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Beautiful girl names with meaning

There are so many beautiful girl names to choose from when looking for the perfect one for your daughter. From classic names to modern choices, there are countless options out there to consider. Each name has its own special meaning and carries with it a special story.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the most popular girl names out there. So let’s get started!

Popular Girl Names

1. Sophia

Sophia is a popular girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning ‘wisdom’. The name Sophia is derived from the same root as ‘sophism’ or wisdom. It’s often associated with the goddess Athena in Greek mythology, the goddess of wisdom and war.

Sophia has been a popular name among different societies throughout history – it appears in Shakespeare’s works and was second to Elizabeth as one of the most popular names among Puritans in America during colonial times. In recent years, Sophia has re-emerged as a top choice for baby girls and continues to be increasingly popular around the world.

People with this name tend to be centered around wisdom but also have an intuitive sense of deep knowing which makes them wise beyond their years.

2. Emma

Emma is a popular given name for girls that means “universal” or “all encompassing”. It has Germanic origins and is derived from the Old German Ermafrodite, which itself was derived from ermen meaning “whole” or “universal“, and fridu meaning “peace” or “protection“.

The name Emma has been popular in the English and German languages since the Middle Ages, with some records of it appearing as early as 1080 AD. It gained greater popularity in England during the reign of Emily I when it became one of her favorite names and was associated with nobility.

The name Emma became popular in the United States during the 19th century following a series of books by Maria Edgeworth entitled The Parent’s Assistant (1796-1806), one of which features a character named Emma Mills. The name also has Biblical connections to Naomi, mother-in-law to Ruth (Ruth 1:4).

At present, Emma remains one of the top ten most popular girl’s names for baby girls in Europe, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand; it currently ranks no. 5 in the United States, no. 3 in France and no. 1 in Sweden and Norway.

Variants of Emmas include Emelia, Emelye/Emelya/Emmeline/Emily/Emma Louise/Emmalynn as well as other diminutives such as Emya/Emi and Emmi or EMMA spelled backwards (‘Ammie’).

3. Olivia

Olivia is Latin in origin, associated with the olive tree, which is a symbol of peace and victory. It has long been a popular name for girls in many countries. The earliest record of the use of this name goes back to Rome and it was thought to have been used in 13th century England as well. In the United States, it gained prominence as one of the top 10 names for girls in 2006 and has remained popular ever since.

Olivia has a range of meanings including symbolic associations with peace, the olive branch, beauty, and youthful energy. It has been used to honor a variety of figures including artists, authors, kings and clerics throughout history. The name carries with it an enduring spirit that speaks to inner strength and fortitude combined with creative potential.

Olivia also has strong connections to classical literature including William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night where Olivia was one of two heroines as well as other works such as ‘Headlong Hall’, ‘Taming Of The Shrew’ and ‘The Bystander’. Popular variations include Olivie or Olivetti while longer versions include Olivette or Oliviana making personalizing this beautiful girl’s name even more achievable!

4. Ava

Ava is derived from the Latin word “avis,” which means “bird.” It also has roots in Hebrew, meaning “life.” In the United States, Ava is one of the most popular girl names and can be adapted to a variety of spellings, including Aava and Avah. This name has become a favorite with many parents due to its simple yet elegant sound and positive connotations.

Ava is an extremely versatile name and can be used for all generations. It is associated with beauty, royalty, strength, and courage – all desirable traits for a new baby girl. The fact that it has so many different variations makes it easy to customize to your own preference. From Avarielle to Avila or even Avaline – there are endless options for a unique spin on this classic name.

In terms of history, Ava was first used as a name during England’s Medieval period when it originated from the French “Aveline” but eventually became accepted in British culture in the eighteenth century.

In recent times, several prominent people have been given the name such as actresses Ava Gardner and Ava Phillippe; singers Ava Max and Avril Lavigne; royal family member Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diane Mountbatten-Windsor (she has the middle names of her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth); and tennis player Aravane Rezai. Furthermore, there are countless works of literature which feature characters named Ava or Avilene such as James M. Cain’s novel ‘Mildred Pierce’ and August Strindberg’s play ‘Miss Julie.’

5. Isabella

Isabella is a popular girl’s name derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba and means “pledged to God.” Isabella is currently one of the top ten most popular names in England, Australia, and New Zealand.

As one of the oldest recorded female names in history, it has been a favorite of many royals including Spanish Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia; German Empress Isabella of Bavaria; British Queen Mary II; Italian Duchess Isabella of Parma; and several Italian queens.

In addition to its popularity among royalty, Isabella has also been featured in several novels, poems, plays and films since its emergence as a baby name.

Unique Girl Names

These days, parents are looking for unique baby girl names that aren’t too common but still have a beautiful meaning. If you’re searching for a beautiful and unique name for your baby girl, you’re in luck!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most beautiful, unique girl names with meanings. We hope one of these names will be the perfect fit for your little one.

Here is a list of beautiful, unique girl names with meanings:

1. Aurora

Aurora is a beautiful and unique girl’s name that has been gaining in popularity in recent years. It originates from the Latin word for “dawn” and is associated with the Roman goddess of the dawn, who was responsible for bringing light back to the world each morning. In some cultures, Aurora is also known as “Eos”, “Estel” or “Tinne”.

This delicate-sounding name also carries strong connotations of beauty, majesty and mystery. It’s an appropriate choice if you want a timeless name that will still make your daughter feel special. In addition to its rich historical roots, it’s clear why this name remains so popular today: it brings to mind images of majestic sunrises and dreamy summer mornings.

The different spellings of the name offer even more options for personalizing this beautiful choice – there’s Aurorra, Aurore, Aurorah and Auroorah among others. Whether you choose a classic version or one of these variations, this gorgeous name is sure to make your daughter stand out from the crowd.

2. Luna

Luna is a Latin name derived from the Latin word for “moon.” It’s a beautiful name choice that reflects the beauty of the night sky and has been used in many different cultures for centuries. The modern version of the name dates back to Roman mythology, where it was used as an epithet for Diana, goddess of the Moon.

Though Luna is generally considered to be a feminine name, it can be given to males as well. As of 2018, Luna was recorded as the 73rd most popular girl’s name in America and 136th most popular in England and Wales.

Luna has been featured in numerous works of literature, television shows, movies, video games and other media sources. There are also several renowned actresses whose given name is Luna including Luna Mijovic from Serbia and American singer-songwriter Luna Manziekierzowa.

While the variations of this unique name vary greatly depending on culture or language (e.g., Lunette or Lumen), all iterations carry a magical connotation which make it truly special!

3. Scarlett

Scarlett, derived from the French word for ‘red’ and is the perfect example of a sophisticated girls name. It falls in with similar names like Ruby and Scarlet, but has its own unique charm. Scarlett brings to mind a strong minded redhead who is always ready to take on any challenge. In literature, it’s described as vibrant, beautiful, and full of life.

Notable bearers include actress Scarlett Johansson from Marvel fame and author Margaret Mitchell who wrote Gone with the Wind. With its lovely meaning and bright English origin, Scarlett is sure to bring charm to any girl.

4. Sienna

Sienna is an Italian name that means “reddish-brown” and has become increasingly popular in recent years. It has a Spanish, Latin, and Indian influence due to its many meaning variations. Sienna’s fame can partly be attributed to its appearance on the baby girl name chart in 2002 and its gradual rise in popularity since then. The name’s rise may also be attributed to actress Sienna Miller.

Sienna is a perfect choice for parents who want a beautiful and unique name for their daughter with big personality that’s full of meaning. As you would expect from an Italian-inspired female children’s name, Sienna has a beautiful sound and appearance which make it perfect for both formal and informal occasions. A favorite among power parents (celebrities included), this strong yet gentle moniker portrays strength without being too “girly” or cheesy – it stands out without losing its classic charm!

This vibrant and modern-sounding name can also reflect a wide range of personalities; an independent young woman unafraid to stand her ground one day as well as an introspective yet strong woman another day! A great addition to any family, Sienna will make sure no matter what happens she stands out – but fit right into the family lineup all at the same time!

5. Amelia

Amelia is a classic name for a girl that has some modern edge. It has origins in both Latin and Germanic languages, meaning “work” and “industrious“. Amelia can also be seen as a variant of the French name Amelie, the Spanish name Emilia, or the English name Emily.

It is currently very popular in many countries across Europe, as well as the United States.

The most famous bearer of this name was Amelia Earhart; an aviator who was the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She made history in 1932 when she became the first woman to ever accomplish this feat.

In addition to its historical prestige, this name also carries an endearing charm and is sure to be a standout given its relatively unique spelling amongst other Amelia variants (i.e., Emilia). This makes it perfect for those searching for something special for their little girl.

Vintage Girl Names

Vintage girl names have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more parents are looking for unique names that have a special meaning. These vintage names have stood the test of time and are some of the most beautiful girl names around.

Here, we take a look at some of the most popular vintage girl names, as well as their meanings and origins:

1. Grace

Grace is a beautiful vintage girl’s name with a diverse range of meanings and a long history. Dated as far back as the 12th century, Grace is believed to have derived from the Latin word ‘gratia’ meaning ‘favor, thanks, or charitableness’. Other interpretations of the name mean ‘God’s blessing’ or ‘virtuous woman’.

The name Grace has appeared in various works of literature throughout the years and it continues to be popular today with celebrity parents naming their daughters Grace. As a timeless classic, we think it makes for an excellent choice for modern-day parents looking for something in between trendy and traditional.

2. Charlotte

Charlotte is a timeless name of French origin that has belonged to royals and actresses alike. It’s an old-fashioned moniker with an aristocratic air, a favorite among many parents who appreciate classic feminine names.

The strong yet sweet name is also commonly shortened to “Charlie,” making it even more modern and versatile. Charlotte is one vintage girl name that will never go out of style.

3. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a classic name with a strong pedigree and has grown steadily in popularity for centuries. From Queen Elizabeth I of England to Princess Elizabeth of Babylon, the breadth and scope of its history is immense.

With its Latin origin meaning “pledged to God“, the name Elizabeth is associated with beauty and intelligence, loyalty and grace. It’s the perfect choice for a baby that you want to give all those qualities to.

This beautiful Name originates from Hebrew and was first given as a title to Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ in bible. It appeared much later first time as an independent strictly female name in Provençal language as Élisabeth which is still popular today as Élizabeth in France or Elisabeta in Romania (the change of spelling is due to various grammatical rules).

The same Hebrew root was also used by classical languages such Latin or Greek where it became Elisabēthē, which finally transformed into the English version – Elizabeth.

4. Abigail

Abigail is an English name that has become popular in many countries. It means “father of joy” or “my father is joy,” depending on the context. Abigail was the name of one of King David’s wives and the name appears frequently in the Old Testament. Over time, Abigail has become associated with beauty, strength and intelligence; a symbol of sophistication and grace.

Abigail has seen a resurgence in popularity since the end of the 20th century, especially among parents looking for a more traditional and timeless name for their daughter. While it is used mainly in its native English language version, Abigail can be translated into dozens of other languages including French (Abigaëlle), Spanish (Abigaíl) and Japanese (Abeegyeru).

Popular nicknames include Abby, Gail, Abbey and Abbi. Popular middle names that may be combined with Abigail include Rose, Grace, Jane, Marie or Elizabeth. Famous women that share this beautiful vintage girl name include actresses Abigail Breslin and Abigail Spencer as well as First Lady Abigail Adams.

5. Lily

Lily is a beautiful name with vintage charm. Its roots can be traced to both Hebrew and Greek origin, where the flower lily is used symbolically to represent purity and innocence. Such qualities are associated with the biblical figure Mary, making the name Lily a timeless choice for honoring a strong mother figure in your life.

Some popular nicknames for Lily include Lili, Lilo, Lily-Ann, Lily Rose and Leela. With an array of potential variations, this classic name is ideal for those looking to make it their own. As well as being feminine, sweet and lyrical; it also carries an air of sophistication that has been associated with royalty through the ages.

It can also carry more exotic meanings in other cultures; such as: ‘lifeless’ in Malayalam; or ‘formidable’ in Croatian.

Younger generations are increasing the popularity of this feminine name by giving it a modern twist; if you want to stick with tradition then use one of its many variants such as Lilly or Lillian instead! Whatever you decide to use, there’s no doubt that this stylish vintage girl name will stand the test of time for decades to come!

Meaningful Girl Names

Finding the perfect name for your baby girl is a big task. It can be overwhelming when looking through all the options, but it can also be fun exploring the variety of beautiful girl names out there. One way to narrow down the list is to look for names that have a special meaning behind them.

Let’s take a look at some meaningful girl names that might just be the perfect pick for your daughter:

1. Faith

Having faith represents strength and an unwavering trust in someone or something.

These meaningful girl names are sure to earn some extra points when parents are considering what to call their beautiful little baby:

  • Amani: Faith in God
  • Nur: Light (God’s Light)
  • Audrey/Aldora: Noble Strength
  • Adele: Uppercase one; Strength, Nobility
  • Phoebe/Fiona: Bright, Shining One
  • Jemima/Jenna: Dove (Inner Strength and Beauty)
  • Annabelle/Anneliese: Devoted to God
  • Giselle/Ginger: Pledge, Hostage (for Love)
  • Faith/Sofia: Wisdom, God’s Gift of Wisdom

2. Hope

One meaningful name with a beautiful sound and inspiring meaning is Hope. This moniker has origins in both English and Hebrew, making it an ideal choice for parents of diverse backgrounds.

In English, the name is derived from the noun “hope,” which focuses on optimism for the future. From its Hebrew origin, Hope is a variation of the biblical name Hupah, derived from the verb “hopah,” which symbolizes a sense of security and protection.

As an added bonus, this name has many variations in different languages such as Esperanza in Spanish or Esperanza in Portuguese. Altogether, Hope makes for a perfect choice when searching for meaningful girl names to bestow upon your baby girl.

3. Joy

Many parents seek meaningful girl names to honor their daughter. Joy is an excellent name choice to consider because it reflects an emotion and state of being that many try to attain throughout their lifespan. This short, two-syllable name can be readily pronounced, spells clearly and is easily recognizable.

Joy has etymological origins from a variety of cultures and languages. In Hebrew, it symbolizes a gift from the Lord; French gives us the meaning of rejoicing; Latin offers gladness; and Greek highlights exaltation – all signifying positive emotions associated with joy.

Unisex variations of this lovely name include Jo and Joey, while other possible alternative spellings include: Joi and Joye. This sweet name has seen wide popularity among parents since 1959 when it began gaining in usage.

With numerous royal baby’s such as Prince Louis’ middle name or Billie Eilish naming her debut album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” with the title track “When I Was Older” reflecting on her younger self, Joy sits firmly atop many Best Names lists today as a result of its musicality and wit as well as its strong emotional appeal. When paired with Katherine or Elizabeth, you have softness between two powerful names that are sure to make little one proud!

4. Destiny

When searching for the perfect meaningful name for a little girl, it can be challenging to find unique and powerful names with a beautiful meaning.

Destiny is an attractive and powerful name with Old French origins. It is typically defined as the path on which all life must take, with suggestions of fate intertwined within its roots. The name Destiny also suggests that our lives are finite and predetermined, making it both symbolic and profound.

Numerous variations of Destiny exist throughout many cultures, such as Destinee in French or Desdemona in Spanish. Regardless of the spelling and cultural origin you prefer, this timeless classic continues to be a popular choice for new parents who seek the beauty and power behind this special name.

5. Harmony

The name Harmony, of Latin origin, has been long associated with musical connotations as it relates to the concept of “harmony” as a whole. Over time, the name has come to be seen as having multiple meanings including love, friendship, unity and togetherness.

In today’s culture this name is often perceived to signify a strong sense of personal identity and independence and therefore makes a beautiful choice for a daughter.

Common nicknames include Hara or Harm so that parents can continue the association between harmony and their daughter’s name while they are growing up. The symbol of the Greek goddess Harmonia often represents this meaning behind the name Harmony to create an even more meaningful and powerful choice for parents when naming their daughter.


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