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List Of Funny Stripper Names With Meaning

Have you ever heard someone say a stripper name and wondered what it meant? You’re not alone – according to recent studies, there are over 400 different names used by professional exotic dancers worldwide.

These funny and creative monikers often have hidden meanings or connections that can be traced back to their origin. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own stage persona or just want to learn more about the world of strip clubs, this list of funny stripper names with meaning is sure to provide some entertainment!

Stripping has been around since ancient times, but today’s culture has given rise to an entirely new generation of performers who use humorous puns and references as part of their stage names.

From “Candy Apple Bottom” to “Twerk Queen,” these hilarious handles make stripping seem less taboo than it once was. Furthermore, many strippers choose unique monikers in order to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to themselves on the dance floor.

So if you’ve ever wanted to get an inside look at the world of striptease, buckle up – we’re counting down the funniest stripper names with hidden meanings attached! Get ready for a wild ride through risqué rhymes and suggestive slang as we explore what makes each one truly special.

“Twinkle Toes”: a Playful Name for a Stripper

Most of us have heard the phrase “dance like nobody’s watching.” This simple saying encapsulates the freedom and joy that comes with expressing oneself through movement – which applies to all kinds of dance, including stripping!

It takes a certain kind of personality to be able to perform on stage in front of an audience while wearing little clothing, so it is no surprise that many strippers choose playful names for themselves when they are performing. One such example is ‘Twinkle Toes’.

This name invokes feelings of playfulness and lightheartedness – two things that come naturally to people who love dancing. Whether you call them Twinkle Toes or something else, these dancers bring a sparkle and energy to any room they step into.

As soon as they start moving their hips, everyone can’t help but feel uplifted by their performance. In addition to providing entertainment value, this type of dancer also encourages body acceptance and self-expression.

By embracing their bodies and showing off what makes them unique, they offer an inspiring message about loving yourself regardless of size or shape. In order for a Stripper to make money from their performances, however, knowing how to command attention (and tips!) from the crowd is just as important as having confidence on stage.

That’s why some performers take on funny money related names such as Cashmere, Bankroll Bloomers or Dollar Billz; not only do these clever monikers stand out from the crowd but also add humor into the mix — making it more likely that patrons will want to support them financially during their show.

Plus, if someone has trouble remembering your name after a night at the club? No worries—everyone remembers “Dollar Billz”. These witty names illustrate the creativity and resourcefulness required by those in the industry – traits which often go unnoticed due to society’s perception towards strip clubs and exotic dancers.

With each new moniker created by a performer looking for success in their craft, we get a glimpse into both sides of this fascinating profession: one part artistry and expression combined with another part savvy business sense!

“Funny Money”: a Stripper Name for a Money Maker

Making money while stripping like a pro is as easy as ‘Funny Money’, the perfect name for one of those talented dancers. This stripper’s specialty could easily be to make her audience laugh and smile with every move she makes, all while collecting cash in exchange for her services.

Her comedic moves are sure to bring out the joy in any room; her body knows how to tell a story without saying much at all. She can weave tales through each hip sway that captivate your attention and keep you wanting more from this highly sought-after entertainer.

Her funny yet seductive style brings life into any environment where she performs, making it an experience not soon forgotten by anyone lucky enough to witness it first hand.

But Funny Money isn’t only about being entertaining—she also has serious business sense when it comes to hustling on the pole for paper. Sure, she will always deliver what clients want, but don’t let that fool you: she knows how to get paid!

Whether its lap dances or group shows, she knows exactly how to capitalize off of every situation. That’s why so many people seek her out in particular… they know they’re getting their money’s worth!

In no time at all, everyone who meets Funny Money realizes there really is nothing else quite like her – an incomparable blend of comedy and sassiness topped off with some serious skill and savvyness when it comes to generating income on the stage… bootylicious indeed!

“Bootylicious”: a Name for The Most Curvaceous Stripper

Admittedly, the title of this stripper name might seem a bit crass and off-putting. But ‘bootylicious’ can be seen as an empowering term for the most curvaceous of all strippers, who are often underrepresented in their industry.

This is not to say that other types of body shapes should be disregarded; rather, ‘bootylicious’ celebrates those with voluptuous physiques and encourages them to own their beauty.

The phrase itself has been around since the early 2000s when Destiny’s Child released a song by the same name celebrating female sexuality. Since then, it has become an iconic term used to refer to someone with curves – making it the perfect nickname for any curvaceous stripper!

This particular stripper name serves as a reminder that there is more than one type of beauty out there, and that each type deserves recognition and respect. It also acknowledges that different people have different preferences, which should be appreciated instead of judged.

In short, ‘bootylicious’ empowers women to embrace their bodies no matter what shape or size they may have. What better way to show off your best assets than with a moniker like ‘bootylicious’? This fun yet slightly naughty name will attract plenty of attention while still showing off your unique style on stage.

With its cheeky connotations and underlying message of self-love and acceptance, this stripper name could make anyone feel confident strutting down the runway! Next up: ‘honey drippin’ – a name for a stripper with the sweetest moves…

“Honey Drippin'”: a Name for a Stripper With The Sweetest Moves

As the saying goes, ‘a great performance is never done in haste.’ This certainly applies to the art of stripping and its performers. Honey Drippin’ is a fitting name for one such stripper with an entrancing presence on stage.

From her captivating aura to her graceful moves, she can be summed up as follows:

  1. She exudes confidence: A true master of illusion, Honey Drippin’ knows how tantalize every member of the audience without ever appearing too provocative or over-the-top. Her movements are subtle yet impactful – each step taken with purpose and finesse.
  2. She’s mesmerizingly alluring: Every eye at the club is instantly drawn towards her when she takes the stage. Whether it’s her playful smile or seductive glances, there’s no denying that she has a certain charm that sets her apart from other dancers.
  3. She dances like no one else can: There’s something about Honey Drippin”s dancing style that captures everyone’s attention. The way she glides across the floor effortlessly is simply breathtaking – making it impossible not to be entranced by her gracefulness.

The perfect combination of talent and style makes Honey Drippin’ a standout amongst other strippers – leaving behind an unforgettable impression on anyone who sees her perform. Now, let’s take a look at Cherry Poppin’, another dancer with a unique set of skills…

“Cherry Poppin'”: a Name for an Explosive Stripper

‘Cherry Poppin” is a name given to an especially explosive stripper. A stripper who commands attention with her presence and knows how to make the crowd go wild. They can be loud, bold, and brash but they bring something special to the stage that no one else can quite replicate.

The ‘cherry poppin’ stripper is all about making sure everyone has a great time. Their energy and enthusiasm are contagious as they whip around their pole and jump off of it in ways you never thought were possible.

Even if someone isn’t necessarily interested in what’s going on at first, before long they’re pulled into the performance along with everyone else. These types of performers also tend to have some unique flair or signature moves that set them apart from others.

Whether it’s flipping upside down on the pole or spinning multiple times until almost dizzy, these sorts of tricks are often enough to wow even those who’ve seen everything already!

It goes without saying that whenever this kind of performer hits the floor, there’ll be no shortage of excitement for everyone involved – regardless of whether they knew each other beforehand or not. From here we move onto our next topic – ‘diamond in the rough’: a name for a stripper who isn’t afraid to show some skin…

“Diamond in The Rough”: a Name for a Stripper Who Isn’t Afraid to Show Some Skin

Have you ever seen a stripper who is not afraid to show some skin? ‘Diamond in the Rough’ is the perfect term for such an individual. This name implies that this person has something special hiding beneath their surface, and they are willing to let it all out during their performance.

This type of performer usually takes risks on stage, as well as off-stage. They may be unafraid to take chances with new dance moves or costumes, which can often times lead to an even more captivating performance.

Furthermore, they do not shy away from bolder clothing choices – bright colors, risque designs, revealing pieces – all of these have become hallmarks of this particular style of dancer. Additionally, Diamonds in the Rough tend to go against conventional standards of beauty and sexuality within the stripping industry.

Instead of playing into stereotypes about what makes a sexy woman – such as being tall and slender – these performers embrace different body types and personalities in order to create truly unique performances that stand out from other dancers’.

The flamboyance and confidence associated with ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ make them incredibly popular amongst customers at strip clubs around the world. Their willingness to push boundaries both onstage and off-stage adds an element of surprise and excitement that many find irresistible when looking for entertainment.

With this kind of attitude towards performing, there’s no denying why these individuals continue to draw crowds wherever they appear!

“High Heel Honey”: a Name for a Stripper Who Always Rocks The Best Shoes

High Heel Honey is the perfect name for a stripper who loves to show off her style in the best of shoes. She’s not afraid to rock whatever she wants and never shies away from making an entrance with her fabulous footwear. This sassy lady knows how to make a statement and backs it up with killer heels that always draw attention.

When High Heel Honey steps out on stage, everyone notices because her style stands out from the crowd. Not only does she have amazing taste in shoes, but also she completes each outfit perfectly so as to really exude confidence and glamour. Her look is unmistakable and makes sure that all eyes are firmly upon her no matter where she may go.

It takes a special kind of woman to pull this look off effectively and High Heel Honey has certainly nailed it! Her bold fashion choices demonstrate that she isn’t afraid to be herself while still looking great – something we can all strive towards achieving in our own lives too!

Whether strutting around town or taking centre stage at the club, High Heel Honey ensures that her presence will be felt wherever she goes.

With such poise and grace, one cannot help but admire this confident individual who puts pride into their appearance and shows us what it looks like when someone embraces their true self without fear or judgement. It’s time now for Miss Sassy Pants: a name for a stripper who’s not afraid to show her attitude…

“Miss Sassy Pants”: a Name for a Stripper Who’s Not Afraid to Show Her Attitude

In a blaze of boldness, ‘Miss Sassy Pants’ is the perfect name for a stripper who isn’t afraid to showcase her attitude. She knows she’s confident and daring—and not afraid to show it off! With an air of swagger in everything she does, there’s no doubt that this is one diva who won’t take any nonsense from anyone.

She’ll strut her stuff on the stage with sassiness oozing out of every hip thrust and booty shake. It’s clear as day that Miss Sassy Pants will never be content to just blend into the background. If you’re looking for someone who can make a statement without saying anything at all, then look no further than this feisty dynamo.

Her performances are sure to always be full of life; captivating her audience with moves they’ve likely never seen before. Her spunk and spirit fill up the room when she takes center stage, proving once again why having an edgy persona can do wonders for your performance repertoire.

Never one to shy away from delivering what people didn’t even know they wanted or needed, Miss Sassy Pants has got style and flair like none other. Ready to turn heads wherever she goes, this is the kind of girl who truly knows how to own it—in more ways than one!

“Cheeky Cheetah”: a Name for a Stripper Who’s Always Ready to Show Her Wild Side

She’s not afraid to show her wild side. She loves the thrill of adventure and is always looking for new ways to express herself. Introducing Cheeky Cheetah – a sultry stripper with a mischievous streak! Cheeky Cheetah knows how to make an entrance.

Her tantalizing moves, captivating glances, and seductive body language are sure to leave you mesmerized. Her playful attitude has earned her numerous admirers who can’t get enough of her daring artistry on stage.

Her performance style captures all the wildness that she exudes from within:

  • She twirls around like no one’s watching, showing off her flexibility and grace in every movement
  • She unleashes her inner tiger by prowling across the dance floor as if it’s her own personal playground
  • She even adds some unexpected flair by shaking things up with inventive tricks and stunts!

The best part? No matter what kind of mood you’re in, you can always count on Cheeky Cheetah to bring out your inner animal and take your breath away with her electrifying performances. With each routine, this confident queen leaves audiences feeling alive and ready for more!

“Luscious Lola”: a Name for a Stripper Who’s Always Deliciously Dressed

Luscious Lola is a fitting name for an energetic and stylishly dressed stripper. She’s always donning the most seductive outfits that draw attention to her curves and leave little to be desired. Her sultry walk and confident aura make it impossible to take your eyes off of her.

As she moves across the stage, you can feel the energy radiating from her as if you were right there beside her. Her movements are laced with sensuality—from how she swings her hips while dancing, to how she wraps herself around the pole like a boa constrictor would its prey.

Every move has been choreographed down to perfection; each one intended to tantalize you in every way imaginable. It’s no wonder why so many people return time and time again just to see what new tricks this luscious lady has up her sleeve.

The fact that Lola isn’t shy when it comes to expressing herself adds another layer of excitement during performances. Whether it’s through suggestive poses or even provocative banter with audience members, nothing about her performance feels forced or contrived—it all comes naturally!

This makes it easy for those watching to get lost in their own fantasies, letting them imagine themselves alongside this fiery temptress on stage.

It’s clear that Lola loves taking center stage and using her body as a means of expression. And judging by the reaction of everyone who gets treated to one of her shows, they love being along for the ride just as much!


The world of burlesque and exotic dancing is full of fun, creative names that can be used to distinguish one performer from the other. This list provides a few amusing examples that range from playful to sassy. From ‘Twinkle Toes’ to ‘Miss Sassy Pants’, these funny stripper names are sure to stand out in any crowd.

It’s no surprise why so many dancers choose unique monikers for themselves; they add an element of drama and intrigue, giving them an edge over the competition. They also provide performers with an opportunity to express their own personalities and show off their individual styles.

Whether you’re looking for something comical or seductive, there’s a stripper name out there with your name on it! So if you’re ready to hit the stage with some flair and pizzazz, consider choosing one of these funny stripper names as your very own stage persona.

Not only will it help set you apart from all the other ladies but it’ll also give you plenty of opportunities to strut your stuff in style – talk about making a lasting impression!

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