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Brianna Name Meaning – What Does The Name Brianna Mean?

What does the name Brianna Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Brianna. Let's get started.

What does the name Brianna Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Brianna. 

Let’s get started. 

Meaning of The Name Brianna

The name Brianna comes from Irish origin derived from the Gaelic Celtic name ‘Brigid’, which means ‘exalted one’ or ‘noble’. Brianna is a trendy, unisex name that has become increasingly popular amongst families in recent years.

It is a modern form of the traditional and more successful Irish names Bridget and Breanne. This unique name is derived from the same source as many other variations such as Bryanne, Bryanna, Briana and many others, with some less popular versions such as Brielle and Breeann.

Written in various forms of grammar, this delightful name means ‘strong’ or ‘high-spirited’ which matches perfectly with its strong and fashionable reputation of modern day times. As well as having a positive outlook on life, it can be seen to symbolise wisdom and insightfulness – all qualities desired for your baby girl!

History and Origin of The Name Brianna

The name Brianna originates from an Irish version of the name “Brigid” and its variations, such as Brígh, Brigit and Bride. This old English form of the name means “honorable strength” or “exalted one”.

Brigid was a prominent figure in Celtic mythology and is known as the goddess of fire, fertility and healing. She was also associated with protection, wisdom and abundance.

Throughout history, other goddesses known to embody similar symbolism have been named after her, including Greek mythology’s Athena. Brianna emerged in America in the late 1950s as a more feminine version of the popular Irish name Brian but is now used all over the world by people who admire its fabled origins.

Gender of The Name Brianna

Brianna is traditionally a feminine name. This is in large part due to the fact that it’s an anglicized version of the Irish name, “Breeán”, which is derived from the Gaelic “breán”, meaning “strong”. There has been some debate over gender in recent times, however; many people have begun to see Brianna as a unisex name due to its simple structure and versatility.

In many parts of the United States and Canada, Brianna is popular among female users. In some other countries, such as Ireland and England, it’s seen as being slightly more common among male users than female.

In Australia and New Zealand it’s equally popular as both a feminine and masculine choice. It further remains one of the top most popular names for girls in the USA and Britain consistently since at least 2000 when available data became available.

Overall, Brianna remains strongly synonymous with being mainly used by women throughout history and modernity alike; however since it can be seen both ways it makes for a great option for unisex namers looking to avoid anything too overly traditional or overly trendy— making this unique moniker highly versatile overall!

Popularity of The Name Brianna

The name Brianna has been around since the early part of the twentieth century, when it began to be used as a variant of the Irish name Brígh (which is derived from the Gaelic element bríg “strength”).

As one of the more popular choices in recent years, Brianna has consistently ranked within the top 100 baby girl names in several countries. It is widely used throughout America, Australia and New Zealand and less popular in other English-speaking countries like England and Canada.

As with most names, popularity can vary from region to region. In England and Wales, for instance, Brianna was among the top 50 most popular baby girl names for many years but had begun to drop out of favor by 2014. Meanwhile, it remains one of America’s favorites as it consistently ranks within the top 20 baby girl names year after year. In 2016, Brianna claimed 15th place on the list.

In terms of worldwide popularity on Nameberry’s popular website for parents researching potential names for their children, Brianna ranks 57th out of thousands of possibilities.

Variations of The Name Brianna

The name Brianna has a variety of spellings, nicknames, and sources. Common variations of the name include Briana, Breanna, Bryanna and Brianna. Each of these variations has its own source, meaning and nickname associations.

For example, not to be confused with Brianne or Brionna of Celtic origin, the origins behind the name Bree/Bri/Brya/Nna (Bree-ah-nah) are from many countries with several languages. It can also found in Romania under the variant spelling Brianța; in Greece as Bria (Βρια); in Bulgaria as Briana (Бриана); in Germany as Briann or Briaan (Brī-an); in Ireland as Breagan (Brend), along with several other spellings found throughout England and Scotland.

Variations of this name such as Breanthony may refer to a combination of Brian for boys and Antonia for girls taken from Latin meaning “highly praiseworthy”. Other possible combinations are Breelyn which combines Bree and Lynn—often used interchangeably—from Welsh origins meaning “lake” or “pool”). Variations may also include popular nicknames such as Annie (i.e., Anne plus Briana).

Famous People Named Brianna in History

Throughout history, there have been many famous people who have borne the name Brianna. Some of these famous Briannas include Brianna Hildebrand, an American actress; Brianna Taylor, an American singer; and Brianna Garfield, a French novelist.

Brianna Hildebrand (born 1996) is an American actress who gained popularity for her role as Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool (2016), Deadpool 2 (2018), and The New Mutants (2020). She had also previously starred in TV shows like First Day and Annie Undocumented. She is known for playing strong female characters in comedic roles as well as providing strong support to lead actors and directors.

Briana Taylor (born 1984) is an American soul singer from Pennsylvania best known for songs such as “Lost Time” and “My World Is You”. With her powerful voice, she has built up a loyal following of fans who enjoy her music whether live or recorded.

Taylor has released two studio albums since 2016 that have both received positive critical reception and commercial success.

Finally, Briana Garfield (1846-1908) was a French novelist of the late 19th century whose work focused on women’s rights. She was noted for cleverly critiquing traditional gender roles through her books such as A Woman About Town (1882) which discussed topics such as love affairs between married couples.

During the time when women faced much discrimination in the literary world, Garfield proudly published works under her own pseudonym with no interference from male writers or publishers.

Pronunciation of The Name Brianna

The name Brianna is usually pronounced in two syllables as “BREE-ah-nuh”, however it is also somewhat commonly pronounced with three syllables: “bree-AN-uh”. Depending on your accent or dialect you may choose to pronounce the name differently.

The traditional (two-syllable) pronunciation of Brianna has become more popular in recent years.

Nationally, Brianna is a fairly common name across the United States and Canada. It has been steadily gaining in popularity since it first debuted as a top 500 name almost twenty years ago. As of 2018, it was the 52nd most popular girls’ name nationally and the 75th most popular girls’ name in Canada.

Numerology of The Name Brianna

Numerology is a study of the underlying numeric influences of names on individuals. It allows us to analyze the characters and events of Brianna’s life and determine how they may impact her current personality traits.

Brianna’s overall destiny number or Expression number, is derived from all the numbers present in Brianna’s full birth name. Numbers 1-9 have both positive and negative connotations when associated with Brianna’s destiny number.

The numerology of Brianna’s destiny number gives insight into her character and future potential goals she will want to accomplish in life. This number indicates that Brianna needs to strive for excellence, honesty, and accountability in whatever path she chooses.

She will thrive in environments where there is a great deal of responsibility placed on her shoulders, and she needs to challenge herself often if she wants to find success in life.

Additionally, this number implies that with hard work, determination, focus, goal-setting and perseverance, Brianna can achieve many successes both professionally and personally during her lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Name Brianna

What Does The Name Brianna Mean?

The name ‘Brianna’ is derived from the Irish Gaelic name ‘Brighid’, which means ‘high, noble one’ or ‘exalted one’. The first element of the word ‘Brianna’ (bri-) is the Proto-Celtic *bris- meaning ‘forceful’ or ‘prominent’.

What Is The Origin of The Name Brianna?

The origin of Brianna goes back to ancient Celtic mythology. In mythology, Brighid is associated with healing and smith work and later became associated with Christianity as St. Brigid of Ireland. The spelling ‘Brianna’ became popular in America in the 1990s when it appeared on television shows like Beverly Hills 90210.

Where Does Brianna Rank as a Baby Name?

Brianna ranks quite highly among baby girl names in its native Ireland as well as England, Wales and Scotland. In recent time it has become a popular name in Australia and New Zealand too. It was listed at number 366 on Social Security card applications in 2019 and climbed to number 225 by 2020 after appearing on the list for several consecutive years.


To sum up, the name Brianna has a variety of meanings and implications. In the Irish language, it is believed to be a feminine form of Brian which means strength. In Hebrew, it stands for virtuous and exalted one.

However, depending on its pronunciation it may also refer to being strong or honorable as well as simply being joyful or beautiful depending on its origin and usage in different cultures across the globe.

In essence, the name Brianna gives off a strong and positive image to everyone it is associated with!


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