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Cheyenne Name Meaning – What Does The Name Cheyenne Mean?

What does the name Cheyenne Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Cheyenne. Let's get started.

What does the name Cheyenne Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Cheyenne. 

Let’s get started. 

Meaning of The Name Cheyenne

The name Cheyenne is derived from the Dakota Sioux name for a branch of the Algonquian people, known as the Šahíyena by linguists.

Historically, these native people were nomadic and semi-nomadic, living in what are now Wyoming and Montana.

The original meaning of Šahíyena reflects on their lifestyle, as it means “people who are considered speechless companions on a journey”.

Today, some people use ‘Cheyenne’ to refer to all North American Plains Indians who lived in the region which encompasses Canada’s Prairie Provinces and the US states that border Canada: Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado.

The name has also come to mean “warrior” or “brave,” which perfectly reflects an important part of their culture.

The Cheyenne Nation was one of many Native American tribes that resisted white settlement during the 19th century. Despite fierce retaliation from settlers and eventually losing much of their land (due to being pushed onto reservations), they persevered against all odds. Nowadays, there is an active Native American tribe called “Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe” in South Dakota.

The name Cheyenne has been used by many different people around the world since its conception and all bear testimony to its strength – that of a courageous people surviving under difficult conditions; or ‘warriors.’ It has become increasingly popular over recent years and is associated with strong-willed personalities who live life according to their own terms; or embodying ‘brave’ characteristics such as courage, confidence and strength.

History and Origin of The Name Cheyenne

The name Cheyenne is of Native American origin and is derived from the Algonquin Chaiyen. It has been used by members of the Native American people along the Missouri River for hundreds of years and was even adopted by many French settlers due to its use in local villages.

The meaning of Cheyenne is unclear, with some believing it translates to “beautiful” or “red-man”, while others believe it means “great speaks”, which is a tribute to the important role that spoken language played in their culture.

The name first entered common usage during the 19th century when American settlers began journeying West. The word Cheyenne eventually found its way into English when American soldiers adopted it to refer to a wild tribe they met on the banks of the Missouri River.

This prompted a rush of white settlers looking for easy land and led to numerous conflicts with Native Americans who were unwilling to give up their way of life without a fight.

Cheyenne eventually became an official territorial capital in Wyoming in 1869 and remains an important city in Wyoming today – with plenty of historical buildings preserving its unique history as one of America’s oldest settlements.

The name has also been adopted by other towns across America – notably Oklahoma City where there remains a sizable Native American population today. Furthermore, many people around the world have named their children Cheyenne as homage to their heritage or simply because they love this unique and strong-sounding name!

Gender of The Name Cheyenne

The gender of the name Cheyenne is predominately feminine, with origins in Native American tribes of the Great Plains. The word “Cheyenne” is derived from the word “Shaiyena” which means “unintelligible speakers” or “those who speak a different language”.

In this way, Cheyenne represents an adoption of a language and culture that is not one’s own.

Cheyenne has become increasingly popular over the past few decades and it is widely associated with strength and independence. The name has been given to girls in numerous languages and dialects, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch and many more.

Symbolically speaking, Cheyenne can mean many things depending on your interpretation. Some associate it with being confident and brave; others see it as a sign of a gentle spirit and emotional intelligence. For some people it may be seen as a reminder to accept diversity in life; for others it may be a suggestion to value personal freedom above all else.

No matter how you interpret its meaning, one thing is for certain: Cheyenne is certainly an interesting name!

Popularity of The Name Cheyenne

The name Cheyenne has steadily risen in popularity since the late 20th century. It was one of the top 250 baby girl names in the United States during 1986, peaking at number 85 in 1989.

From 1994 to 2009, it stayed within the top 1,000 most popular names overall and was especially popular with Hispanic parents. In recent years, it has been recording a resurgence of interest among both genders, suggesting that the name is regaining its previous popularity.

Cheyenne is a Native American name derived from many varieties of Sioux, which denotes an “alien sound” or “stranger” and is also associated with the state of Wyoming, which is home to several native tribes known as the Wyoming Indian Tribes.

The meaning behind this name could also be attributed to two different meanings: “red-voiced” or “little red talker.”

Aside from being used as a first name for babies, Cheyenne has also been increasingly popularized by celebrities who have named their offspring with this unique moniker and can be seen as a more adventurous alternative to more conventional baby girl names such as Sarah or Emily.

While some may think that Cheyenne carries connotations related to its Native American origins, many British families are adopting this trendsetting choice for their daughters due to its association with chic style and independence.

Variations of The Name Cheyenne

The name Cheyenne is derived from the native American tribe of the same name, and it means “red speakers.” There are several variations of the name in different countries, with some being more popular than others.

In France, the name is spelled Chayenne or Chayenne and is believed to have its origins in French Canadian influence on the North American pronunciations of First Nations names.

In Spain, it’s spelled Chejennne or Shejennne and has become a very trendy choice among Spanish parents since the 1990s.

In Sweden, it takes on a more traditional spelling – Cheyanne – which has experienced a surge in popularity since 2000.

In Scotland, where there is some evidence supporting that natives used this spelling for their own people prior to colonization by England, it appears as Cheyene.

In Italy and Austria, it gains popularity through its Italian adaptation–Cheyenna–and can be used interchangeably with its German form–Schönena–which became more common after WWII due to German soldiers stationed there during that time.

No matter what spelling you choose for your little one’s name, they will carry with them an air of strength and confidence inspired by this courageous native American tribe; so why not opt for one that best suits your child’s personality?

Famous People Named Cheyenne in History

Cheyenne is a unisex name with multiple origins. It is thought to mean “people of several different tribes living in the same area” in some native American languages, while it can also be a variation of Shianne which means “beautiful”. The spelling Cheyenne originated in the 1920s and has been widely used since then.

Over the years, Cheyenne has been popularized by many famous people, including actresses, singers and television personalities. Most recently, Cheyenne Kimball was an American singer-songwriter and reality show star who rose to fame after reaching the top 16 contestants on the 2005 edition of American Idol.

Other famous people named Cheyenne include American actress Cheyenne Silver (best known for her roles in Killers and Beyond Re-animator), Canadian singer/songwriter Shawnee Donaghey (known easily by his stage name as just ‘Cheyenne’), English pop singer Raye Pittman and American professional wrestler Cameron Welk (who performs under the ring name ‘Chevy Jackson’).

Pronunciation of The Name Cheyenne

Cheyenne (shah-YEN) is a given name. It has its roots in the Algonquian language of the Cheyenne people, one of the historical Native American nations and tribes. The name means ‘people of alien speech’ or ‘foreign people’ in the Algonquian languages.

In English, it is pleasingly pronounced as sha-Yen. Variations in pronouncing Cheyenne exist, with some pronouncing it as shy-en or chain-en. Although rare, names that also use this root include Chanyn and Chenin.

Numerology of The Name Cheyenne

The numerology of the name Cheyenne involves understanding the energetic vibration of each letter that comprises the name. The numerological meaning of Cheyenne is parsed down to the single digits, assigning numerical values and then interpreting the meaning of those single digits.

The numeric value assigned to the letters in Cheyenne is 3 (C= 3, h= 8, e=5, y=7, e=5, n=5 and n=5). Adding all these single numbers together gives you a sum total of 33; reducing it further to produce a single digit yields 6.

The number 6 equates with associations such as: Responsible; nurturing; loving; domestic/home focused; service-oriented; kind and understanding. By adding up the numerical values associated with each character in Cheyenne you can learn more about what this name means energetically.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Name Cheyenne

The name Cheyenne has its roots in the Native American culture and means “one who speaks alien languages.” It is often seen as a male name, but it can also be used for females.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the name Cheyenne:

What Language Does Cheyenne Come From?

The word Cheyenne is derived from the Algonquian language spoken by the Cheyenne people. It is part of a larger family of Native American languages that includes Arapaho and Lakota Sioux.

How Popular Is The Name Cheyenne?

The name gained popularity in 1988, when it was first listed on baby naming websites. As of 2016, it was ranked 630th most popular girl’s name in the United States, according to BabyCenter’s list of US baby names.

Is Cheyenne a Unisex Name?

Yes, it can be used both as a male or female given name. In recent years, more people have been giving it to girls than boys.

Are There Other Names Associated With Cheyenne?

Yes, there are several variations including Shawnee (Shawno), Sheneh (Sheney) and Shenay (Shanay). There are also tribal names related to Cherokee such as Kayenna and Quanah which have similar meanings or origins to Cheyenne.


When researching the name ‘Cheyenne’, it is important to remember that there may be several sources with different meanings, which can be both positive or negative. As with most names, the meaning and origin of the name Cheyenne will depend on a combination of culture, language, and location.

In general, however, the name is thought to mean “People of Alien Speech” in Native American tribes such as the Sioux. Others believe it derives from the French phrase “Chien-laine” which shadows the origin of its meaning as “dog lain” or “dog sheep” – referring to a Indigenous tribe originally believed to have been canine shepherds for sheep.

Regardless, what makes this name unique is that it has been able to transcend cultures and meanings throughout centuries – from French traders to Native Americans and even coming into modern society as an accepted girl’s given name.

This demonstrates how language evolves over time through facets such as communication and social context, ultimately creating new perspectives on what it could possibly mean – while holding onto its original vision of “People of Alien Speech”.


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