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Explore Names that Mean Starry Night: Guide & Inspiration

Illuminate your child’s identity with unique and enchanting names that mean starry night. In this guide, we will delve into a world of star-inspired names that will make your little one shine bright. Whether you’re looking for names that evoke the beauty of the night sky, stars, or simply the concept of night, we have plenty of options for you to consider.

Are you ready to embark on this celestial naming journey? Let the magic of the night guide you in choosing the perfect name for your child.

Top Night Names for Boys and Girls

night names

When it comes to choosing a name that embodies the enchantment of the night, there are several options that stand out for both boys and girls. Orion and Luna are two of the most popular night names, each with its own unique mythology and symbolism.

“Orion, a name of Greek origin, is associated with the mighty hunter in Greek mythology who was transformed into a constellation. Luna, derived from the Latin word for moon, is a beautiful choice that evokes the mystique and beauty of the nighttime sky.”

In addition to Orion and Luna, there are other remarkable night-inspired names to consider. Lyra, meaning “lyre” in Greek, is also the name of a constellation. This delicate and melodic name brings to mind the magical sounds of the night. Nova, which means “new” in Latin, represents the captivating phenomena of stars exploding and shining brightly. Amaya, a name of Japanese origin, means “night rain” and captures the gentle and peaceful essence of the night.

When choosing a name for your little one, consider the significance and symbolism that night-inspired names can bring. Whether you choose a popular option like Orion or Luna or opt for a more unique name like Lyra, Nova, or Amaya, your child’s name will shine brightly and carry the magic of the night.

Names That Mean Night

When searching for a name that symbolizes the beauty and mystery of the night, consider exploring names that mean “night” or have nocturnal associations. These names come from various cultures and languages, offering a diverse range of options for your child’s identity. Let’s dive into some enchanting nighttime names:

Japanese Night Names:

In Japanese culture, names like Miyabi and Miyu embody the essence of the evening hours. Miyabi, meaning “elegance,” captures the refined qualities of the night, while Miyu conveys the tranquility and gentleness often associated with twilight.

Literary Night Names:

If you’re a fan of fantasy literature, you may find inspiration in names like Tinuviel. This name was created by J.R.R. Tolkien and is found in his legendarium. Tinuviel symbolizes the beauty and grace of the night, often referred to as “the daughter of the twilight.”

Celebrity Night Name:

Cypress Night is a unique name chosen by actor Jack Huston and model Shannan Click for their son. This name combines the elegance of the cypress tree with the enchantment of the night, creating a striking and distinctive choice.

Names That Mean Night

Name Origin Meaning
Miyabi Japanese Elegance
Miyu Japanese Gentle, tranquility
Tinuviel Literary (J.R.R. Tolkien) Daughter of the twilight
Cypress Night Celebrity-influenced Combination of cypress tree and night

By considering names that mean “night,” you can celebrate the beauty and allure of the nocturnal world. Whether you’re drawn to Japanese elegance, literary references, or unique celebrity choices, the options are boundless. Explore the captivating realm of nighttime names and find the perfect moniker that resonates with your child’s identity.

Names That Mean Star

Stars in the Night Sky

When it comes to choosing a name that represents the celestial beauty of stars, there are several options to consider. Names that mean star not only convey a sense of magic and wonder but also hold a timeless charm. Whether you are looking for a literal translation or a name inspired by a specific star, we have curated a collection of enchanting star names to inspire you.

Inspired by the brilliance of stars, Celeste is a classic name that means “heavenly” or “divine.” It exudes elegance and grace, making it a popular choice for parents seeking a name that embodies celestial beauty. Similarly, Stella, derived from the Latin word for “star,” has a simple yet timeless appeal.

If you are looking for a name with a celestial association, Vega is an excellent choice. Vega is one of the brightest stars in the night sky and holds significant cultural and scientific importance. Another rising star in the name game is Astraea, derived from the Greek word for “star-maiden.” This unique and mystical name is perfect for those seeking a name that reflects the enchanting allure of the stars.

Name Meaning
Celeste Heavenly, divine
Stella Star
Vega Brightest star in the Lyra constellation
Astraea Star-maiden

These star-inspired names offer a unique and celestial quality that can serve as a lifelong source of inspiration for your child. Whether you choose a name with a literal translation or one that draws upon the brilliance of notable stars, these names are sure to make your little one shine bright like a star in the night sky.

Names That Mean Moon

names that mean moon

When it comes to choosing a name that embodies the mystical beauty of the moon, there are several unique options to consider. These names not only pay homage to the celestial body that lights up the night sky but also capture the enchanting aura and symbolism associated with the moon. Whether you are seeking a name for a baby girl or boy, these moon-inspired names are sure to bring a touch of celestial magic to their identity.


Derived from the Latin word “lucina,” meaning “moon,” Lucine is a lovely and elegant choice for a girl’s name. Evoking images of moonlit landscapes and gentle moonbeams, Lucine captures the ethereal essence of the moon in its purest form. With its soft sounds and graceful rhythm, Lucine is a name that exudes both charm and sophistication.


Altalune is a captivating name that hails from the Italian language. Combining “alta,” meaning “high,” and “luna,” meaning “moon,” Altalune symbolizes the moon at its peak, shining brightly and casting its ethereal glow over the world. With its unique combination of sounds and its celestial meaning, Altalune is a name that truly stands out.


In Hindi, the word “Indu” translates directly to “moon.” This simple yet powerful name carries with it the rich cultural significance of the moon in Indian mythology and folklore. With its strong and resonant sound, Indu brings to mind the serene beauty and spiritual wisdom associated with the moon. It is a name that holds deep meaning and evokes a sense of tranquility.


In Greek mythology, Io was a mortal woman who was transformed into a cow and became one of Zeus’s lovers. Although not directly meaning “moon,” Io is associated with one of Jupiter’s moons in the solar system. With its mythological origins and celestial connection, Io is a name that represents both strength and intrigue. Its short and simple nature adds to its allure.

Imbue your child’s identity with the celestial wonder of the moon by choosing a name that embodies its captivating essence. Whether you prefer the melodic sound of Lucine, the uniqueness of Altalune, the cultural significance of Indu, or the mythological allure of Io, these names are sure to shine brightly in the night sky of your child’s life.

Night God and Goddess Names

Night God and Goddess Names

When it comes to names that embody the mystique and power of the night, there are several deities who hold a special place in mythology. These night gods and goddesses are associated with the moon, darkness, and fertility, captivating our imaginations and inspiring awe. Let’s explore some of these fascinating figures.


One of the most well-known night goddesses is Phoebe, a Titaness from Greek mythology. She is often associated with the moon, and her name means “bright” or “pure.” Phoebe is a symbol of wisdom and prophecy, bringing illumination to the darkness of the night sky.


Cynthia, another Greek moon goddess, is sometimes used as an epithet for Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Her name means “woman of Kynthos,” referring to the mountain on the island of Delos where she was born. Cynthia represents the beauty and grace of the moon, inspiring poets and lovers throughout the ages.


Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt and the moon, is associated with the wild and untamed aspects of nature. She is often depicted as a fierce and independent deity, protecting the night and its creatures. Artemis is a symbol of strength and resilience, embodying the power of the moon.


In Celtic mythology, Rhiannon is a goddess associated with the moon, fertility, and the night. She is often depicted as a powerful and mysterious figure, riding a white horse across the night sky. Rhiannon represents the cycles of life and embodies the magic and enchantment of the moonlit night.

“The night is not just a time of darkness, but a canvas for the gods and goddesses who bring forth the beauty and wonder of the celestial realm.” – Unknown

These night gods and goddesses capture the essence of the night, reminding us of its beauty and mystery. Whether you are seeking inspiration for a baby name or simply want to delve into the mythology surrounding the night sky, these deities offer a rich source of enchantment and wonder.

What Is a Name That Means Night?

When it comes to choosing a name that embodies the mystical allure of the night, there are several options to consider. Whether you’re looking for night-themed names or names that directly mean “night,” these choices can instill a sense of enchantment and individuality in your child’s identity.

Night-Themed Names

If you’re drawn to names that evoke the essence of the night, consider options like Ajambo, Amaris, Ankareeda, and Deva. These names have diverse origins and meanings that connect them to the nocturnal realm. Ajambo, with African roots, means “born in the evening,” while Amaris symbolizes “child of the moon.” Ankareeda, of Indian origin, represents the “night sky,” and Deva is a Hindi moon goddess.

By selecting one of these night-themed names, you can honor the beauty and mystery of the night in your child’s name, creating a connection to the celestial wonders that light up the evening sky.

Names That Directly Mean “Night”

If you prefer names that explicitly convey the meaning of “night,” there are culturally diverse options available. These names offer a direct association with the concept of darkness and the allure it holds.

For example, the African name Ajambo means “nighttime,” while the Indian name Ankareeda signifies “night sky.” Choosing one of these names can add a touch of cultural richness and depth to your child’s identity, celebrating the diversity of human languages and traditions.

Name Origin Meaning
Ajambo African Nighttime
Amaris Unknown Child of the moon
Ankareeda Indian Night sky
Deva Hindi Moon goddess

These names provide a unique and meaningful way to celebrate the wonders of the night and create a lasting identity for your child.

Let the beauty of the night inspire you as you consider a name that perfectly captures its essence. Whether you opt for a night-themed name or choose one that directly means “night,” you can infuse your child’s identity with the enchantment and magic of the nocturnal world.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Night or Darkness

If you’re searching for gender-neutral night names that exude a sense of mystery and intrigue, we have some captivating options for you. These names not only embody the essence of darkness but also celebrate the beauty of the night sky. Here are three unique choices to consider:


Originating from the Basque region, Arrats captures the enchantment of twilight and dusk. As a gender-neutral name, Arrats evokes a sense of calm and tranquility that comes with the arrival of nightfall. Its melodious sound and unique cultural heritage make it an extraordinary choice for parents seeking a name that embodies the magic of the night.


Hunapo, derived from Māori mythology, represents the darkness that precedes the dawn. This gender-neutral name symbolizes the transformative power of night and the hope that emerges with the rising sun. With its rich cultural significance and euphonious rhythm, Hunapo is a distinctive choice for parents desiring a name that symbolizes resilience and new beginnings.


Vesper, originating from Latin, signifies the evening or nightfall. This gender-neutral name carries an air of elegance and sophistication, evoking images of starlit evenings and quiet contemplation. With its timeless charm and poetic allure, Vesper is an exquisite choice for parents seeking a name that embodies the serene beauty of the night.

When choosing a gender-neutral name that means night or darkness, consider the cultural origins, symbolism, and personal resonance of each option. Each name carries its own unique story and can infuse your child’s identity with a touch of enchantment.


In conclusion, naming your child with a name that means starry night can add depth and inspiration. Whether you choose a name related to the night sky, stars, or simply the concept of night, there are plenty of unique and enchanting options to consider. Let the magic of the night guide you in choosing the perfect name for your little one.

By selecting a name associated with the celestial wonders of the night, you can evoke a sense of wonder and beauty. Names like Orion, Luna, and Vega carry mythical and celestial connotations, making them captivating choices for boys and girls.

Names that mean night, such as Miyabi, Tinuviel, and Cypress Night, offer a touch of mystery and elegance. These names have origins in different cultures and literature, giving your child a name that is as unique as they are.

Alternatively, you may opt for names that mean star or moon, like Celeste, Stella, Lucine, and Altalune, which symbolize light, guidance, and enchantment. These names can inspire and set your child on their own bright path.


Are There Any Popular Night Names for Boys and Girls?

Yes, the most popular night names for boys and girls are Orion and Luna, respectively. These names have connections to myth and legend. Other notable night names include Lyra, Nova, and Amaya.

Can You Provide Examples of Names That Mean “night”?

Certainly! Some examples of names that mean “night” include Miyabi and Miyu (Japanese), Tinuviel (invented by J.R.R. Tolkien), and Cypress Night (a unique name chosen by Jack Huston and Shannan Click for their son).

Are There Any Names That Mean “star”?

Yes, there are names that mean “star.” Some examples include Celeste and Stella (literal translations) and Vega (a notable star name). Astraea is also a rising star name.

What Are Some Names Related to The Moon?

In addition to Luna and Selena, names related to the moon include Lucine and Altalune (unique options) and Indu (meaning “moon” in Hindi). Io is a Greek mythological name associated with Jupiter’s moon.

Are There Any Night God and Goddess Names?

Yes, there are gods and goddesses associated with the night. Some examples include Phoebe, Cynthia, and Artemis, all connected to the moon. Rhiannon is a Celtic goddess associated with the moon and fertility.

What Are Some Names That Directly Mean “night”?

Names that directly mean “night” come from various origins. Examples include Ajambo (African), Ankareeda (Indian), Amaris (meaning “child of the moon”), and Deva (a Hindi moon goddess).

Can You Suggest Gender-neutral Night Names?

Yes, some gender-neutral night names include Arrats and Hunapo (with meanings related to dusk and hidden darkness). Vesper is a Latin name that means “evening” and can be used for both boys and girls.


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