as Grass/ee/.

Gracie may also sometimes be pronounced “Gra-see,” where the first two syllables are run together, but this is much less common. In some cases, people may also add an additional ‘e’ at the end of the name when pronouncing it.

This changes the pronunciation to be more like “Gra-see-eh,” although this variation should not be considered official.

Numerology of The Name Gracie

The numerology of the name Gracie is 8, which means that it is associated with power and ambition. The 8 is a powerful number whose positive traits include leadership, courage, confidence and responsibility. It also has some traits that can be less than desirable, such as aggression and a strong appetite for material wealth.

The potential of the 8 makes it one of the more passionate numbers in numerology and indicates that those named Gracie will have an intense drive to succeed in whatever they do.

They will be determined to achieve success in their career, relationships and personal endeavors and may experience great setbacks if they fail to reach those goals.

The 8 also suggests a good sense of humor, but its tendency toward logic may mean that emotional responses are not as pronounced as other numbers might have. Those named Gracie should strive for balance between their logical side and emotional sides when making decisions in order to avoid making rash or impulsive choices.

Those with the name Gracie may have an empathy for others which may show up in their relationships or career choices. This could lead them toward finding meaningful work or connecting with people who share similar values or interests.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Name Gracie

The name Gracie is of Latin origin and has several possible meanings. It could be derived from the Latin word “gratia,” which means kindness, or it could be a feminine form of the word “graceus” which means gracious. Additionally, it may be a shortened version of the names such as Gracelyn or Graciene.

Gracie is a popular name in many countries and ranked #737 in the United States in 2017. In England, the name is more commonly spelled with an ‘i’ at the end (Gracie).

Frequently asked questions about the name Gracie:

Is Gracie a Boy’s or Girl’s Name?

Gracie is traditionally given to baby girls.

How Popular Is The Name Gracie?

In 2017, Gracie was ranked #737 out of approximately 4,000 names for baby girls in the U.S.

Does This Mean My Daughter Will Always Have High Expectations Set on Her?

The meaning of any given name generally has no effect on what kind of expectation are set upon someone who carries that name; however, names often carry cultural implications that can lead people to make assumptions about a person based on their name alone.


While the meaning of the name Gracie is not readily known, its roots in Latin suggest that it may be derived from phrases expressing grace or gratitude. The popularity of this beautiful name continues to grow, making it an increasingly popular choice for parents.

It is also a great way to honor your faith in a more subtle manner because it could have meanings related to God’s grace and abundance.

Gracie is a strong feminine name that carries a lot of meaning behind it. It is perfect for any parent looking to give their daughter an unforgettable gift that will carry with her through life.


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