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Brandon Name Meaning – What Does The Name Brandon Mean?

What does the name Brandon Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Brandon. Let's get started.

What does the name Brandon Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Brandon. 

Let’s get started. 


The name Brandon is derived from Old English origins, and is the name of an old district known as ‘Brom-tun’ or ‘broom-enclosure’. It was originally used to symbolize a safe place where people could escape in times of danger.

The meaning of the name, “Brandon”, has been suggested to be “hill crest,” “brave,” “sword,” and “beacon on the hill.” Brandon can also be interpreted as being derived from two words: “bran” (raven) and “dun” (hill). This gives Brandon a more poetic meaning: a Raven on the hill.

The Raven is believed to be a sign of protection by many cultures and this interpretation suggests that someone has been given the name Brandon because they will protect those they love.

Overall, the name Brandon is a strong masculine option with roots in Anglo-Saxon and Celtic heritage. It carries strong meanings relating to safety, protection, and courage which makes for an excellent choice for parents who are looking for something with some positive connotations.

Origin and Meaning of The Name Brandon

The name Brandon is derived from an Old English and Old French nickname which meant “hill covered with broom,” a type of yellow-flowered shrub. The name is believed to have originated from a place in England known as Breandon, which was a settlement of such shrubs.

The name Brandon has been popular for centuries, used by kings, celebrities, and everyday people alike. In this article, we will explore the origin and meaning of the name Brandon, its popularity over time, and the nicknames and variants associated with it.

Etymology of The Name Brandon

The history and etymology of the name Brandon can be traced back to ancient times and vary depending on the language. In Old English, the name Brandon is composed of two elements – “brand” meaning “sword”, and “holen” denoting an area for sale, which can mathematically translate to “Sword Hill” or “Sword Range”. Alternatively, it could also stand for “blade hill” or “blade range”.

Another interpretation of the name is ‘Fire-Hill’ or ‘Fire-Range’, derived from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘brant’ which means burning. This could have been noted as a place where a fire was visible at night time and thus became known as such by early settlers.

The first recorded use of the name Brandon appears in 1177 in Northumberland when Robertus Brandune held land there as part of William I’s survey into feudal land holdings in England after his conquest from 1066 – 1070 when he became King.

It was only until 1938 that it was used more generally with actor Brandon (Laird) de Wilde being one of the first celebrities to adopt this name as part of his stage identity in his appearance on Broadway at 17 years old. The popularity and strong associations linked to this name over time due its regal origin but also increased by its usage have made it one of Britain’s most popular male baby names over recent years…

Different Spellings of The Name Brandon

The name Brandon has somewhat different spelling variations across the world, depending on whether the language spoken is one of a Germanic, Latin or Celtic origin. Some of the more commonly seen variants of Brandon include Branden, Brendon, Briand and Brannen.

In Romance languages such as French and Italian, the word “brandou” or “brandone” is used to mean “fire worshiper”, which possibly has a connection to the English name Brandon. This could refer to those who worshipped gods associated with fire in ancient culture.

The meaning of the name in Japanese (ブランドン) is fairly unique. It means “to be wild”, although this interpretation has no relation to its original meaning in other languages.

In Old Norse and Old English language, the name consists of two syllables: bran and don. Bran means sword or fire while don refers to hill or downland. Essentially it means “fire on a hill”. In addition, acronymically it stands for Battle Ready As Necessary Down On Notices involving diplomacy! This makes sense as ‘Brandon’ was traditionally thought of as a great battle commander or leader from Norse mythology.

Popularity of The Name Brandon

Brandon is a name which has been popular in the United States since 1954. Its popularity peaked between 1988 and 1993, when it was the sixth most popular name for boys.

Although its popularity has decreased over the last two decades, it is still a relatively common name with over 1.5 million males born with the name Brandon in the United States alone since its origin.

The popularity of this name can not only be attributed to its sound, but also to its origin and meaning. The name Brandon is derived from an Old English word meaning “hill covered with broom” or “broom covered hill”. Over time, it evolved into a more general descriptor for someone who hailed from a hilly area or lived near one – thus leading to its subtle yet powerful symbolism of strength and courage against daunting odds.

Furthermore, Brandon is seen as an inspiring and uplifting name that boils down to simply depicting strength, bravery and character through adversity – all qualities that are understandably much admired today.

Characteristics Associated With The Name Brandon

The name Brandon has its roots in Old English and Old Norse, and it has a meaning of ‘broom hill’ or ‘hill covered in gorse’. It is a very popular name and is often associated with characteristics such as being brave, loyal, and practical.

Brandon is also thought to bring good luck and offer protection to those who are close to him. It is also believed that those with the name Brandon possess a strong will and can deal with difficult circumstances efficiently.

Personality Traits

Brandon is an extremely popular name in the United States and has been around since the 19th century. Those who bare the name have a distinct personality, strengths, and weaknesses that make them unique.

Common personalities of those named Brandon include being passionate, people-oriented, good communicators, relaxed, sensitive but strong when need be. They are insightful and independent which makes them confident leaders with plenty of innovative ideas.

Brandons tend to be hardworking individuals who may sometimes get overly stressed or driven when they set their minds on an achievement.

On the flip side, they can also be apathetic at times or too trusting of others without considering potential risks with any situation. Brandons may also put their personal needs ahead of those around them, which can lead to selfish behavior or difficulty in relationships.

Overall, however, Brandons are usually highly intelligent personable people who strive for success and continuously challenge themselves to reach their goals in life.

Popular Occupations

The name Brandon is derived from an Old English surname, originally a shortened version of the name Brendan. The meaning of the name is “brave” or “brilliant” and it is often associated with strength, power and ambition.

The name appears in literature and popular media, such as the television series “Beverly Hills 90210,” which used Brandon as the first name of one of its main characters.

The popularity of the name Brandon has ebbed or increased over time depending on geography and culture, but in 2020 it was ranked 4th most popular for boys’ first names in the United States according to Social Security data.

Some characteristics that can be associated with people named Brandon are strong-willed and independent thinking, having leadership qualities, being ambitious and goal-oriented, having creativity as well as analytical capabilities since many Brandons have strengths with both verbal and numerical skills.

A few occupations held by Brandons around the world include entrepreneur, engineer, journalist/author/editor/publisher, paramedic, athlete/coach/instructor/athletic director and musician. Other commonly seen occupations include teacher/professor at all levels (primary school up to university), lawyer/legal professional and accountant/financial analyst.

Life Expectancy

The name Brandon is of various origins, making its meaning hard to define, however there are some characteristics typically associated with it regardless of origin. People named Brandon tend to live for many years and have an average life expectancy.

In fact, according to the Social Security Administration, people named Brandon outlived their peers from 2000 to 2018 based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Program.

Brandon’s often demonstrate a great capacity for intelligence, creativity, and strong leadership qualities throughout their life time. They have a strong sense of self worth and confidence in the decisions they make. These traits can often be seen in their education pursuits and career paths which tend to endear them with success over time when combined with a high level of commitment and dedication.

Famous People Named Brandon

Brandon is a name of English origin meaning “brave hill” and has been a popular name for the past decade, with those bearing it professional athletes, musicians and actors alike. Some of the most famous people named Brandon are listed below:

  • Brandon Roy, an American professional basketball player who played in the NBA and was named Rookie of the Year in 2007.
  • Brandon Lee, an American actor and martial artist, most notably known for his role as Eric Draven in The Crow.
  • Brandon Flowers, an American singer/songwriter who rose to fame as frontman of the band The Killers.
  • Brandon Routh, an American actor known for his roles as Superman in Superman Returns and Ray Palmer/The Atom in Arrowverse Legends of Tomorrow.
  • Brandon Jenner, an American television personality and son of Caitlyn Jenner who rose to fame after competing on Dancing with the Stars.


Whatever the origin and meaning of your name Brandon may be, it is a powerful influence on your personality and behavior. Knowing that your name has a certain power can give you the confidence you need to take on any challenge.

It can also help you understand the power that names have had throughout history and continue to have in our lives today.

Your name, Brandon, carries long-standing meanings for confidence, strength, dedication, loyalty, courage and understanding.

With its strong roots in history, Brandon has a lot to offer as an individual name. Those with this name will take pride in their unique history and strive to live up to its expectations each day of their life.


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