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Anthony Name Meaning – What Does The Name Anthony Mean?

What does the name Anthony Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Anthony. Let's get started.

What does the name Anthony Mean? In this quick guide, we will explore the origin, history, popularity, and meaning of the name Anthony. 

Let’s get started. 


The name Anthony is of Greek origin and is derived from the Latin Antonius, meaning “invaluable”. It is one of the most popular male names throughout Europe, North America and Oceania, as well as being an important figure in the Bible. In this article, we’ll explore the origin of the name Anthony, its popularity across the globe, and what it means.

Origin of The Name Anthony

The name Anthony is of Latin origin, derived from Antonius, which ultimately comes from a Roman family name. During the Middle Ages, it was borne by a saint whose attributes included charity and humility. Being popular throughout Europe and in North America, several languages have been used to write the name in different forms.

In Spain, it is written as Antonio. In the Romance languages (French, Italian and Portuguese), the form Antoine has become traditional for this name; Antoni or Tonio for Italy; Antón or Toño for Portugal; Tanneguy for France; Antoan or Toan for Bulgaria; Anthanasios for Greece; and Anthony or Tony for English-speaking countries such as England and most of North America. It’s also been recorded in various spellings to include Anthonie, Anthoney and Anthonio.

Meaning of The Name Anthony

The name Anthony originated as an Ancient Greek name with uncertain meaning. The original Greek form of the name is Antonios which may be derived from an unknown origin, possibly from the root word “anthos”, meaning flower.

Alternatively, some believe it could be derived from the Greek phrase “anthemonen” with meaning “invaluable”. This name is related to the Latin form Antonius. In its various forms, it was popular in Europe throughout the Middle Ages and has been used in England since the 12th century.

In Roman mythology and literature, Anthony was a champion of justice and honor who spent his life fighting for those who were oppressed by tyrants. This led to him being glorified as a saint when he was martyred during Emperor Maximian’s Crusade Against Christianity in 286 A.D.

This explains why his name has always had such a strong association with courage and valor in language and literature alike; throughout Europe, people would give their children this meaningful name to inspire them to act courageously no matter what challenges they faced.

Though Anthony originally had roots as a boys’ name, by the 19th century it had become increasingly popular for girls too. Today, it remains both fashionable and classic; one that remains timelessly charming yet is truly unique nonetheless.

As well as being a symbol of courage and justice as its roots state, today Anthony also symbolizes calmness strength and individuality — perfect traits if you’re looking for a name that’s sure to stand out!

Popularity of The Name Anthony

Anthony is a incredibly popular name historically and is still widely used in modern times. According to the Social Security Administration, Anthony was the 20th most popular name for boys born in 2019. Dating back to the mid 1800s, the name Anthony has consistently been one of the most popular baby names. Many celebrities, from singers to actors, have this name, making it an attractive choice for parents.

Popularity of The Name Anthony in The United States

The name Anthony has maintained a consistent presence in the top 100 most popular baby boy names in the United States. According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the earliest record of an American given the name Anthony was in 1880 when it ranked as number 82 on their list of most popular baby names. Since then, this variation of the classic Antonio or Antoine has been a consistently popular choice among parents across the United States.

The popularity of the name Anthony peaked at spot four in 1999, and has since dropped to spot 11 in 2019. However, despite its downfall Anthony remains one of the country’s most beloved names and is still ranked 9th overall among all other spellings, such as Anthonie, Antonie and Antony. Despite regional differences, Anthony is a favorite for parents across cultural backgrounds, demographics and generations and tends to increase in popularity during times of economic prosperity or wartime.

Popularity of The Name Anthony in Other Countries

The name Anthony is a timeless classic that has been known to have multiple origins and meanings. Over time, the name has become popular in different countries around the world, gaining more and more popularity throughout the years.

In Canada, Anthony is one of the top ten most popular names for males. It ranks 10th on the list for both baby boys born in 2020 and baby boys born between 2014-2018.

In France, it is ranked 34th most popular name of male babies born in 2019. In Ireland, this falls to 24th place on the list of male baby names born in 2019–2020.

In Scotland, Anthony falls slightly lower on the list to 44th place out of 100 most popular names given to baby boys born between 2018-2019. However it still remains a very popular first name choice among many families worldwide.

Other countries where the name Anthony is abundantly used includes Australia (13th most popular), England (14th most popular), Wales (9th), Italy (46), Austria (65), Brazil(79), Mexico(64) and Germany(57).


The name Anthony has a long history, with many variations and derivatives across different countries. There are many forms of the name, including Antonius, Anthon, Antoine, Antoni, Anttuan, Antoon, Anthonis, Antonino, Antal and Antek. Each of these variations has its own unique meaning and pronunciation, offering a wide range of potential names for your son or daughter. Let’s explore some of the most popular variations of the name Anthony.

Common Variations of The Name Anthony

The name Anthony has been around since the time of Ancient Rome. It has evolved over the centuries, with many variations in spelling, pronunciation and meaning. Common variations of the name Anthony include Anthanasios, Antonio and Antone.

Forms of the name Anthony that are more commonly seen today include Anthon, Antoni (with a Polish influence) and Antonella (for a girl). In some cases, Tony is used as an abbreviated form of Anthony. The given name can also be combined with other names or words to create new forms such as Antonios, Tonio, Tonton or Tonyu. These shortened versions are often seen in Spanish-speaking regions.

The origin of the name Anthony is ancient Greek and Latin; it is composed from two elements – “anthos” meaning flower and “onoma” meaning name – together implying “a flowery name” or “a flower-like beauty.” Over time it has become associated with living life courageously and honorably as well as having leadership qualities and a natural charisma that helps you get along well with others.

Anthony was used widely among early Christians due to its symbolic association with Saint Anthony who was loved for his ascetic piety in supporting Christian values during difficult times. It remains one of the most popular male names throughout history due to its honorable roots, versatility and common usage among multiple cultures around the world.

Alternate Spellings of The Name Anthony

The name Anthony is derived from the Roman family name Antonius, which evolved from the personal name Anton. The spelling of Anthony has varied over time and throughout Europe. There is no single international spelling, though several common variations are found throughout the world.

In English-speaking countries, Anthony is often spelled with -th-, such as Antony, Anthonie, or Anthoney. This spelling is also used in some Romance languages (Spanish: Antonio; French: Antoine). The -ph- spelling is rare in English but common elsewhere in Europe (such as German: Antonph; Italian: Antofo)

In Russia and other Slavic countries such as Serbia and Croatia the form Andrija or Andriy/Andrey (Cyrillic “Андрей”) for Anthony/Antonio is usual. Meanwhile, Greeks most commonly spell it Aggelos (“Άγγελος”, i.e., Greek for ‘angel’).

Common alternate spellings include Anthoneo and Antynus, while rarer variants include Anthonj and Antonije. In Scotland and Ulster a common variation is Anthane; this may be due to its pronunciation in an Irish brogue with a propensity to drop consonants at the end of a syllable, i.e., pronounced “An-thin”.

Famous People Named Anthony

The name Anthony is a very popular name among people of many cultures. It has a significant history dating back to the Roman Empire, where it was one of the most popular names for men. In recent times, many celebrities, athletes, and other famous people have been named Anthony. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous Anthonys and what the name means for them.

Notable People Named Anthony

Anthony is a popular name derived from the Roman family name, Antonius. It was one of the most important Roman families and over time it has become a very common name in many varied cultures all over the world. Anthony is often transferred to the surname as well; sometimes it is used as both first and last names.

The popularity of Anthony means that there are many famous individuals who sported this name, whether as their real first or last name, or simply part of their established stage names. Here are some noteworthy people with the given or surname Anthony:

-Former President of United States, Barack Obama’s full given name is Barack Hussein Obama II. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and his middle name reflects his African lineage – Hussein being an Arabic patronymic for “son of” -Hussein was also one of his father’s Biblical names.

-Anthony Hopkins CBE (Commander of The Most Excellent Order Of The British Empire), better known just as Anthony Hopkins, is a Welsh actor who has played some iconic roles in films like ‘The Silence Of The Lambs’ (1991) and ‘Nixon’ (1995).

-Tony Blair was Prime Minister of Britain from 1997-2007 under Labour Party leadership and championing “New Labour” policies. He acted internationally on diplomatic issues such as conflicts in Northern Ireland and Kosovo.

-Famed American director Steven Spielberg changed his middle name to ‘Anthony’ because he likes tonal abbreviation between ‘S’ & ‘A’ initials for his first two names respectively so that it sounds like “Saw” instead when pronounced together quickly; Saw being short form for Spielberg & Anthony combined together sounds similar to Steven Anthony .

-Tony Bennett (born Anthony Dominick Benedetto), referred to professionally as Tony Bennett , is an American singer whose career spans seven decades beginning with US Armed Forces releases in 1950s. His iconic work includes standards such as “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” made him a foremost interpreter among popular singers who even won prestigious Grammy lifetime achievement award for excellence in music making & related field including songwriting & performing .

Famous Fictional Characters Named Anthony

There are many famous fictional characters named Anthony, all of whom have interesting stories and unique personalities. From the beloved hero “The Incredible Hulk”, Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark, to the intelligent and mischievous character from Harry Potter, Anthony Goldstein. Here is a list of some more famous fictional characters with the name of Anthony that you might recognize.

-Anthony ‘Ace’ Scalia, protagonist in the film “Killer Elite”.
-Anthony ‘Antonio’ Banderas, Spanish actor and singer, plays in films such as Desperadoes and The Mask of Zorro.
-Anthony J. Cahill, antagonist in the 1985 movie Fright Night
-Anthony Mason Jr., leader of a pack of wild dogs in Disney’s Oliver & Company.
-Anthony LaPaglia, Australian actor known for his roles in films such as Sliver City and Autumn in New York and on TV series like Without a Trace.
-Anthony Adams (aka Pym), scientist and superhero from Marvel Comics who appears frequently as a member of The Avengers and Fantastic Four teams.
-Travis Burkii / Anthony Aedeseus Walker III / Tula Lotus Terra Marowski Walker Burkii III IIXIIXVIIIXXIXIXIXXVIII (Tony), protagonist in Futurama season six episode three “The Prisoner Of Benda”
-Sherlock Holms’ loyal friend Doctor John Watson’s middle name is also revealed to be Anthony at one point during an episode of BBC’s Sherlock mini series


For centuries, numerology has been used to analyze names and explore the hidden meanings behind them. In the case of the name Anthony, numerology can provide insight into its influence on the life of its bearer. In this section, we will discuss the numerological aspects of the name Anthony, as well as its origin and other aspects related to it.

The Numerological Meaning of The Name Anthony

The numerological interpretation of the name Anthony is based on the numerical value of its letters to calculate a single, unique number. Each letter in the name has a corresponding number that helps to build a portrait of who you are and how you will fit into this world.

In the case of someone named Anthony, their full name interprets as: 1+ 5 + 2 + 8 + 4 + 5+ 7 = 32. By breaking it down further, we can include the qualities of each individual number with particular attention paid to: 3 (creativity) and 2 (harmony & balance).

These two numbers can be combined to see what energies are dominant in your life. When put together, it could mean that your creativity is going to be balanced by harmony and understanding as you go through life. The 3 also reinforces your independent spirit, which makes it even easier for you to take calculated risks without worrying about too much criticism from others.

The remaining numbers combine for an overall portrait that reveals: Anthony is someone who loves creativity and personal expression; who strives toward balance in all areas but thrives on variety; who loves taking risks yet is guided by strong moral principles and understanding; who cares deeply about relationships with others but stays true to personal goals first.

With such traits, these people tend to make great leaders as they stick determinedly to their course while recognizing aspects of humanity at every turn. This can lead them towards success in whatever field they choose while making sure they keep their feet firmly planted on the ground throughout their journey towards reaching greatness.


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