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Carpet Cleaning Company Names: Ideas to Name Your Carpet Cleaning Business

The article will help you find a great carpet cleaning company name that will not only be creative and interesting but also engaging to prospective clients. 

The first and most vital step is creating a perfect name for your carpet cleaning company because it sets a basic solid foundation for everything else. The name should be catchy, memorable, unique, and easy to pronounce for it eventually develops into a brand, hence making it easy for the business to thrive.

The major step of choosing a great name helps widely in building a good reputation for the company, easiness in doing sales and marketing through publicity and promotions. It helps to cause a massive impact on sales rank. 

You might need to consider a name similar to the services you plan and desire to offer for this will enable you to advertise the carpet business without a struggle. A name that does limit your business from future growth is very important. Choose wisely evaluating any possible hindrances that may occur in the days to come.  

How to Choose a Name for Your Carpet Cleaning Business 

carpet cleaning company names - ideas to name a carpet cleaning business

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for the perfect business name. 

  • Select a name that showcases and brings out the best of your business.
  • Choose a unique name that has never been used before to differentiate your business identity from the rest and help you stand out from the competitors.
  • Make it short, simple, easy to remember, and avoid using abbreviations.
  • A name that is relevant to the business.
  • It is essential to consider the targeted clients’ interests.
  • The name can be selected from the product or services you offer. 
  • You can combine terms, phrases, and words related to your business.
  • The name should not be offensive.
  • A name that catches the potential customers’ eyes without a certain and gives the best impression. 
  • A name that points out your personality or professionalism

Below is the list of some good, catchy, unique, cool, funny, famous, and attractive names for your carpet cleaning company business:

Good Carpet Cleaning Company Names

How to name a carpet cleaning business

There are some names that are automatically linked to carpet cleaning companies.  Therefore, they should be the first options if you really need a name and you don’t feel like doing the hard work of thinking. 

  • A to Z Carpet Cleaners
  • Absolute Scrub
  • All Carpet Cleaners
  • All Clean Carpets
  • Angels at Home
  • Beyond Carpet Care Services 
  • Bright Polish Cleaners
  • Brilliant Cleaning
  • Carpet Care Experts
  • Carpet Cleaning 911
  • Carpet Great
  • Carpet Magic
  • Carpet Salvage 
  • Clean and Clarity
  • Clean Club
  • Clean Conscience
  • Clean Mate Cleaning Services
  • Clean Planet
  • Clean Span Carpet Cleaning
  • Cleaning Masters
  • CleanRite Carpet Cleaning
  • Clean-Up Team
  • Designers Carpet Care
  • Dirt and Shine
  • Dirt Purge
  • Dr. Carpet
  • Dust Rabbit Cleaners
  • Exquisite Kleen
  • First Class Carpet Cleaners
  • Floor Basics
  • Floor Cover Care
  • Foam To Go Cleaning
  • Fortune Cleaning
  • Glad Tidings Floors
  • Glorious Purge
  • Glow Carpet Care
  • Good Bliss Carpet Cleaners 
  • Good Trail Carpets
  • Good Wave Carpet Cleaners
  • Goodman’s Carpet 
  • Grime Busters
  • High-Quality Flooring
  • Hi-Tech Carpet Cleaners
  • Jet Super Clean
  • Legally Clean
  • Lemon Fresh Cleaning Service
  • Mission Carpet Cleaners
  • New Bright Cleaning
  • Pro-Home Carpet Cleaners
  • Royalty Carpet Cleaners
  • Scrub Me Clean
  • Shine Style Cleaners
  • Silver Star Cleaners
  • Smart Maids
  • Stable Flooring
  • Sweep Out House Cleaners
  • The Carpet Crew
  • Ultra Shine Cleaners
  • Village Cleaners
  • Zeal Floors

Catchy Carpet Cleaning Business Names

Funny names for a carpet cleaning business

Catchy names have a way of embedding themselves in the minds of the people who interact with them. Therefore, they are able to remember its existence from the name you give the company.  

  • 24 Hrs Carpet Cleaning
  • AAA Carpet Cleaning
  • Absolute Dirt Movers
  • Affordable Carpet Care
  • All Brite Carpet Cleaning
  • Blessed Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Beauty
  • Carpet Care Parlor
  • Carpet Clean Hill
  • Carpet Cleaners Warehouse
  • Carpet Clinic
  • Carpet Conic
  • Carpets Cool
  • Carpets Count
  • Carpets Cowboys
  • Carpets Rocket
  • Clarity Kleen
  • Clean  Dream
  • Clean and Nourish
  • Clean Dirt from Carpet
  • Clean Tastic
  • Cleaning Creed
  • Cleaning Express
  • Cleaning Fairies
  • Cleaning Gears
  • Electrodry Carpet Cleaning
  • Everyday Cleaning Services
  • Executive Green Carpet Cleaning
  • Five Star Carpet Care
  • Friendly Clean
  • Giant V.I.P Carpet Cleaners
  • Glading Cleaning
  • Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaners
  • Inter Clean Solution
  • Just Clean
  • Legacy Carpet Cleaning
  • Love Your Carpet
  • Loving Care Cleaners
  • Lusciously Clean
  • Mad About Cleaning
  • Make Spot Great Again
  • Nationwide Carpet Cleaning
  • Neat Carpet Cleaners
  • Noble Carpet Cleaners
  • One-Click Floor
  • Premier Carpet Clean
  • Pro-Active Cleaners
  • Proficient Clean
  • Royal Steamer Carpet
  • Same Day Carpet Cleaning
  • Smile Carpet Cleaners
  • Sparkling Carpets
  • Speedy Carpet Cleaners
  • Spotless Carpet Cleaners
  • Strong Carpet Cleaning
  • The 123 Carpet Cleaners
  • The Carpet Cleaning Kings
  • The Carpet Cleaning Squad
  • The Cleaning Bee
  • The Clever Cleaners
  • The Great Carpet Cleaning
  • Tidy Cleaners
  • Top to Bottom Cleaning
  • Trusted Cleaner 
  • Trusted Cleaners
  • We Clean It
  • Wizard Carpet Cleaning
  • Xtreme Rug Cleaners

Unique Carpet Cleaning Business Names

Coming up with a unique name is a very smart move to make. It will reduce your chances of picking one that has already been taken or having your name copied by someone else. 

  • 1 Carpet Cleaning
  • 24/7 Carpet & Floor Care
  • All Bright Carpet
  • Allied Carpet Cleaning
  • Always Ready Cleaning
  • Best Carpet One Hour
  • Best Cleaners Meza
  • Breathe Easy Carpet Cleaning
  • Busy Bee Carpet Cleaners
  • Carpet Cleaning 360
  • Carpet Cleaning Unley
  • Carpet Revolution
  • Carpet Sense
  • Carpet Super Shine
  • Carpet Touch Up
  • Clean Queen and King
  • Clean Step Carpet Cleaning
  • Clean Step Carpet Cleaning
  • Clean Tech
  • Cleaning by Design
  • Cleaning Deals
  • Cleaning Force
  • Continental Cleaners
  • Dawn Carpet Cleaning
  • Day and Night Carpet Cleaning
  • Dependable Cleaners
  • Diamond Cleaning
  • Dirt B Gone Now
  • Dirt Toss Cleaning
  • Dust to Shine 
  • Dusthunters
  • Elite Carpet Cleaning Company
  • Excel Carpet Care
  • Flame Carpet Cleaning
  • Flawless Carpet Cleaning
  • Gentle Floors
  • Hands-On Carpet Cleaning
  • Integrity Carpet Restoration
  • King’s Carpet
  • Laughing Carpet Cleaning
  • Magic Moppers
  • Meticulous Clean
  • Mint Cleaning Services
  • NatureWish Cleanings
  • New Again
  • New Life Carpet Care
  • Oriental Rug Care
  • Personal Touch Carpet
  • Pretty Clean Cleaning Services
  • Quick Carpet Care
  • Restoration Carpet Cleaning
  • Revive Carpet Cleaning
  • Shine It Carpet Care
  • Smooth Carpet Care
  • Solution Carpet Cleaning
  • Sparkle Unlimited
  • Sunlight Carpet Cleaning
  • Super Powers Carpet Cleaning
  • The Carpet Cadets
  • The Carpet People
  • The Clean-Up Crew
  • The Floor Sitters
  • The Perfect Shine
  • Today’s Carpet Care
  • Top Choice Carpet Cleaning
  • True Clean Carpets
  • Turbo Clean
  • Unique Carpet Carpet Cleaning
  • White-Glove Cleaning

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Cool Carpet Cleaning Business Names

Man cleaning a carpet with a strong vacuum

Cool names not only make your business sound funky, but they also make them unique and enticing. It is a great way to name your business. 

  • 1 Carpet Kleen 
  • A Clean Getaway
  • A to Z Indoor Care
  • Addicted To Clean
  • Angels Hands Carpet Care
  • Awesome Carpet Cleaning
  • AZ Trash Pandas
  • Best Bond Cleaners
  • Bright Side Carpet
  • Capet Love
  • Carpet Care Experts
  • City Carpet Cleaners
  • Clean On a Whistle
  • Clean Sweep
  • Clean to Please
  • Cleaning Bugs
  • Clear Path Carpets
  • Const ‘N’ Clean
  • Crown Carpet Cleaning
  • Dazzle Carpet Cleaners
  • Deep Clean Services
  • Delicate Rug Care
  • Desperate Housemaids
  • Dirt and Gravel Purge
  • Dirt Squad
  • Do Right Cleaning
  • Door to Door Carpet Cleaning
  • Duchess Carpet Cleaning
  • Dust Buddies
  • Feather Lady Carpet Cleaning
  • Final Touch Carpet Cleaning
  • Four Seasons Services
  • Freedom Clean
  • Gk’S Custom Polishing
  • Go Clean Carpet Cleaning
  • Gold Star Carpet Cleaning
  • Gorgeous Rugs Cleaning
  • Heaven Scent House Cleaners
  • Heavenly House Cleaners
  • Home Sweet Home Cleaners
  • Hygiene Machine
  • Joy Carpet Cleaning
  • Keen to Clean
  • Majestic Carpet Cleaning
  • Make Moves
  • Mighty Kleen Carpet Services
  • Mission Maids Carpet Cleaning
  • Mr.Clean
  • My Clean House 
  • Oceanside Carpet Cleaning Team
  • Presidential Cleaning Force
  • Quality Carpet Cleaning
  • Rainbow Cleaners
  • Select Cleaning Service
  • Shiny Happy House Cleaning
  • Softtouch Supremeklene
  • Sparkle Grill Cleaning
  • Streak Free
  • Terrific Carpet Cleaning
  • The Clean Dream Team
  • The Complete Cleaning
  • Too Busy To Clean
  • Twinkle Time
  • Well Done Cleaning Service
  • Xpress Junk Removal

Funny Carpet Cleaning Business Names:

  • A Cleanup Affair
  • Act Carpet Cleaning Company
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • All 4 U Carpet Cleaning
  • Aqua Pressure Cleaning
  • AZ Same Day Services
  • Barefoot Carpet Care
  • Better Choice Carpet Cleaning
  • Blue Bay Carpet Cleaning
  • Blue Moon Cleaners
  • Captain Clean
  • Carpet Care Block
  • Carpet Care Canyon
  • Carpet Guru Cleaning
  • Carpet Star Carpet
  • Carpet U & Me
  • Champion Carpet Cleaning
  • Colonial Cleaners
  • Cozy Cleaners
  • Cute Carpet Cleaning
  • Dirt  B Gone Now
  • Dirty Nappy Carpet Cleaning
  • Empire Carpet Care
  • Express 24 Clean
  • Fast Solution Carpet Cleaners
  • Fibrecare Carpet Cleaning
  • Flash Cat Cleaning
  • Glaze It! Cleaning
  • Happy Home Helpers
  • Happy’s Carpet Care
  • I want My Carpet Cleaned
  • Interior Carpet Care
  • Just Clean Life
  • Keen to Clean
  • Kleen Step
  • Kool Carpet Rugs Clean
  • Krazy Klein
  • Let Us Hurt Your Dirt
  • Lighthouse Surface Solutions
  • Luxury Cleanings
  • Magic E-Clean Carpet
  • Maid for Life
  • Mama’s with Mops
  • Married the Mop
  • Mat Freak Cleaners
  • Minty Fresh Cleaning
  • Neat Assist
  • New Carpet Care
  • Power Steam Cleaning
  • Pro Carpet and Rugs Care
  • Pure One Clean
  • Rug Doctor
  • Shimmer Carpet Care
  • Snap Cleaning
  • SOS Carpet Cleaning System
  • Spot Free Carpet Care
  • Stain Masters Carpet Cleaning
  • Steady Clean Carpets
  • Steam Master
  • Steam Team
  • Steamy Concepts
  • The Clean Scene
  • Time to Shine Cleaning Services

Famous Carpet Cleaning Business Names

Tips for choosing the right carpet cleaning company name
  • A3 Carpet Cleaning Services
  • Adept Cleaning Services
  • Advanced Carpet Cleaners
  • Advanced Carpet Cleaners
  • Amazing Chem-Dry
  • Amazing Results Carpet Solutions
  • Apple Clean
  • Aquadri Carpet Cleaning
  • Atlas Professional Carpet Cleaning
  • Bliss Cleaning
  • Brilliant Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Breeze
  • Carpet Cleaning Prince
  • Carpet Hygiene
  • Carpet Hygiene
  • Chase Carpet Care 
  • Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning
  • Clean Bright
  • Clean Customs Carpet Cleaning
  • Clean Space Solutions
  • Clean Your Carpet 
  • Deep Steam Clean
  • Eco-Tech Carpet Clean
  • Esteemed Professional Carpet Cleaning
  • FAB Carpet Cleaning Ltd
  • Fine Carpet Cleaning
  • Fresh N Clean
  • Good as New Carpet Cleaning
  • Got2BClean Carpet Upholstery Cleaning
  • Guarantee Carpet Cleaning
  • Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning
  • Ideal-Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  • King of Kings Carpet Cleaning
  • LimeLight Carpet Cleaning
  • No Stain Carpet Cleaners
  • One-Stop Cleaning LLC
  • Paramount Cleaning Company
  • Pile Up Cleaning Ltd
  • Plymouth Carpet Cleaners
  • Power Plus Cleaning
  • Premium Carpet Cleaning
  • Prestige Carpet Care
  • Response Cleaning Services
  • Revitalized Carpets
  • Shining Knight Cleaning Services
  • Simple Clean
  • Smart Choice Cleaning
  • Snow White Carpet Cleaning
  • Supreme Cleaning Company
  • Team Us Carpet Care
  • Technical Home Pros
  • The Specialists
  • Top Mark Cleaning
  • Well Clean Carpet Cleaning

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What Should You Not Do When Choosing a Name for Your Carpet Cleaning Business?

There is great importance in avoiding a name that’s similar to another business. This may confuse and make the business lose its identity thus affecting sales and marketing.

How Do I Know if My Carpet Cleaning Business Name Is Already Taken?

The best way to approve is by running through Google Search or websites that deal with trademark and copyrights. You should also contact the Carpet Cleaning Agency in your state. They always have names of all the businesses in that region. 

Can Two Carpet Cleaning Businesses Have The Same Name?

Rarely will you find that happening. However, if both of them have come to an agreement and don’t mind sharing trademarks then it is allowed. 

Can I Trademark a Carpet Cleaning Brand Name That Already Exists?

This is not allowed. There is an effective guideline in that states that the examiner cannot grant the logo trademark if it’s already existing and in use. 

Do I Need a Trademark or Copyright for My Carpet Cleaning Business Name?

For the business, it is a good idea to trademark your business name to distinguish your services or products from the rest since someone else may use the same or similar name for their carpet cleaning business. Failure to claim your name as a trademark may cause someone else to file the paperwork and this would be expensive to defend your name in court but registering it will act as a notice of ownership. 

Can I Sue a Carpet Cleaning Company for Using My Name? 

This will depend on different factors. If you had published your business name in a way that’s easy to find or the company is keenly searching for you. It also depends on whether the other company tarnished your original business name.


Worker of a carpet cleaning company looking at the carpet with a magnifying glass

Designing and coming up with a perfect relevant name for your carpet cleaning company business is not easy. The most important thing is to create a name that is original and appropriate to your business. This will help you stand out from the competitors and hence establish your carpet cleaning company as a brand in this industry.

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