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Adrian: Baby Name Meaning, Popularity, Origin, and History

Welcome to our article about the name Adrian! If you’re curious about what the name Adrian means, its origin, and its significance, you’ve come to the right place. In this section, we’ll explore the various aspects of the name Adrian, from its meaning and gender association to its popularity and cultural references.

Gender and Popularity of The Name Adrian

Adrian gender meaning

Adrian is one of those versatile names that can be used for both boys and girls. In terms of gender meaning, Adrian has traditionally been more popular as a boy’s name. However, it has also gained some recognition as a girl’s name in recent years.

Speaking of popularity, the name Adrian has experienced fluctuations over time. According to the Social Security Administration’s data, Adrian ranked at number 430 on the list of top baby names in 1900. It started gaining traction in the 1960s and managed to break into the top 100 by 1985. The name reached its peak popularity at number 56 in 2010 and currently sits at number 58 as of 2020.

While Adrian has primarily been used for boys, it also entered the top 1,000 list for girls in 1949. However, its popularity as a girl’s name has been more erratic, going on and off the list a few times. Adrian reached its highest point in 1983 at number 439 but dropped off the list in 2001.

It’s worth noting that the popularity of Adrian as a girl’s name may have been influenced by various pop culture references. The television series “Monk” and the “Rocky” movie franchise, for example, featured female characters named Adrian, which could have contributed to its appeal for parents looking for unique and meaningful names for their daughters.

Year Rank (Boys) Rank (Girls)
1900 430
1960 303
1980 94 439
2000 63
2020 58

Pronunciation and Sibling Names

When it comes to pronouncing the name Adrian, it’s pronounced as “ah-dree-an.” So, when you say the name, remember to emphasize the “ah” sound before the “dree” and “an” sounds.

If you’re considering names that have a similar sound to Adrian, here are some options to consider:

  • Aaron
  • Aiden
  • Aldan
  • Allan
  • Alvin
  • Anson
  • Anton
  • Auden
  • Austin

These names share the same sound or have a similar rhythm as Adrian, making them great choices if you’re looking for sibling names that complement Adrian nicely.

Additionally, here are some sibling names that go well with Adrian:

  1. Anthony
  2. Asher
  3. Beatrice
  4. Cecilia
  5. Dante
  6. Fabian
  7. Felicity
  8. Felix
  9. Hillary
  10. Julia
  11. Laura
  12. Marcus
  13. Patricia
  14. Violet
  15. Vivian

Consider these names as they pair well with Adrian, creating a harmonious and balanced set of sibling names.

Notable People and Pop Culture References

The name Adrian has been associated with many notable individuals in various fields. Adrian Gonzalez, for example, is a renowned baseball player who has made significant contributions to the sport. Another Adrian who has made a name for himself is Adrian Grenier, an American actor, producer, and director, known for his role in the popular television series “Entourage.”

Adrian Peterson is a well-known American football player who has achieved great success in his career. His exceptional talent and achievements on the field have made him a household name. Similarly, Adrian Brody, an Academy Award-winning actor, has captivated audiences with his remarkable performances in critically acclaimed films.

Adrian Corbo is a notable figure in the world of comic books, known as a Marvel Comics superhero with unique abilities and a compelling story. Additionally, the name Adrian has been immortalized in pop culture through references in the “Rocky” movie franchise and the “Harry Potter” character Adrian Pucey.

The influence of these notable people and pop culture references has further solidified the name Adrian’s cultural significance, making it a name that resonates with many individuals.


What Is The Meaning of The Name Adrian?

The name Adrian is of Latin origin and means “son of Adria.” It is also derived from the Roman family name Adrianus or Hadrianus, which means “from Hadria,” a town in northern Italy near the Adriatic Sea. In Greek, the name Adrian means “rich.”

Is Adrian a Boy’s Name or a Girl’s Name?

Adrian is most commonly used as a boy’s name but can also be used as a girl’s name. The feminine variations of Adrian are Adriana or Adrienne.

What Is The Popularity of The Name Adrian?

The popularity of the name Adrian has varied over time. In 1900, Adrian ranked number 430 on the Social Security Administration’s list of top baby names. It started to gain popularity in the 1960s and broke into the top 100 by 1985. Adrian reached its peak at number 56 in 2010 and currently ranks at number 58 as of 2020. As a girl’s name, Adrian entered the top 1,000 list in 1949 but fell off a few times. It peaked in popularity in 1983 at number 439 and dropped off the list in 2001.

How Do You Pronounce The Name Adrian?

The name Adrian is pronounced as “ah-dree-an.”

What Are Some Similar-sounding Names to Adrian?

Some similar-sounding names to Adrian include Aaron, Aiden, Aldan, Allan, Alvin, Anson, Anton, Auden, Austin, and more.

What Are Some Sibling Names That Go Well With Adrian?

If you’re looking for sibling names that go well with Adrian, consider names like Anthony, Asher, Beatrice, Cecilia, Dante, Fabian, Felicity, Felix, Hillary, Julia, Laura, Marcus, Patricia, Violet, and Vivian.

Who Are Some Notable Individuals With The Name Adrian?

Some notable individuals with the name Adrian include Adrian Gonzalez (baseball player), Adrian Grenier (American actor, producer, and director), Adrian Peterson (American football player), Adrien Brody (Academy Award-winning actor), Adrian Corbo (Marvel Comics superhero), and Adrian Monk (protagonist of the television series “Monk”). The name Adrian has also appeared in pop culture references like the “Rocky” movie franchise and the “Harry Potter” character Adrian Pucey.


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