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Crystal Name Meaning: What Does the Name Crystal Mean?

Crystal is a unique name with an interesting history. It comes from the Greek word “crystal” which means “a stone that refracts light”. It is also the root for the word “catalytic”, which means “to act as a catalyst in a chemical reaction”.

Crystal has been used for thousands of years as an amulet and talisman to ward off evil and evil spirits. Spare no expense on an authentic crystal charm bracelet as it will serve as an eye-catching statement of your wealth, prosperity, or your faith in life.

What Does The Name Crystal Mean?

A crystal is a hard, transparent stone that has an inelastic lattice. In layman’s terms, it means an object that doesn’t break easily.

The definition of the word Crystal comes from two Greek words: “crystal” which means “a glassy body of a substance” and “lattice,” which means “a structure with a lattice.”

In Latin, it means “a glassy body of a substance.”

It is more commonly referred to as quartz or clear quartz.

The word is also used to describe something that relates to cubes and crystallization (like the movement of pollen). Quartz is also known as a mineral kingdom specific group of minerals such as sodalite, graphite, albite and chalcedony.

Though the name Crystal may be coined by Greek scientists in the 1600’s to indicate simple cubic crystals. It really has no official definition yet! It was originally used for any clear crystal or cubic form; but since then many different meanings have been given to it depending on where it comes from. Some common examples are:

Origin of The Name Crystal

The name Crystal is derived from the Latin word “crystal”, which means a rock of high density. The name is one of the most common names in the English language.

One of the many meanings of this name is “a stone” or “a stone table”, which means that a person with this name has a strong faith in God and Jesus. This can be associated with strength and power. One other meaning of this name is “crystal”, which means a transparent crystal, where there is no color or colorless part. 

Is Crystal a Beautiful Name?

The name Crystal means “hope”, which is considered as an offensive name according to the name dictionary. However, in spite of the fact that it carries such a negative meaning, there are many people who regard this name as beautiful. Some of them feels that it is alright to have a beautiful name.

In the first place, the word “Crystal” has a short form which is a word in itself, while its long form is pronounced as one syllable: “crystil-a”.

The short form has more semantically different implications than its long form. Its meaning can be defined as being elegant, pure and radiant;

  • being so simple and warm that it doesn’t require any extra words or actions to express;
  • being able to be used for any kind of purpose without any additional effort on the part of the speaker;
  • being able to be changed without much effort from one person to another;
  • being able to bring happiness in an unhappy situation;
  • and having an ability to bring ease and comfort in troubled times.

Famous People Named Crystal

Crystal is a beautiful name that carries a lot of meaning.

In the Bible, the word was translated as krystal, which means “crystal clear”; however, this is another way of referring to crystal. The word also has multiple meanings including “refined” and “noble.”

Crystal was created by the Greek goddess Aphrodite who was known for love and beauty. It is said that Aphrodite infused Aphrodite’s essence into the crystal to make it shine like a star.

The word crystal comes from a Greek word krystallos which means “translucent” or “transparent.” When you think about what it means to be transparent or translucent you will notice how closely it resembles a crystalline structure.



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