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Audrey: Baby Name Meaning, Popularity, Origin, and History

Welcome to our exploration of the name Audrey! If you’re curious about what does the name Audrey mean, its origin, history, and symbolism, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re considering this name for your baby girl or just love learning about names, we’ve got you covered.

Audrey, of British origin, carries a significant meaning – “noble strength.” This timeless name harkens back to the Anglo-Norman period and has remained a popular choice among parents seeking a classic and meaningful name for their little one.

This name gained even more recognition through the legendary Hollywood actress and humanitarian, Audrey Hepburn. Renowned for her elegance and charm, Audrey Hepburn beautifully exemplifies the grace and strength tied to the name Audrey.

In the following sections, we’ll delve into the popularity and trends of the name Audrey, its fascinating symbolism and meaning, as well as offer some similar names and sibling name ideas. Let’s explore the multifaceted allure of this beloved name together!

Popularity and Trends of The Name Audrey

Audrey popularity ranking

While Audrey is a beloved name, it has not reached the top ranks of popularity. However, it has consistently been in the top 200 names for the past century. In recent years, Audrey’s popularity has been on the rise, moving from a ranking of 115 in 2000 to 60 in 2020. Its peak popularity came in 2013 when it reached the rank of 33. The name Audrey has a timeless appeal and is a popular choice among parents who want a name that exudes elegance and strength.

If we take a closer look at the popularity of the name Audrey, we can see that it has steadily gained traction over time. The table below shows the ranking of the name Audrey in the United States over the past two decades:

Year Ranking
2000 115
2005 98
2010 70
2015 56
2020 60

As shown in the table, Audrey has consistently remained a popular choice for parents, steadily climbing in popularity. Its elegant sound and timeless charm contribute to its appeal. The name Audrey is both classic and modern, making it a versatile choice for any baby girl.

Meaning and Symbolism of The Name Audrey

The name Audrey holds deep meaning and symbolism. Derived from the Anglo-Saxon Aethelthryth, it signifies noble strength and honorable characteristics. Audrey is associated with bravery, power, and resilience. It carries a sense of regality and elegance, reflecting the qualities of the historical figure St. Audrey and the iconic actress Audrey Hepburn.

Choosing the name Audrey for your baby girl can symbolize the hope for her to grow up as a strong and noble individual.

Similar Names and Sibling Name Ideas for Audrey

For parents who adore the name Audrey, there are several similar names that may catch their fancy for their baby girl. Variations of Audrey include Audrie, Aubrey, Aubrie, Audree, and Audra. These names share a similar sound or origin with Audrey, providing parents with a range of options that capture the same timeless elegance and noble strength.

When it comes to selecting a sibling name for Audrey, there are numerous choices that harmonize beautifully with her classic and refined style. Consider names like Charlotte, Amelia, Harper, Ava, or Olivia. These names strike a balance of charm and sophistication, creating a cohesive naming theme and reflecting the timeless qualities and elegance embodied by the name Audrey.

Whether it’s exploring similar names or seeking sibling name ideas, parents who cherish the name Audrey have plenty of options to consider. With its rich history and symbolic meaning, Audrey is a name that stands the test of time, and finding companion names that complement its beauty and grace only enhances its appeal.


What Does The Name Audrey Mean?

The name Audrey means “noble strength.”

What Is The Origin of The Name Audrey?

The name Audrey is of British origin.

Who Is a Famous Bearer of The Name Audrey?

Audrey Hepburn, the iconic Hollywood actress, is a famous bearer of the name Audrey.

Is Audrey a Popular Name?

While Audrey is not among the top ranks of popularity, it has consistently been in the top 200 names for the past century. In recent years, its popularity has been on the rise.

What Is The Meaning and Symbolism Behind The Name Audrey?

Derived from the Anglo-Saxon Aethelthryth, the name Audrey signifies noble strength and honorable characteristics. It is associated with bravery, power, and resilience.

Are There Similar Names to Audrey?

Yes, some similar names to Audrey include Audrie, Aubrey, Aubrie, Audree, and Audra.

What Are Some Sibling Name Ideas for Audrey?

Sibling name ideas that complement Audrey’s classic and elegant style include Charlotte, Amelia, Harper, Ava, and Olivia.


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